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Art is a BANG, Hm!

Hello, I'm Art is a BANG, Hm! <3 my real name in may call me Art, Bang, Kimba or Alexis o u o I'm a very easy person to get along with...I'm very polite, and I'm also VERY open-minded <3 I love Anime, K-Pop, Cosplay and countless other things :O

My Username originates from the Anime, Naruto. One of the Characters, Deidara, says "Art is a BANG, Hm!"


I've created a simple TLKFAA chat, for anyone who has wanted one .u. once in-chat, click your name you've joined as, and you can change your name and icon~ I or another will add you as a member after~ --->

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2013-05-29 16:30:33.0
The Lion King
I spent a while on this one ;u;...Kovu and Kiara <3 I really wanted to draw Kiara, but I decided to throw in Kovu as well and make it a Kovu/Kiara picture! :D actually colored the lines for once...I hope you guys like it! <3
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2017-09-12 22:40:55.0
The Lion King III: Kion's Pride
I'm so proud of this...I spent a while, trying to make it look legit!

This is the Cover for my upcoming Comic, Kion's Pride!

I can't wait for all of you to see the story that I have planned out, unfolding! ;v;
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2012-12-31 23:36:10.0
Sad stuff
R.I.P, Tessa...

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2017-09-01 11:51:31.0
For Others
This is just a little surprise for another Artist on this site! This is KimiKubby's Fursona! <3

I hope you like it, KimiKubby!
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2014-12-03 01:30:32.0
My Characters
This is my littler girl, Penney =v= Drew her in Sketcher
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2009-01-17 22:54:21.0
My Friend's Fursonas
Some of my friends Fursonas/Characters in pixel form...this took me HOURS. In order from left to right:

Poonie, Pinki, *Cheetah*, Kamakari, Hababi, Kiyo, Kari and Layla :D

Poonie (C) Poonie
Pinki (C) Pinkyu
*Cheetah* (C) *Cheetah*
Kamakari (C) Kamakari Malfoy
Hababi (C) Wolfsbane
Kiyo (C) Jackel
Kari (C) Kari
Layla (C) Layla
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2017-11-30 22:19:56.0
For Others
An adorable, precious little boy named Fiasco, who is owned by Kimmorz! ;v;

I hope you like this little doodle of your cutie, Kimmorz!
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2009-08-19 21:47:58.0
Canon Cross Cubs
YES! This took FOREVER! but it was worth it!!!! <333 this is Kivu! Kovu and Kiara's son! :D this was ALL done in MS paint <3333

Pic and char (C) ME! (Art is a BANG, Hm!/Sunii)
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2012-01-22 16:19:05.0
Wish List
I saw her on the TT and I just fell in love with her design ;o;...I would really like to adopt this pretty Ocelot from Fluffybunny <3 If I got her, I would name her Nicki :3
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2013-05-06 01:00:34.0
My Friend's Fursonas
Roariesona ;O; I love Roarie's Fursonaaa <3
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2012-11-29 01:23:21.0
Reference Sheets
My fursona, Alexis' ref! c: her name is my actual real name...I tweaked her eye mark a little and a few colors of things <3
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2014-11-25 05:40:39.0
My Characters
This is Nova, a Young Male Lion uvu He's based off of the guy I love irl <3
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2013-05-01 01:44:05.0
My Characters
Penda and Penha, brother and sister characters of mine <3
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2010-07-11 19:56:53.0
Cross Overs
America (Alfred (F)reedom Jones) from the anime, Axis Powers Hetalia, as an anthro :D...I'm a MAJOR Hetalia nerd, and my fav char is Russia (Ivan Braginski) <333
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2013-09-09 23:40:11.0
So I just got Avast Virus Protection...and it's the best ever to me |D so I decided to just kinda...lionize it? XD anyway...since Avast have like...this female voice, I decided to make its lionized version a female~
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2009-02-10 16:49:04.0
This is my new species the "Kiboo" They are part kitten and can be part any African animal. THEY ONLY HAVE FRONT FEET. NO BACK FEET. and the blush marks ALWAYS show....This Kiboo here was made for IWannaBunny. If you would Like a Kiboo you must ask me for one! You MAY NOT make your own! if you want one give me its gender and an african animal, then any special colors/markings

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2011-12-01 16:07:51.0
My Friend's Fursonas
A little surprise for Boo! > u < I hope you like it, Boo c:
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2015-04-06 17:42:23.0
For Others
A gift for my friend, Roarie, who has just gotten Artist of the Month! ;o; congrats, Roarie, I loves youuuu!
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2010-06-27 10:30:12.0
The Lion King

Kopa's death, a dark, damp, cold parting...
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2009-01-17 19:37:10.0
My Characters
A friendly outlander named Zururi from my comic "Kovu's Time" She's a good friend to Kovu, Kiara, Simba, Nala, Sarafina, Sarabi, Kora and Kivu
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2009-02-15 14:23:47.0
A Valentines day pic :3 it's simple but yeah...It's Vitani and Kopa <3
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2012-11-28 02:17:34.0
For Others
A Gift for Satchell (Derek)! c: I ended up going off of his old ref, though T u T...I hope you like it! :D
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2009-04-16 22:10:03.0
The Jonas Brothers
Joe Lion's final design and Reffy! ^^

Pic/Design/Char (C) ME *Sunii, BANG!*
Joe (C) Himself, duh :B
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2017-08-31 19:02:32.0
Reference Sheets
I'm not sure if any of you would remember my old Character, Zaniah...but I've finally gotten around to bringing her back, and updating her design. It's still pretty close to the original, though!
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2013-06-28 16:25:02.0
Angel, the Kind Demon!
Introducing The TLKFAA Chat! I've made one. Years ago, TLKFAA had a chat, and long ago, it disappeared, I understand that there was probably a reason for it, but this chat is much different.
Angel is the Mascot of the Chat. This chat is for people of TLKFAA who wish to hang out, and not draw. This is an idea I came up with to save room in Sketcher, since Sketcher has a limited user limit.
This chat can hold many people, and private chats & messages are also in it. It's a XAT chat, but it works :3
The chat will have more mods later, but since it's new, it's not needed right now.
If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask them!
You can draw Angel if you want XD

Chat Link >
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2013-06-03 10:43:25.0
Canon Cross Cubs
A quickly done concept for Malka and Tama's Son...he currently has no name, and his design will most likely change XD crappy mouse art...woo
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2009-05-02 19:37:08.0
For Others
For my Sister *not really, I just say so XD* Totoma's contest, I made a Puppy for Sundance and her Fursona XDD even though they're both's just...yeah...So this is Chaka, our son XDDDD he's a Ethiopian/Fennec :B
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2009-09-11 19:11:23.0
The Lion King
Kiara with a Butterfly on her Forehead ^^ this is an icon, so find it at the TT :B

Pic (C) Me, Art is a BANG, Hm!/Sunii
Kiara (C) Disney
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2017-11-30 20:57:10.0
For Others
A quick doodle I did of thanigraphics' Fursona, Feva!

I know it isn't much, but I thought the doodle was cute XD I hope you like it!
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2013-05-01 01:28:16.0
Blue Sketchy random lion I did in sketcher a while back |D
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2013-05-01 01:34:59.0
A Mousie and a Butterfly that I drew in Sketcher recently :3 That is a very mini Butterfly~
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2009-10-21 10:37:12.0
Another picture of my sweet kitty, Snowflake <333 I have one more to put up, that'll be the last one , but some people were curious about her :)
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