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09/20/07: I am back in the swing of things and am proud to announce I have a brand-new scanner. :) Expect more art from me in the future.
<font face="arial" color="#0080FF" size=3><center><b>For Others:</b></center>
<p><b>Art-Trades:</b> Serge Stiles - Blinded Rainbow, Keltic Rave, Evill Sixclawz, Sephius and Gaea Demetrius. [ Sketching 5/5 ]
<br><b>Requests:</b> Shadow Dawg - Shadow (siberian husky). [ Sketching ]
<br><b>Comissions (please read <a href="">this</a>; for my prices):</b> Open.
Trades that were promised but not done:
Domino - Seto-Lion and Jun-Lion.
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06:26 Mon 9/24/2007
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03:47 Thu 9/20/2007
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22:47 Mon 3/13/2006
10:53 Tue 2/21/2006
22:48 Thu 2/16/2006
22:45 Thu 2/16/2006

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Pictures 206
Characters 23
Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload Jan 8, 2001
Latest Upload Sep 24, 2007
Age/Birthday Jan 5, 1984 (age 35)
Gender Female
Location Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A
Occupation Roleplayer, freelance artist and graphics artist.
IM Contact
AIM Deceptikitteh
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
[color="0000C0"]"Look into your heart, what does it tell you?" -Me.
"Dare you walk the path before you?" -Me.
Main art medias: Colour pencil, PSP8, Animation Shop 3 and MS Paint.
Other Aliases: Ice Angel, GlacierClaw Angel, IceClaw Angel, SwiftClaw Angel, Enigma, Ahotasu Nienque, Kaiba Seto Lover, etc.

Want more of my art? Go here: AngelofIce at[/color]
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