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<MARQUEE>Hiya there! How'd you find my gallery? :O *Giggles* Hope you like my art =^_^=</MARQUEE>

Favorite Anime List(in order):
1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. Fullmetal Alchemest
4. Death Note


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21:08 Mon 3/15/2010
21:05 Mon 3/15/2010
20:16 Sun 3/14/2010
20:16 Sun 3/14/2010
20:15 Sun 3/14/2010
20:15 Sun 3/14/2010
17:12 Thu 3/11/2010
16:49 Thu 3/11/2010
16:49 Thu 3/11/2010

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10:42 Mon 3/15/2010
Guess who? X3

03:18 Mon 3/15/2010
oh wow your amazing!!! you should have so many more fans than this!!! your awesome!!!

21:25 Sun 3/14/2010
Um...Please don't spam the bulletins. They arn't for thanking fans or asking for pageviews. That's what pictures are for. Please read the rules before posting them.

22:56 Thu 3/11/2010
:D Hiya! Thought I'd stop by and say thanks for drawing that pic of Dimeyi! You drew him so cute and really showed his cubby personality. :D

Btw, Welcome to TLKFAA. ;3 You have a really adorable style. :D

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