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2017-09-26 17:14:24.0
As my name suggested, Hyenas are one of my favourite animals. I don't draw them nearly enough!
This started as a cool down sketch before bed and well...ended up my best picture in a while...go figure!
1500 x 2000
354.564453125 KB
13 faves
2017-08-29 02:10:20.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
I just love KimmiKubbys' comic! I had to draw some fan art ^^
I've always liked the idea of Scar actually being a good guy, it's lovely to see him being nice :D Keep up the fantastic work!!
1200 x 769
510.3837890625 KB
5 faves
2017-08-17 04:42:13.0
ALoP - Taroko
Not long after Taroko lay down, under the shade of a tree, he had fallen asleep.
His pleasant dreams slowly started to shift and warp, dark clouds loomed and the beautiful land stretched until there was nothing but flat sand.
Although Taroko was very level headed in most situations, his Canyon home had left him with a terrible phobia of flat and open spaces.
His dreams were often plagued with the same nightmare. To be lost and alone in the Desert.

-(+15 FEATHERS)-
1024 x 768
79.0009765625 KB
7 faves
2017-08-15 16:36:00.0
ALoP - Taroko
Taroko, content with his new home, decided to venture down to a grassy patch, just near his border. He was soon asleep.

-(+10 VIT)-
1324 x 621
222.0107421875 KB
7 faves
2017-08-12 15:03:35.0
ALoP - Taroko
Taroko, learning the ropes of his new territory.
Slowly does it, don't slip! Luckily he's used to the steep slopes and long drops of his canyon region!

1024 x 768
608.5888671875 KB
6 faves
2017-08-12 05:43:42.0
ALoP - Taroko
Meet Taroko! He's a Canyon Lion for Nights ALoP.

He is very cool and calculated. He likes to think about things in advance and not rush into anything. He doesn't like to be put on the spot and if he is on the receiving end of an ambush he will be at a disadvantage but could plan an ambush down to the last detail.
He enjoys his own company and the company of a few close friends. Taroko has a fabulous sense of humour, but not everyone "gets" it. Pranks are another favourite of his.
1024 x 768
113.6455078125 KB
7 faves
2017-07-09 04:41:24.0
Chi Cats

Wheeeeee! My beloved Chi are finally back in business!

The deviantART group is already under construction, as is a Facebook group, so please feel free to join!
There is some new information, so that may affect your existing characters (for instance Dark Chi are now Blanks and Black Chi are good)

Feel free to ask me anything and join the groups :D I'll slowly get around to uploading the sheets here.
715 x 999
244.4970703125 KB
3 faves
2017-06-21 10:54:50.0
3. Characters
An old character Monster!
Sorry for being so inactive guys, real life...urg.
1368 x 1303
131.6220703125 KB
5 faves
2017-05-18 17:38:51.0
Out of Action
I haven't drawn Cymian for years! Looks great with my white pen! I miss his skull face.
1800 x 1800
831.2880859375 KB
9 faves
2017-05-13 04:57:00.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
Gothic180 - 10yrs on...
This morning I was thinking about the old group, Schlange and what would happen if we were interviewed 10yrs after the band was in their prime.
"I can't believe it's been 10yrs man. I miss the gang, but we still keep in touch now and then. I feel like I've grown up a lot...but christ, I am pushing 30 now! We've all changed. I have a job now, working outside. I love the outside, being in nature. I cut my hair, I don't wear make-up now. My dress sense had changed. I thought life was complicated then, but man! How little I knew. I'm much more chilled these days, I'm happier for it. I hope I can see the gang together once more, that'd be nice."
768 x 923
92.9111328125 KB
3 faves
2017-04-21 16:13:16.0
3. Characters
My Khajiit, who is currently level 21. Wearing circlet of archery, elven boots of major sneaking, elven bracers of major archery, a necklace of stamina and thieves guild armour.
She wields a glass battle axe but favours her elven bow of shocks.
960 x 960
131.220703125 KB
5 faves
2017-04-21 05:12:50.0
Forestland Pride
Little cubby Jani!
1400 x 959
92.9501953125 KB
12 faves
2017-02-14 16:01:05.0
1.The Lion King Fanart

I whisper, remember what she did
Don't miss her
Set me free, she won't allow it

Angry and gone, and the list goes on and on
If it's love, I will differ, I'm being lost being with her.


