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Art Trades: OPEN
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Gifts: I only give gifts to close friends. So if you fit the bill, you might be gettin`one.

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Joined Apr 27, 2007
First Upload Dec 21, 2009
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Age/Birthday Jun 9, 1995 (age 22)
Gender Female
Location Alberta, Canada
Occupation Student
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Website http://kookachu.deviantart....
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I was created on the day June 9th.
I'm Canadian. I have a moped and a buick and I'm a wicked rebel who'll steal your socks and sell it for money to buy some snickers.
I left here for a long time. Because I was tired of it. And now I'm back. So hi again. Nice to meet y'all. Got any questions? Just ask. I'm Canadian. So you know I'm nice.

I like old rock. The Beatles are the best band ever, and I`ve never heard a song I did`nt like by them.
Other bands I like include:
Blue Oyster Cult
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Grand Funk Railroad
Joan Jett
David Bowie
The Crew Cuts
Deep Purple
Def Leppard
And InkSpots.
My music taste says something about me. XD
I own a guinea pig named Lord Benjiman Von Ringo Julio Jehoshaphat Barker Salio Stephen Edgar Tanto the third.
I love the Supernatural, I love the show Supernatural. I especially love Sam Winchester on Supernatural and I especially love any move Jared Padalecki has been in even if I hate horror movies more then anything. I enjoy traveling an awful lot. So I hope to be a travel agent when I come of age.

21:29 Sat 10/24/2009
Bye :(

14:18 Thu 10/8/2009
Nala Lover
hey there Bloo !!

I just looked at your site.Your art is great and I'll miss seeing them !! >^..^<

Nala Lover and Tsama

12:21 Mon 8/31/2009
Sad you left, but You should know I'm on your team Bloo :D
Will miss your artwork <3
I'll draw a gift for you as soon as I get the chance :) I'll send you an e-mail :D

08:58 Sat 8/15/2009
Jomm the Potato Farmer
Are you leaving too? I will miss your beautiful artwork, Bloo! It's a bit sad to see artist as talented as you leave this site, but if that's what you want you should feel free to do so. But why?

22:49 Mon 8/10/2009
Hello bloo! You might remember me as flashcat? Anyway..I cant believe I never actually faved you,you have beautiful art work here and i love your style!
Also, I made you a character a really long time ago, on sketcher:
so, I'll put her up on the TT, and give you first choice if you want her!
EDIT:Okay I'll put her up, but I'll choose you first if you apply ;)
Have fun on dA

07:45 Thu 3/26/2009
Hiya! you asked me for a trade, still want one? :)
what charrie would you like me to draw for you? :3

Edit: Oh, right! my fursona is fine! :3
Edit: I've never been able to draw anthro, and the one you drew was one of the best anthros I've ever seen! :DD

08:28 Tue 1/13/2009
Hi I like your drawings don't tell me I'm to late for the art trade if i'm not then can you draw Ziren for me? but if u can't I under stand

18:57 Thu 1/8/2009
Ahh love what you've done with the top of your page. lol it's so cute xD As for your bulliten, I'd love to make a request! But it's up to you if you'd rather have me draw you a picture and you make me a character or if you'd rather draw one of my characters :D so lemme know hun^^ Mkay

EDIT: Hmmm... im thinking a male cheetah character?? I don't care if you go crazy with him... lol. Just go with what you think will look good and I'm sure i'll love it^^

14:10 Thu 1/8/2009
wow youre a great artist *watching u lol
good luck in this new year XD

10:15 Wed 1/7/2009
hay bloo bloop
hay nice art goergeos lmao purdy :D:D

i sor ya bulletin by the way :3
i was wandering if i c ould req something?
if you could draw bloo bloo and tiffany doing i donno what but lol
i luff your sona ish cute!

have nice day

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