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My Vote for Artist Of The Month always is: Aqua Lioness ^^


Hi & Hello to new & ol' artists!

I apologize for being so inactive here at TLKFAA! But alas, I mostly upload my new n' improved art over at my DeviantArt account.

Y'all can find me there at: =3

As always my art here at TLKFAA is 5% or less offtopic and all art uploaded to this acct is (C) to me uless stated otherwise! Please Do Not Steal ANY Of The Art Posted Here Nor My Art on DA!

Most if not all of my "off-topic" art can be found at my Deviantart accout!
I'm sorry that I have gradually left the TLKFAA world here to move into the DeviantArt world..

But I've become so much more than just drawing lions and Lion King based art and I've been feeling more n' more constrained by the restrictions on Brian's awesome site here.

I DO, however want to Always thank Brian for building and keeping TLKFAA running! Without this site and the help of Dolphy & Diamond Liger I wound have never shown my art to the online world!

And I am forever thankful to each of them!

So I hope you'll enjoy my older pictures here at TLKFAA and feel free to come on down to DeviantArt and sneek a peek on what I'm currently doing! =D

My thanks also goes out for everyone who's given me a comment(s)! It's helped to keep me uploading and stay updated in tune to the online community(ies)!

Thanks to those who've done art trades/requets with me it's always very enjoyable to do them!

For those who want to draw a character of mine or a Trade/request please contact me via or comment me!

Since I'm not on TLKFAA very often you have a greater chance on contacting me through e-mail. And I highly suggest you mention in the subject line this: Trade/TLKFAA or Request/TLKFAA
So I know where to look for reference pictures and that I don't automatically label you e-mail as spam/trash!

Also, please say your account name like 'AFornetti at TLKFAA' so I don't have to search forever for your character you want me to draw. Or if you want to bypass that hassle please give a direct link to the character in question.

That way pictures can be started and completed faster and both of us will be happier! ^_^

Thanks to everyone who's added me to their favs and of course the 'invisible' fans! I still don't bite and am really friendly! ^_~ so if you are invisible and wouldn't mind telling me I'd love to know who you are! Thanks! ^_~


P.S. Yesh! I have three-hundred some picts here?! Surprising I've only got that much... and I've been here for how long? LOL!

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UpDate 11-28-2014: Decided to toss out my old username here... I was AFornetti but I wanted to move on and quit using my maiden name....

Besides, I've grown so much better in my art as seen via my DA acct! So what better to celebrate my improvement over the years by a new name, right? =3
Hi everyone! Some things I like are, all TLK movies, making new friends (Hope to make some here :D ) Cross country/ Down hill skiing, singing, oldies music (The Beatles, Van Halan, etc.) I also like a mixture of pop, country, and more. I'm not a rap person unless it's The Beastie Boys. I've been drawing since about 21 yrs. What else? I have a English Setter- her name's Prancer. Things I dislike: Rap, cruel people, people who steal my art etc. Thanks for viewing my art!


Andrea Fornetti

P.S. That blob on the right corner of my piccy is my Fursona Crysta... XD but yeah that's the real me ;) *in the heart it's supposed to say "Peace Be With You!"* =3
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