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Welcome to my TLKFAA page! Hope you like my stuff =D

I'm really not here at all anymore, go here if you want to follow my work:
<a href="">DeviantArt Link</a>
<a href="">Tumblr Link</a>

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR AOTM! Seriously, I still can't really believe. So thank you to those of you who voted for and supported me =D

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Why hello there =D

I guess I'm a bit of an old fart here now eh? My how time flies

TLK and the Avengers are my favourite movies, and I also enjoy Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Tolkien and Supernatural, as well as anything else Disney

EDIT: really really not here anymore, go to tumblr to find me ^.^

Tumblr Link

10:19 Fri 6/13/2014
Wolf 777
Hello Atarial Wolf 777 here :) you have superb art i love it ;) keep it up can't wait to see what you'll come up with next :D

17:49 Fri 5/17/2013
aaaaaand a well deserved applause for you artist of the month! I checked out your gallery and I'm stunned! congratulations and keep up the amazing artwork you got here!

15:21 Wed 5/8/2013
Haha! Finally, congratulations!! :D

22:31 Tue 4/30/2013
congrats on getting Artist of the Month!!! :) you really deserved it! LOVE your art too! :D

16:06 Tue 4/30/2013
Congradulations on artist of the month! Keep up the awesome work. =D

19:21 Sat 4/27/2013

10:52 Sat 4/27/2013
Congratulations on having a true gift, and thank you for choosing to hang around here, the TLK fandom is fortunate to have you and I love the spirit as well as the skill your fan artwork brings to this place :-)

00:37 Sat 4/27/2013
Hello! I really like your work and I sincerely congratulate you! I wish you every success!


18:40 Fri 4/26/2013
congrats on AOTM, you deserve it :)

edit: your welcome :)
and you really do have amazing art, so keep it up, i'll be on the lookout in case you ever make new art ;)

07:55 Fri 4/26/2013
prettty sure im in love with your gallery <3

*whovians unite!*

edit: oh congratulations <3 i was wondering when you would finally get it! C:

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