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09:55 Fri 9/11/2009
09:55 Fri 9/11/2009
09:53 Fri 9/11/2009
09:52 Fri 9/11/2009
09:50 Fri 9/11/2009
09:49 Fri 9/11/2009
09:48 Fri 9/11/2009
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09:46 Fri 9/11/2009

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Greeetings. My name is Barbara Herodes, my pen-name is Arazia (Zia for short). I've been drawing Lion King art since the winter of 1999 and I joined the archive in early spring of the following year. Over time, my art has developed quite a bit and I am quite happy with the style changes that have come from that. I'm always experimenting and learning, so it's rare that my style stays the same for longer than a six months.

At the moment, I'm working a lot in the Furry fandom. I sometimes take commissions, but I mostly draw for myself and my friends these days. I don't comment or upload much here on anymore, mostly because real-life has eaten most of my free time.

23:27 Fri 9/11/2009
I love you art! One question though...what is Lion King Muck? x3

15:53 Sat 4/12/2008

05:35 Fri 10/20/2006
thanks for adding me :)

14:18 Thu 10/20/2005
Hi=D You've got many great pics=D=D=)

20:57 Thu 3/10/2005
I LOVE your Art work! I just wish I could draw..

15:06 Fri 1/7/2005
Kristin O.
You deserve a new comment, since you gave me one. :D As with Aidan, I've had the pleasure of watching your art develop greatly since I first got to know you. Your anatomy, poses, and overall quality has gotten so much better, and every picture you do now is excellent. It's a shame your uploads are so scarce now, but I fully understand. Other things just get in the way.
Nevertheless, I continue to love your art, and especially the way you colour, which is always so bright and beautiful. Much love. <3

19:51 Mon 12/27/2004
Well, I have to say, I love your art. I'm glad to see that you're on Yerf too. Congrats!! ^^ It is wonderful! I love your chars Utende, Kiza, and Kiyama! Great job, keep it up!!

"I know what I said."

21:33 Sun 11/14/2004
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Hey there! Great art you have! Keep up the awesome work!

12:20 Sat 11/6/2004
<font color=blue>
Hey! Your pics are awesome and great! =) You have wonderful style of drawing, very unusial and nice! =) And all your charas are cute too.
Great work! Very well done and keep it up!
Maybe we can do an Art Trade sometimes? ^_^

14:55 Tue 9/14/2004
<font color=green>You have fantastic art here! keep up the great work!


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