I've always thought these lyrics fit.
All American Rejects - Why Worry
1024 x 768
64.9599609375 KB
14 faves
2017-02-05 13:11:37.0
Lion King 'Extras'
I felt like making a hyena character.

He's called Tabasamu, or Taba for short, which means smile!

He's an easy going chap for the most part, but shares the same hatred for lions and other top predators as most of the hyenas.
1024 x 768
85.439453125 KB
13 faves
2017-01-29 16:39:15.0
Out of Action
Years ago I made an albino panther called Elspeth. I wanted to try and capture the look of a panther and not a lion, but eh.
1024 x 768
92.5625 KB
5 faves
2017-01-29 04:30:44.0
Lion King 2.5
I'm in a total re-do mood!

So, I'm going to do a couple of re-do trades! If you've traded with me, way back when, then I'd love to re-do the picture I did for you and have you do the same :D

I'll consider anything before 2010!
Comment and let me know :D
600 x 840
86.5634765625 KB
7 faves
2017-01-26 18:06:11.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Even though it's old and badly drawn, I've always had such a soft spot for this picture
I felt it deserved a re-do. I don't know why the water is glowing, but I feel it adds a lot of atmosphere to the image. Like it's what Kovu imagines seeing a full and clean river would look like.
1024 x 768
105.7744140625 KB
18 faves
2017-01-26 04:38:46.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
2017 vs 2006

Cubby Mufasa re-do!
Gosh, that original...
1182 x 483
83.8076171875 KB
5 faves
2017-01-25 17:33:42.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
2017 vs 2006

Decided to do more re-do pictures to get me back into the drawing vibe. I've been slacking a bit!
1024 x 528
36.267578125 KB
7 faves
2017-01-20 17:05:24.0
Famous People
Windwolf inspired me to do a Tolkien/TLK picture :D So here's Thranduil the Cheetah!
999 x 703
63.970703125 KB
6 faves
2017-01-15 04:37:21.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
I was bitten by a dog. Ouch! I have 2 puncture wounds and a purple bruise the size of my hand!

Here, Y'sena was bitten by a hyena.
999 x 749
74.779296875 KB
6 faves
2017-01-15 03:18:31.0
3. Characters
Arg, really? Such a small word count limit!! I can't even get half of his bio on here! Description here.

Anyway, I have decided that Yoshibo will fit in the Star Wars universe! I've loved those films since before I can remember!
999 x 532
367.056640625 KB
1 fave
2017-01-08 17:28:31.0
3. Characters
I loooove Yoshibo <3 he's so fun to draw!
768 x 1024
92.06640625 KB
7 faves
2017-01-07 16:57:55.0
3. Characters
I love my Yoshibo <3
598 x 540
95.15625 KB
2 faves
2016-12-29 14:13:35.0
Chi Cats
Dark/Black Chi are no longer the bad guys. Despite them having a valid reason for being the colour they were, a few people took it the wrong way. Sigh.
Anyway! Now the bad guys are Blanks, the Black Chi are also royals, along with the White Chi. Although they are nothing alike, the two families get along very well.
This is the King of the Black Chi and his name is Ny Usi.
999 x 622
66.498046875 KB
2 faves
2016-12-29 10:43:35.0
Chi Cats
The first official look of the new "bad guys" is here!
Instead of Dark Chi, there are now Blanks or Empties. They are Si who have had their colour sucked out of them by the Evil Cairn Beasts. They are very powerful and dangerous and are to be killed on sight. However, they are not evil, but have simply had their personality, feelings and sympathy stolen from them, leaving them soulless. Their eyes are grey and lifeless.
999 x 749
100.0390625 KB
2 faves
2016-12-29 09:41:26.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
This is actually a slight re-hash of a Your Character Here picture that I have for sale on FurAffinity. I thought it looked pretty cool as it's own pic :)
999 x 806
86.8720703125 KB
8 faves
2016-12-24 12:43:52.0
4. Art trades/Contest pictures
For Sasha :D Merry Christmas!!
1024 x 768
74.857421875 KB
2 faves
2016-12-20 02:31:21.0
3. Characters
Yoshibo and a black lion, who is usually a man/demon/thing. I thought they'd look good together and...they do :D Black lion needs a name.
1386 x 770
96.23046875 KB
3 faves
2016-12-14 18:25:59.0
Lion King 'Extras'
Oka (Previously Ocker)

