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Bună! Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my profile, I'm very thankful!

First, I kinda suck at introductions. Kinda hard to describe myself and the way I am. But I will try. My name is Olga and I'm 13 years old. I live in Romania c:

I like this animals: wolves, coyotes, foxes, hyenas, dogs, cats, panthers, jaguars, lions, porcupines, skunks, ferrets, horses.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. It snows, no school, presents, food. The nice feeling it gives me, that spirit and joy! I just love it.

14:15 Thu 4/18/2013
EDIT:happy bithday i view (again) in the bithdays :)

16:46 Sun 1/13/2013
I love your style so far! keep up the good work :)

21:58 Wed 1/9/2013
Welcome to the archives! :D

19:03 Thu 1/3/2013
Love it!!

20:14 Tue 1/1/2013
Welcome!! your art looks really cool! and can see you will improve very soon if you keep at what your doing!! remember we love new comers so dont be afraid to ask questions! and also to keep on topic! if you need a friend check me out! always willing to help :)

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