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Welcome in my gallery ^^

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14:53 Thu 3/3/2011
Phinia Black
juuuu parádní obrázky!
toe super že i češi takle přispívaj archivu :3 mam tě v oblíbenejch páč se mi líbí tvuj styl :D

08:30 Fri 11/10/2006
Nice Stuff Here.... Keep It Up!!!!!XD!!!I Expect great things from you!!!!XD!!See ya around!!!XD!!

Your Friend,

13:28 Sun 11/5/2006
Welcome to the archive! you got some great art there, keep it up!!! :D

10:59 Sun 11/5/2006
<html><body><p style="font-family:verdana;font-size:80%;color:purple">
You know- I really like your art and LOVE your first pic! Keep up the work- I'll be watchin'!

<html><body><p style="font-family:verdana;font-size:80%;color:blue">
BTW- do you have any requests for me? I'll gladly draw a char of yours for you!
<html><body><p style="font-

Come and stop by my gallery some time, OK? ^_^

08:11 Sat 11/4/2006
Wow! I love your first arwork! Keep it up, and enjoy your stay! XD

Lots of praise from...


21:22 Fri 11/3/2006
Wow this is awsome!! i love your gallery so far and its gonna get better cause you're soo good XD
Hope to see more art soon =3

02:16 Thu 11/2/2006
Skyler Duma
Welcome to the Archive! Black Diaraikia!
Remmember stay ontopic. Stay with African Animals and landscape.
Keep up your awsome work!

03:09 Tue 10/31/2006
Welcome to the argive! :3
i hope U enjoy Ur stay here ^^
Rli cool first pic btw :3!!
It's rli good!!
i hope to see some more art from yah!!

PS MaB comeover to my gallery and drop some comments here and there?? :D, if U want to know something feel free to ask!

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