I can't remember what I had planned for him, but I thought I'd doodle him :)
999 x 749
79.9306640625 KB
7 faves
2016-12-08 04:23:52.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
KimiKubby had the great idea to draw her fursona as a member of the Lion Guard, so I figured I'd do the same :)

Y'Sena would be the keenest of sight, probably! She's not very brave, or fierce, or strong or fast!
1024 x 768
68.8544921875 KB
5 faves
2016-10-14 18:09:09.0
Chi Cats
This is a rough concept of what a black Chi Cat might look like. It's still a WIP.
321 x 325
33.724609375 KB
2016-10-14 14:01:55.0
Chi Cats
Forget everything you know about Chi Cats. They are changing. Dark Chi are no more. Grey, empty, blank Chi are replacing them. More info to come, but all you need to know for now....

Beware the Empty.
739 x 336
35.1845703125 KB
2016-10-09 07:35:09.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
where has all that old courage gone
just like a castle in the sand
I'm made in the shape of strength yet still I crumble
I always used to be so headstrong
but I lost it where did I go wrong?
all I seem to do is falter

I saw Jake Morley perform ahead of They Might Be Giants at the beginning of the year and I really thought this song fit Simba. He was so headstrong as a cub, but as an adult, especially in Simba's Pride, he was afraid and made poor choices.

My tablet is now working, kinda, but pen pressue has gone, so ignore the lines! They're awful, I know.
999 x 749
55.6025390625 KB
7 faves
2016-10-01 08:57:33.0
3. Characters
I decided that I needed to make a sparkle lion. So, I made this guy :D
724 x 999
167.72265625 KB
10 faves
2016-09-29 14:28:43.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
So, this morning I heard the news that Disney will be remaking TLK! I must say, I am excited! I was unsure about The Jungle Book, but I loved it! I'm sure TLK will be the same.

I've heard a lot, a LOT of negativity about it so far, saying that it will be ruined, but a wise King once told me...

"For now, I reserve judgement, we'll see who you really are"

881 x 999
239.94921875 KB
7 faves
2016-08-27 15:44:54.0
Lion King 'Extras'
Eravu! Kion's girlfriend :)
999 x 934
86.0830078125 KB
2 faves
2016-08-27 15:35:10.0
Lion King 'Extras'
A brown hyena in TLK style :D
999 x 715
85.6630859375 KB
3 faves
2016-08-27 15:32:57.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
I got bitten by a fly and my eye swelled up :( it looked like I'd been punched in the face!
900 x 875
88.5029296875 KB
1 fave
2016-08-20 13:16:57.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
My new icon. Y'sena smiling like Kovu! :)
768 x 768
69.837890625 KB
5 faves
2016-08-18 15:51:46.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
Life is getting on top of me. Coping is very difficult :(
999 x 749
58.6767578125 KB
2 faves
2016-08-17 17:36:45.0
Other Stuff
Geerarf :B
539 x 999
43.5068359375 KB
2 faves
2016-08-06 16:52:28.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Remember who you are...

