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2009-03-30 17:29:36.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
For the Contest.

As was the tradition in the Pridelands, a lionesses first hunt must be done alone and unaided. Nalas was to be no exception, even with the current situation "This is as far as we go Nala, good luck!" Said Sarbi "Good luck, sweety" Said Sarafina. Sarabi followed Nala for a few more yards and whispered "Find help"

EDIT: Omg, I can't believe it!! 1st place :D:D:D:D:D thanks guys!!!!
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2010-02-27 11:00:00.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"Dad, why do they call you Nyoni? I thought your name was Tojo"
"It means Bird!" Tojo smiled proudly
"Yea, I know that...but why?"
Tojo sat his son down next to him and told him about all the adventures he'd had with his feathered friends and the rest of the gang, especially Tama, the cubs Mother.
"Oh, Mum and your birds sound really cool!" Grinned the cub
"Yes, you would have loved them!"
Tojo was a single father, but he was the best around. Raising the birds taught him a great deal about how to look after such delicate beings in the face of adversity. Most of his family had been killed by the fire that was started at the Great Battle for Pride Rock and without a mother the others thought the cub would die. Tojo proved them wrong.
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2009-11-04 18:57:07.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
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2009-02-17 16:58:52.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
LuLu was incharge of all the cubs that day. She had 7 cubs to look after. Taka, Zira, Sarafina, Raia, Mufasa, Sarabi and Shaako. However only Zira and Raia were her own. Today was the day that Kalsifur, her mate would finally be able to see him cubs! He was desperate to have a good strong king and LuLu was nurvous because she hadn't produced any, but she was sure that Kalsifur would understand and she could always have more cubs!
But Kalsifur was not understanding.
Zira and Raia had to grow up without a mother.
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2010-12-14 15:14:04.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
For the contest.

Light can reflect the future.

Taka hiding, watching his parents tell Mufasa he'll be King, not Taka.
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2009-08-17 07:48:44.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"GET UP! Worthless maggot!!" Screamed the lioness.
Kovu shut his eyes tight "It's for my own good" He told himself

"Well!? What are you waiting for?! GET UP!!"
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2009-06-28 13:13:53.0
1.The Lion King Fanart

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2009-03-03 17:50:15.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
For the contest!

"I'm here to take over...your..pride?...umm.."

"I'll give you untill 3 to run away. 1..."

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2009-12-05 09:52:41.0
I hope this helps!

Photos (C) owners/google :)

EDIT: Why...why is this 2nd most's just stupid. There are far better artists and pictures out there that deserve this spot.
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2009-07-01 13:02:06.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Ahadi: What have you done? You killed your own brother! My son!
Scar: You wish now that our places had been exchanged... that I had died and Mufasa had lived.
Ahadi: Yes.
Ahadi: I wish that.
Scar: Since you are robbed of Mufasa... I will do what I can in his stead.
Ahadi: You will never be a true King.
[At that, Ahadi roared and rumbled, lightning thrashed the sky...and he was gone]
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2010-03-23 18:23:37.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"So, is this your jungle, Dad?" Asked Kopa.
"No, not anymore. We're not in any danger though!"
"How come?"
"Because nobody messes with your Dad!"
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2010-11-24 12:51:29.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
For the contest!

Based on this poster, since it's obvious Simba's Pride was based on Romeo and Juliet :P
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2010-10-22 11:18:48.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Conest entry! I thought I'd do a nice little animation, of Vitani.
I heard a theory that Vitani was the back-up "chosen one" so, if Kovu failed, it was up to Vitani to kill Simba and take over the Pridelands with Zira. I think Vitani was trained to be a spy, assassin and cold-blooded killer, but also to work as a team.

So, here she is, running endlessly!
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2009-11-06 12:57:58.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"When you lose everything, only then are you truely free"

"Hakuna Matata!"
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2009-09-02 14:48:29.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Love will find a way <3
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2009-11-17 11:24:55.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
I <3 U
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2008-11-06 14:52:58.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Simba and Kovu :D
Best two cubs EVER
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2011-02-21 13:27:43.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"See? That one looks like a zebra! And..."
Kopa now began to see the pictures and faces in the clouds "...And that one looks like a lion!" He said, interupting his sister.

What if Kopa was the younger sibling? Perhaps he was conceived just before the battle with the outlanders and was born before Kovu became king? It would explain why he's not in the movies. "Why are Kovu and Kiara not in the books then?" I hear you ask. Perhaps Kovu decided not to take the Pridelands after Kopa was born, but instead went elsewhere with Kiara, like he wanted to in the movie. Maybe this is one of Kiara's frequent visits to see her family.
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