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2017-09-26 17:14:24.0
As my name suggested, Hyenas are one of my favourite animals. I don't draw them nearly enough!
This started as a cool down sketch before bed and well...ended up my best picture in a while...go figure!
1500 x 2000
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2016-05-20 02:01:21.0
I did the thing!

I need a more recent picture of me, although that is only a couple of years old, I don't look much different!

Also, keep those contest entries coming! There are 2 days left! We've had some amazing entries already :D lets get some more!!
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2016-02-07 11:06:39.0
Officially introducing Blustag Whiterun, AKA Tamriel!
Upon arriving home, she looked very nervous and whined a lot. It didn't take her long before she was padding about and sniffing around!
She's currently laying on my lap, fast asleep!

I know, offtopic! But I couldn't resist sharing this news with you all!
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2016-01-01 14:41:03.0
Don't give up! Practice, practice, practice! Lets hope I can improve in 2016! Things got a little stagnant over the past couple of years as far as TLK goes, because I haven't been as active. Happy New Year, everyone!
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2015-12-03 16:15:54.0
Everyone should watch BBC's The Hunt. It features Ethiopian wolves and is frankly the best nature show I've seen in a while!

Remember when these guys were all the rage? I sort of miss that!
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2015-05-30 20:28:49.0
Today is a big day, it is exactly 10 years to the day since I joined TLKFAA :) This website has seen me through some of my best and worst times and I've made so many wonderful friends, some, who have been with me since the start! (Sasha!!)
I would like to thank all of you and here's to another 10 years of TLK art!

For the occasion, I have redone my first picture :)
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2015-04-16 06:02:10.0
So, have you guys heard about Boyinaband? I think he's doing some wonderful work. While I know a lot of people (me included) who complain about the school system and how for the most part, it's not particularly helpful - well, this guy is actually doing something about it! Can you help him out? Spread the word! I'm really trying to get behind him and change the system too.

WE CAN make a difference!!
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2015-03-30 19:58:44.0
Phew! This was hard.

The animations was unreferenced, but the colour/BG were reffed.

I wish I had the patience to make something better!
400 x 322
126.1513671875 KB
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2014-12-10 19:44:15.0
My friend and I are going to see ALL THREE HOBBIT MOVIES IN ONE GO!!!!

Jade as Kili and Jaqui as Fili :D
999 x 593
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2014-10-09 20:07:09.0
761 x 1405
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2014-08-28 18:28:28.0
A character that I'd love from Awesomesauce2014 :D
Would I be able to change his name? If so, I'd call him Toki (Tow-kee)and he'd join my Ridgeland Pride :D
880 x 652
76.857421875 KB
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2014-08-15 09:59:28.0
2001 vs 2014.
I think everyone should do a comparison pic! If you do/have done one, comment with yours :D
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2014-06-13 12:26:36.0
999 x 749
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2014-05-22 16:34:17.0
At 12:15 today, Annie Leslie passed away.

She was my best friend and a real personality. She made friends wherever she went and will be missed by everyone who knew her.

Rest in Peace, baby girl <3

Out of respect, I have changed my name back to AnnieHyena, however I may try to incorporate Ned and Holly's name in there too!
999 x 627
62.0087890625 KB
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2014-05-08 04:26:52.0
Why did I never upload this?!
999 x 749
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2014-02-08 05:20:21.0
"Fili and Kili, at your service!"
999 x 749
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2013-12-28 19:52:40.0
A collab with Nala_91, who just happened to be in my area of the UK, all the way from the USA!

It was a really cool meet-up and we saw Walking with Dinosaurs!

It's always great to put a face to the name :)
845 x 610
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2013-12-24 20:37:06.0
804 x 723
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2013-12-21 19:41:39.0
Meet a new character!! He's a Holiday/season based character and his coat changes depending on the time of year.
This is his winter coat :)

He's called Dúrith Enuk!
922 x 615
65.2978515625 KB
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2013-10-29 19:08:29.0
Lets see if this works...
500 x 500
330.548828125 KB
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2013-10-25 16:36:32.0
A character Thowra has up on the TT :D This is part of a bigger pic :)
958 x 688
84.1015625 KB
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2013-10-23 14:25:12.0
A character I would LOVE from The Spotted Warrior ^^
985 x 590
71.29296875 KB
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2013-09-06 17:10:17.0
Eek eek, I'm a monkey
999 x 749
77.1083984375 KB
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2013-08-27 14:06:09.0
I missed my old Fursona Em, so decided to draw her :) completely unreffed!
999 x 749
79.310546875 KB
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2013-08-27 14:03:19.0
Chiko! One of Kiara and Kovu's cubs :)
999 x 854
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2013-07-12 18:47:58.0
I came to the grim realisation that I'm wasting my life. I don't feel right.
484 x 768
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2013-07-05 18:56:07.0
The twins! Ezequal and Chigoni.
999 x 685
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2013-06-07 17:45:20.0
Lucas! A character I'd like from Hyaru :D
1001 x 685
88.978515625 KB
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2013-04-28 16:14:10.0
Just a little before and after :) 2006 and 2013!

My old character Choga, who was betrothed to Kiara until she found Kovu.
999 x 476
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2013-04-24 15:07:11.0
Another Zebby :)
733 x 722
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2013-04-22 16:15:22.0
999 x 646
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2013-01-11 03:54:47.0
Hey guys, long time no see, eh?
I've been so busy and I've pretty much moved on to drawing humans and other stuff (you can check out my DA here
Not only that, but I was given a horse for christmas! The lady who used to own Ned is leaving the country and she knew I would always look after him, so now he's mine! It's amazing being a proper horse owner, but it does sap time and energy a LOT.