A doctored photo I took earlier this evening :)
Here is the original
I love seeing things in the clouds :)
2000 x 1500
203.2666015625 KB
11 faves
2016-07-16 16:09:48.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Kion and Eravu share a quiet moment, when for once, everything in the Pridelands was calm and peaceful.
999 x 749
117.810546875 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2016-07-16 15:30:12.0
Lion King 'Extras'
I decided I didn't much care for the previous version of Kions' potential mate. She looked too much like Zuri and Tiifu.
I'll adopt out the old design I think.
She will keep the name Eravu. She is intelligent and kind, despite the devious face, she's pulling! Though because of her "resting b*tch face" Kion has to prove that she is good to the rest of the gang, especially Bunga who doesn't trust her at all. After first impressions pass, Eravu and Fuli get along very well :)
951 x 636
68.30078125 KB
Color JPEG
6 faves
2016-07-16 14:59:56.0
3. Characters
I briefly got my tablet working again! SO I drew my newest Khajiit, Droserus!
Thus far, I have not figured out a personality for him, but currently, he wields a single handed axe and a bow.
736 x 568
59.4091796875 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2016-06-18 08:58:23.0
Lion King 'Extras'
A WIP for a design for Kions mate :)
Do I think he'd go for Zuri or Tiifu? No! They are far too air-headed for him, I imagine him going for someone who's intelligence far out-weighs their beauty.
I'm not sure if I'll stay with this design or not, she's called Erevu :)
999 x 749
93.12890625 KB
Color JPEG
5 faves
2016-06-18 05:58:53.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
We drink to our youth, for the days come and gone.
For the age of aggression is just about done.
We'll drive out the Pridelanders and restore what we own.
With our blood and our teeth we'll take back our home.
Down with Simba! The killer of kings!
On the day of your death we will drink and we'll sing.
We're the children of Zira, and we fight all our lives.
And when The Great Kings beckon, every one of us dies!
But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean.
Of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams!

Jason Marsden (voice of adult Kovu) sings this song in Skyrim and I couldn't help but imagine Kovu singing it :P with a couple of tweaks to the lyrics of course!!

Age of Aggression - Skyrim
999 x 749
76.3466796875 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2016-06-16 13:59:09.0
Lakelands Pride
My old character Sydni!
Well, my tablet is working again, but as soon as my screensaver comes on, it stops working!! Which means I have to restart my laptop to make it work again.

Surprisingly, this was done without a reference!
999 x 749
83.0751953125 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2016-05-20 02:01:21.0
I did the thing!

I need a more recent picture of me, although that is only a couple of years old, I don't look much different!

Also, keep those contest entries coming! There are 2 days left! We've had some amazing entries already :D lets get some more!!
999 x 996
308.447265625 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2016-05-04 08:53:18.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
What if Kion meets Kovu before Kiara?
Kion is surprised to see a lion cub in the Outlands, Janja is no where to be found. Kovu is frightened, Zira had told him of Simba and the Lion Guard. They don't talk, as they are each startled by the other and run off.
Kion tells Simba there are lions in the Outlands now and asks if he can help them, since they have a cub, but Simba says no, telling him to be careful, they are not like Janja.
Kovu tells Zira of Kion and she tells him to wait with Nuka, while she investigates. Obviously he doesn't.
Simba tells Kiara to stay on the path, as there is a different threat in the Outlands. Obviously, she doesn't do as instructed either!
read it here!
999 x 600
94.2255859375 KB
Color JPEG
6 faves
2016-04-24 04:25:26.0
Lion King 'Extras'
For the contest!
Now, I personally don't believe Nala's father would look so much like Kion/Simba, especially with that bright red hair!
However, this is how TLG portray him, so that's how I've drawn him :)
770 x 999
153.705078125 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2016-04-23 13:47:52.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Following on from what Sukala and Fluffy have said. This place needs more canon. I figured with The Lion Guard coming out, we'd see more new faces and maybe the return of some old ones too! I've been here over 10yes now and I've seen plenty of ups and down and I feel we've always come out stronger. However, I feel like TLKFAA is fading and I really don't want it to happen! It's been a constant in my life and my browser tabs! C'mon guys :D lets really try and pull together to give TLKFAA it's vigour back!
I'm going to try and do a canon picture at least once a week, y'all should try too!
765 x 999
205.2294921875 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2016-04-17 04:57:34.0
Old Chi Cats
Lilly :D
I bought some glitter pens and I figured, why not draw Lilly! She's all about pink and glitter! Shame they don't show up :\ oh well! I need to get back into the Chi!
741 x 999
116.0849609375 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2016-04-12 15:47:03.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
A watercolour Kion! I'm hoping to do some more watercolour painting soon :)
905 x 999
229.087890625 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2016-03-27 12:47:25.0
Out of Action
In serious re-do mood!
I am feeling nostalgic, I guess.

