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I support an on-topic TLKFAA. Thank you all who watch and comment! I love the support and community :)

My biggest TLK secret: For many many years, I was convinced that Vitani was a male. Even without a mane as an adult, I still thought this.

Trades: At my discretion (ask, but I might say no! I also usually wait for my half before starting, just so you know.)
Current Trades:
Yumacub - not started, my half recieved.

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Nov. 5, 2013
Hiya Arju! It's nice to see you here. I'm Paintpaws I used to follow your artwork when I wasn't on and I must say it's brilliant! Your style is wonderful and I can't wait to see more from you. :)

June 9, 2013
Sukala A.P.
Hey Arju! You should become AOTM! It would be great! Because i love your art and you improve very well!

March 11, 2013
I love Ur style! Especially when u draw lion king chars. K.i.t


Dec. 7, 2012
Do you want to do trade? :) Don't worry, you can say no if you want, I find it ruder when people say nothing.

EDIT: Ok, that's fine :) just tell me when you are ready :) I hope things get better for.

Dec. 6, 2012
You won 1st place in my contest "Draw your favourite scene". Congratulation! I'll draw your character which you choose. Please let me know what character you want from me to draw. Thank you! ^^

I love your art! <3

Aug. 25, 2012
I have your picture done! ^_^ I uploaded it but it's pending. :)

May 19, 2012
Hullo there,

Welcome, haha! I'm newish too =) Anyway, do you do requests? If so, I could use your help if you're interested! Thx!

Comment me!
Serenity Chaotix

PS. Luv your art btw!!

March 14, 2012
Wow, i love your work, so keep drawing! (Same goes for everybody) ! ;+)

Oct. 17, 2010
You have a /amazing/ gallery here Gazzi! Im sad to say I havent come sooner...Your style is gorgous, and I love all your canon work. You've got my vote for next AOTM.

March 15, 2010
I LOVE your art and style! <3 Im voting for you to be aotm, and you also deserve many more faves and comments! Keep uploading, PLEASE!! :)

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