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<Font color=black><i><b>"I am beyond depressed right now. My world is currently flipped upside down. My beloved mother has died. I have to try to be strong for my family. As I am now head of the household...I miss you Mom..." ~~AmberJF</i></b></Font color>



My goal here is to help and make as many people happy as I can! I LOVE new artists!! I can see their art skill just begining to blossom and I want to do everything in my power to help them get to the top quicker! I am astounded at how their art improves over time! <3 I have lots of advise to give to you if you need it!! Feel free to ask for help no matter how silly your question may seem! I don't judge and i feel Surpremely Happy if i can help anyone at all!! Like a puppy who gets thrown a ball. :3

~~If you want Photoshop or another program for free E-mail me. I either have or can probably help you get it. :)

<FONT COLOR="94721">ZOMG! <b><font size="4">373</font></b> fans!!!... YAY! I can't believe it! I still remember when I only had 1 fan! :DDD Thank You ALL!</FONT>


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~~~<b><u>ART TRADES AND REQUESTS:</b></u>~~~
(I am always late: ^^; SORRY! Always let me do my part first!)
*<a href="" target="_blank">DoodleDayDream</a>: <a href="" target="_blank">Penda</a> & <a href="" target="_blank">Tiamii</a>

*<a href="" target="_blank">Storm</a>: <a href="" target="_blank">The</a><a href="" target="_blank"> Tyl</a><a href="" target="_blank">ers :)</a>

*<a href="" tareget="_blank">Spotzy</a>: <a href="" tareget="_blank">Flight</a>



<center><FONT COLOR="purple"><b><u>Friends:</u></b> C:
*<" target="_blank">Awesomesauce</a>

*<a href="" target="_blank">*Ari* <3</a>

*<a href="" tareget="_blank">Spotzy</a>

*<a href="" target="_blank">Willow Fengs</a></Center> </font>


<FONT COLOR="green"><u> Who is Amber?:</u>
I am a child at heart. I have no romantic interest in people at all. I am very shy and unsure of myself with anything but art and animals. I ADORE and breed mice! <3 I live on the praise and joy of others. I've been poor 90% of my life and have been homeless 45% of it, but life won't get me down. I am spoiled with love from Mom so I always see the good in situations and people. I am eager to learn about things I don't know of or understand well. I strive to be honest, responsible and helpful to everyone possible. I am happy to carry any and all burdens. Despite all this I am actually a very logical person who can be very strict when I want to be. My temper never lasts long with my siblings and I can be unfair to them though. ^^; I admit it. But I try my best to be fair.
2016-02-14 18:27:45.0

Remember, Family are also your Valentines. My family are my Valentines this year and all three of them will be my Valentines Forever!!! <3

You guys are also my Valentines as my second family. Love you ALL!!! <3
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2016-02-04 16:12:52.0
Yesterday i woke up. went downstairs to bug Mom like usual. She was buying more $0.50 trinkets on ebay and i rolled my eyes with a smile. She showed me a cute picture of her kitten. We laughed. Agreed we would do some laundry later together. I went to take a nap.

Honestly? I'm still not completely sure i woke up. Mom's fiance had to help her from the bathroom to bed. He woke me up. She couldn't breathe. She said a prayer and passed. I will make a proper tribute to Mom later She passed just last night at 9:30. I need to keep myself busy.

I love you Big BIG TREES Mommy.
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2007-11-20 20:46:40.0
This was a late birthday present for my mom. She told me this was her favorite song - "in my daughters eyes" and it reminded her of when i was little. So this is me and my mom! :D

Dear Mom,
I know you liked this animation. I'm glad I made this for you. I miss you so very much. I hope when people look at me, they really CAN see you in my eyes. I am trying to be a woman worthy of someone as beautiful, strong, cheerful, optimistic, and loving as you. I love you big BIG TREES. and i know you love me BIGGEST BIG TREES EVER!!!!! Mwuah! <333
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