This is Schmerz, who was one of the first characters I ever adopted! She was adopted from DJ Coulz, back in the day :)
1258 x 920
200.740234375 KB
Color JPEG
2016-03-11 15:48:46.0
4. Art trades/Contest pictures
For Dots :D I hope you like it! Sorry it's just a headshot, but I tried to add some good shading ^^
967 x 999
273.298828125 KB
Color JPEG
4 faves
2016-03-11 07:02:16.0
Other Stuff
1999? vs 2016

Guys - both of my tablets are now playing up!!
I can still do trades with those who emailed me, if you don't mind traditional?
960 x 820
147.7236328125 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2016-03-06 11:50:37.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
For Jamcub! It's Uncle Kion and her version of Kiara and Kovu's cub :) I couldn't help but think of the scene between Simba and Scar when I saw them :P I hope you like it!
999 x 526
77.3154296875 KB
Color JPEG
5 faves
2016-03-06 10:56:30.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
I can't help but think the Choco Snaps Cheetah and Fuli would be friends! Both dark nosed, tear-less Cheetahs :P
964 x 526
92.5546875 KB
Color JPEG
6 faves
2016-02-28 04:28:57.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
While looking at past AotMs, I came across my page. It is weird. I had dreamt about that day for years, but when it finally came, all I felt was shame. I don't often like being the centre of attention, but having my month tainted felt horrible.
Of course, I don't blame Brian. He said some amazing things about me, which still make me glow with pride.
I don't know why I suddenly decided to ramble about it. I hope you enjoy Y'sena, anyway!
990 x 692
113.5615234375 KB
Color JPEG
2016-02-27 17:58:43.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"I'm dying" Groaned Timon.
Simba rolled his eyes "You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do."

Pionts for recognising the quote!
999 x 749
95.642578125 KB
Color JPEG
6 faves
2016-02-14 14:42:55.0
Out of Action
Markus! An old character. I'm in a re-do mood today! I've made him look a lot friendlier and less crazy!
829 x 768
91.9833984375 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2016-02-14 06:01:09.0
Out of Action
Re-do - 2006 vs 2016

Good grief, I have made some terrible characters in the past! Can't resist a good re-do though
999 x 742
138.748046875 KB
Color JPEG
2016-02-13 17:08:28.0
3. Characters
Napenthius the Khajiit. Son of Ventratus.

Unlike his father, Pen is a little shy but more intelligent. He uses heavy double handed weapons like Ventratus, so is just as strong. He likes to please and as a result will take on more quests than he can handle, but this seems preferable to saying "No" to someone! Pen is still young and learning to handle himself.
999 x 749
122.1220703125 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2016-02-12 11:15:10.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
The main things that bothers me about TLG is the bad guys and their story and why Simba is SO calm about parenting. The hyenas and Zira's pride messes the time scale up. How long has she been there? When did Simba kick her out? When did the hyenas run off as Nuka says? Which gives the impression they shared the land for a time.
And Simba! Giving Kiara the throne to pretend to be Queen, while he and Nala are out of the Pridelands?! What? He would never do that! I've heard some theories that Zira kills the Lion Guard, which made Simba as paranoid as he is in SP.

What are your theories about these two points?
999 x 503
83.0400390625 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2016-02-11 15:23:29.0
3. Characters
So, I felt bad about making my new baby Sammal ill, so I figured I'd revive him and send him into a dense jungle :)
This is what he looks like when he's in tip-top condition!
999 x 749
88.9599609375 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2016-02-11 11:54:46.0
3. Characters
Larger image

Poor Sammal, he is immortal, but nature is his life force, if nature is weakening, so is he.
His homeland is turning into a dusty wasteland faster than he can heal it.


