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I live again.

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Long time member that pops in every once in a while~

Feb. 27, 2011
I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT I HAD NOT ADDED YOU YET. D8 This is clearly a crime. *sage nod*

YOU. ME. Art trade very yes??? (if you have time i mean. XD)

*runs off to browse all the new pics*

Dec. 25, 2010
Hey! Good to see you post again! I had saw you were back on Deviant as well, but was so caught up with finals, didn't get a chance to say anything until now anyway. :D Been ages! Hope all is great with you?

You still living in the same place? haha if so, next time i come out for comic con/to visit family, we may need to meet up again sometime. :)

March 19, 2006
Hi, you got some great art there!!! =3

Nov. 22, 2004
Hey Anuvia!
Very cute pictures, especially Anuvia is really CUTE! Your character design is amazing :)
Hope you upload more soon :)
Greetings Liney

Nov. 5, 2004
Hey, Anuvia!!! Glad to see ya here!! *hugs*
Cool art!!! Your gallery rocks!!
Come to see me sometimes!


Sept. 11, 2004
Hiya!!!!!!!AWESOME art!!!!!!!

Aug. 29, 2004
Great art! I have to go away from the computer right now so I haven't got much time to comment, but I like your pictures, the profile picture is awsome to. Hope you visit my archive to! Pls! ^^


July 11, 2004
Hey, don't you stalk me on Deviantart? Well, I shall return the favor, both here and there! Very nice artwork!

May 29, 2004
lil' lyon
Make more! I ♥ them! know who you remond me of... a mix of me, and m,y friend, Lexy. you also remind me of a girl on fanart. She's Krystal. Look her up... you may like her art. my art's not up till my dad switches the old scanner w/ the working one. lol

April 17, 2004
Hey really cool art! Keep'em up and make more!

*ape pounce*


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