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Please, call me Chris. c:

For a full description, see my artist profile.

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This is a description. :3

Nah, I'll go more in-depth than that.

The names Chris- or at least, thats what I prefer being called. I love the Lion King films and want the fandom to never die.

I'm a female, but I feel that in the inside, I'm male. Don't bash me for it- support my opinion. :3

I have a HIGHLY active deviantart account, shown as my website link. So go there if you wanna see it. C:

Oh, and I love TWEWY, KH, Pokemon and a truckload of other games. I don't do lionization fanart enough though. XD

18:25 Sat 11/5/2011
hey blacklight wanted to let you know, i finished my app pic for tawny and will upload it soon. she's super adorable.
also your an awsome artist. love your style <3

14:12 Sat 6/11/2011
Happy Birthday, Blacklight :)

Edit: No problem ^^ Hope you're having a great day!

01:24 Tue 6/7/2011
Sadie J
I am IN LOVE with your style! 8D Can't wait to see more!

15:22 Mon 5/23/2011
Hi Blacklight. :) Just wanted to let you know that I drew a picture of Ventus! It's just waiting for approval... I love his design and his personality fits him to a tee, haha.

You have a cute style by the way, haha. X3

23:41 Fri 5/20/2011
:D Hey Blacklight! Really nice gallery you got going on here. <33 Your style is just adorable!

I wanted to stop by a leave a comment about Ven, the Hixoro you have up on the TT. D: I've been wanting one of these guys for awhile but I've never got around to making one up for Corrie's approval. Ventus is amazing though and I'll try to have an application pic up by Monday. <3

08:54 Tue 8/31/2010
awesome artwork! your artwork is very cute and i saw your bulletin and have you checked you have the latest java installed? i have windows 7 and have no problems with it XD also i'd love to art trade!

12:55 Thu 4/15/2010
Hi there! Awesome art, i love your cute style :D
Thanks very much for entering my contest, i'll let you know if you won or not when its done :D
Keep it up!

16:12 Fri 4/2/2010
hi sorry about the delay i havent had the internet so i couldnt choose the winner earlier, well ive chosen you to own dylan, i hope you take good care of him, have fun drawing him more and enjoy him ^^ xxxxx

23:20 Wed 3/31/2010
Hey there! I saw your bulletin and I'll take you up on a trade if you want :)

hmmm, you can take your pic out of my OCs as well
I'll get right on that!

17:45 Wed 3/31/2010
Orca Owl
Hellos, I saw your bulletin and if you're not already full for trades I would be interested in doing an art trade with you.

EDIT: Alright, you can draw any of my characters aswell :)

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