I've had him a day and I'm already torturing the poor fellow!
999 x 395
54.8388671875 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2016-02-10 12:53:37.0
3. Characters
He is the King of the Forest and would have the ability to heal natural things. His story is a sad one though! As man takes over, he gets weaker and weaker, in his efforts to heal everything we are destroying. He is immortal, however, so he ends up almost skeletal, but will never die, unless the Earth itself dies. He will never give up his fight to save nature :)
999 x 561
121.5244140625 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2016-02-10 11:26:02.0
3. Characters
Najma, the King of the night sky and have the ability to create patterns in the stars :)
999 x 749
151.0751953125 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2016-02-07 11:06:39.0
Officially introducing Blustag Whiterun, AKA Tamriel!
Upon arriving home, she looked very nervous and whined a lot. It didn't take her long before she was padding about and sniffing around!
She's currently laying on my lap, fast asleep!

I know, offtopic! But I couldn't resist sharing this news with you all!
588 x 999
80.9326171875 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2016-02-06 15:24:22.0
3. Characters
Decided to make myself a new zebra character :) I'm sure I'll draw him more later!
999 x 812
135.4716796875 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2016-02-06 14:14:37.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
Jasiri! As close to a real hyena as I could :)

I actually really like her as a character, but I always think TLK hyena anatomy is...weird! Shame they went even more wonky, instead of more life-like!
901 x 752
65.5244140625 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2016-02-06 13:28:50.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"Oh! Tiifu! I forgot to tell you - remember that boy Kiara met when we were cubs?" Said Zuri, suddenly whipping around.
"Umm, the little outlander? Kuro, Haku..umm...Kovu?!" Gasped Tiifu.
"Yea, that's the one! Well, here's HERE! King Simba let him into the pride! And" She paused for effect "He's CUTE!!"
Both girls squealed, a new boy around was exciting, even if he was only interested in Kiara!


I decided to draw Tiifu and Zuri as young adults :)
999 x 749
70.7509765625 KB
Color JPEG
15 faves
2016-02-05 14:33:25.0
3. Characters
Meet Tyclis! I uploaded his sketch a while back and FINALLY settled on a colour scheme for him!
1500 x 918
655.826171875 KB
Color PNG
4 faves
2016-01-29 16:17:09.0
3. Characters
Remember Boon? I figured he needed a new picture! I also found the old RP site! Haha! The last post was 2009! Eek!
999 x 749
112.0185546875 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2016-01-27 14:23:14.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
"Oh, Kopa!" Said Kion, raising an eyebrow "Have you moved from that rock today?"
"As a matter of fact, I have, Kion!" Replied the young lion. "I stopped an argument between a crocodile and a hippo, if you must know" He rested his head on his paws and smiled triumphantly.
"Very good, just so long as you're doing something!"
Kiara simply smiled, her brother Kopa was lazy, no mistake there, but he was kind hearted and had a good sense of honour. With Simba's cubs around, nothing could go too far wrong.
999 x 579
101.7158203125 KB
Color JPEG
16 faves
2016-01-21 12:40:45.0
1.The Lion King Fanart
A redraw of this picture :)

Kibawa is trapped by two cheetahs, who have been offended by King Kovu and are looking for revenge.

Kibawa is Kiara and Kovu's son :)
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2016-01-21 12:19:30.0
2. My Fursona, Jaqui Chan.
I've been looking through old pictures of my Gothic180 character, and goodness me! It's an eye-opener!
I was 15 when I made her and had her as a Fursona for a few years, and I thought the world was against me. Everything seemed so hard, but now I realise how foolish I was. Life was easy and fun and I wasted it. Now life really IS hard, I have to try and smile through everything to keep going. Hohum, sorry to vent on you guys, nothing is going right today.
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2016-01-18 15:24:04.0
Out of Action
Decided to draw Cyanide again as an anthro :D I looove her long pink hair!
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2016-01-18 14:18:26.0
Out of Action
I was inspired by Drago to draw a few old characters :D

Abracadava, Rogan, Cyanide and Algonquin!

I think y'all should go through your gallery and draw an old character, who possibly makes you cringe and draw them again!! Get those ol' Sparkle lions out of retirement and show them off!!
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