Hopefully I'll see you guys around soon.
999 x 673
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2012-05-28 17:06:47.0
Re-make of
999 x 790
141.9521484375 KB
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2012-04-04 17:33:43.0
I'm sorry for being offtopic.

My kitty of 18yrs passed away on monday. She's all I've ever known. I'm taking it pretty hard.
I'll miss my little sister.
R.I.P Holly x
999 x 735
139.546875 KB
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2012-02-15 19:37:06.0

I bet you've all forgotten me by now. I know I don't get as many comments as I used to, but really, I don't upload as much as I used to, so I understand.

I am more active on DA

Have a little cub to keep you going untill I can (be bothered) to draw more TLK arts!
800 x 600
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2011-12-02 19:00:04.0
A baby tiger :D
690 x 999
100.626953125 KB
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2011-11-25 17:52:51.0
An adopt I'd like from Cinni-mon <3 I love Genets ^^ they're adorable!
566 x 999
97.8876953125 KB
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2011-08-23 17:05:02.0

PLEASE!!! If you have facebook, please like the movie "Lost in the Garden"

It's my brothers movie and will get funding if he wins!!!

900 x 732
192.6748046875 KB
Grayscale JPEG
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2011-07-16 21:24:59.0
A lion I'd rather like from Key/to/Failure :D He's got such lovely colours and a great hair-do!
I'd name him Katano, perhaps.
890 x 960
76.861328125 KB
Color JPEG
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2011-07-07 20:40:32.0
Yay :D
999 x 758
191.01953125 KB
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2011-07-06 16:05:45.0
A Character I'd love from Happy Mushroom.

She's pretty much the twin of my character Kodii, so I figured I'd try for her :P

If I get her, she'd be the younger sister to Kodii and Mii Mii and I'd name her Miia.
She wants to be a dancer like her older brother, but focuses on ballet, rather than 'exotic'
999 x 758
199.1767578125 KB
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2011-06-19 20:04:00.0

Crocuta showed me the cutest thing you will EVER see!
999 x 808
224.4677734375 KB
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2011-05-26 19:05:10.0
Me, riding.
Man body.
A dragon species.
Jaqui meeting her doom in Battle Royale.
998 x 746
206.6796875 KB
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2011-05-01 05:58:59.0

So, some of you know I'm doing a sponsored ride called Canter for a Cure

I'm taking Ned, the problem horse and I'll be dressed as a fairy!

I'm taking sponsors now and will take them through paypal (

If you want to sponsor me, please note me! It can be as little as £1 or as much as you like.

Please, it's for a very good cause and something that's very personal to me.

I'll need your name, home address and postcode, so only sponsor if you're willing to give those, but they won't be given out to anyone but the charity.

(I will delete this after the event next sunday, so you don't have to worry about off-topic for long)
600 x 449
157.107421875 KB
Color JPEG
2011-02-13 17:41:58.0
Chinese lion!

Also, I'm open for commissions! Please guys :) email be at if you're interested!

£25/$40 for something like this
Doesn't have to be Lion King style, but I mean, full colours/shaded/background

£20/$32 for a colour experiment picture

£15/$24 for a detailed character design

£10/$16 for

£5/$8 for

Please guys! :D <3

I'll draw pretty much anything!!
892 x 999
244.62890625 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-10-12 14:51:16.0

It's Ted! From Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey!

A.K.A - Keanu Reeves <3
872 x 999
125.1201171875 KB
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2010-08-16 15:53:42.0
A hyena monster! Rawr.

So, Chi Cats are now closed. Don't create anymore, please :) thank you.
If you want to know why, it's because some people who I thought were my friends can't keep their mouth shut and obviously now hate my art because of Chi Cats. The RP board will remain open, however :)

So, say thanks to them!
682 x 720
103.7412109375 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-07-27 08:41:13.0
An adoptable I'd like from Art is a BANG, Hm! :D

I'd call him Ice Fire! and he'd probably go on my planet...somehow!
445 x 700
52.6376953125 KB
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2010-07-15 18:08:51.0
So...look what I got today and the London Karate Kid premiere :)

Made my life, pretty much.

388 x 638
74.1708984375 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-07-10 05:37:35.0
Just doodled up a little something to help me remember a few moves I've been doing.
770 x 435
81.09765625 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-06-30 19:45:24.0
This is finally finished!
Yuan Lo, the Peking Opera zebra!

I'd like some feedback, PLEASE! This is the longest I've ever spent on any artwork :P
I'm getting this on a t-shirt :)
846 x 999
240.0126953125 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-06-29 19:39:06.0
So, I went to see They Might Be Giants!
Omg, the best band EVER!! I love them, I always have.

This is them as lions :) Cute little lions ^^
999 x 749
213.5498046875 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2010-05-10 21:11:30.0
An adoptable I'd love from Corrie :O
I have a perfect role for him!!! Remember those lions I human-ised? He'd be the very very shy and quiet friend of those guys.
But they don't know what his job is.

He's a rather exotic male belly dancer :B
In human form of course, in lion form...he's just be a dancer I guess XD
622 x 401
35.921875 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-05-04 17:32:18.0
So, tattoo or not tattoo?
Just the tiger obviously.

I wonder if anyone can read the chinese at the bottom...if you can, I'll let you know, I'm being such a loser!

Very heavily reffed.
382 x 999
77.9365234375 KB
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2009-10-14 11:47:46.0
Don't anybody dare say this is offtopic. I very well know it is, and I'm hurting enough already.

Video -

You'll be missed so much.

You were the best horse ever.
You made my confidence grow and grow
You kept me safe, even when there were scary monsters, that frightened you.
You kept going forwards, like a fearless war horse.

You were a gentle giant.

R.I.P Blob <3

I didn't even know he was sick, I got a text from his owner this morning, saying he's died during the night.
999 x 749
68.5009765625 KB
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