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Hello those who have decided to look here! This is the home of the one and only blue lioness, Aslana! You can call me Aslana, Asla, Aslay, Azzy, or whatever nicknames you wanna call me! Hope you have fun poking around my gallery, and I hope you like what you see. Art trades are always open, but requests are closed. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave me a comment! Love you guys! <3
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Hi everyone! I'm Aslana. I've been around the Archive for a while now. I'm always trying to improve my art just for you guys! I love getting critique from my fellow artists. I also love critiquing other artists' art and I love seeing new stuff. Anyways, I have loved TLK since I was a kid, and have drawn stuff since I was able to hold a pencil. I never really thought that my drawings were that great. Then, a few years later, I stumbled upon TLKFAA (the first encounter!) and saw all these wonderful artists. I wanted to be as great as them, so I began practicing drawing lions. I finally gathered up the courage and got an account here and uploaded my first picture (of my fursona) and eight years later, I'm still here! I hope to spend many more years here, upload tons more, and help other new artists shine! <3
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