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I'm new here at Lion King Fanart. But I've explored most of the website so I could get to know you all better, but I still have a few questions about this website. A few things about me are, I love "The Lion King" a lot! I also like jokes. I'm a pretty good artist too, yet I'm not very good at drawing Disney characters. :-(
P.S. Is there room for one more Hyena fan, cause I'm one!

19:34 Thu 1/18/2007
Thank you for faving me! *favs YOU* Keep it up! Great art!

15:55 Sun 1/14/2007
Hello there! Hooray for hyena affinity! Congrats on focusing on something other than lions!

05:56 Mon 12/4/2006
Hey BlueHyena! I love your artwork! I think you're really good at drawing! Don't give up onyourself and keep practicing! Drop by my gallery some timeifyou like and feel free to ask any questions. =) oh and by the way....WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVE!! =D


22:40 Sun 10/15/2006
Hi, Blue Hyena! Thank you for the comments :3

I looked at your artwork and your profile box, and I have to say your artwork is actually very good! I drew at almost the exact same level when I was 14, too, I know it sounds stupid, but /stick to it/! You have a great start, I can tell because you don't just draw hyenas either, but that vulture you did was just as good, too, so you can draw anything that you see and that's indicates a lot of potential :3

...Plus, a Rock Python character is the coolest, sweet idea! XD

I would stick to drawing just African animals here, though, no North American ones, that bothers some people sometimes ;-)

01:49 Wed 10/4/2006
Dragon race
Hello there adorable pic you got here!!!! so sweet!! keep up the cute works!!

14:01 Tue 9/26/2006
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Hi, BlueHyena! Thank you so much for the fave and your kind comments, they really mean a lot to me<3 *hugs*

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