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<Font color=black><i><b>"I am beyond depressed right now. My world is currently flipped upside down. My beloved mother has died. I have to try to be strong for my family. As I am now head of the household...I miss you Mom..." ~~AmberJF</i></b></Font color>



My goal here is to help and make as many people happy as I can! I LOVE new artists!! I can see their art skill just begining to blossom and I want to do everything in my power to help them get to the top quicker! I am astounded at how their art improves over time! <3 I have lots of advise to give to you if you need it!! Feel free to ask for help no matter how silly your question may seem! I don't judge and i feel Surpremely Happy if i can help anyone at all!! Like a puppy who gets thrown a ball. :3

~~If you want Photoshop or another program for free E-mail me. I either have or can probably help you get it. :)

<FONT COLOR="94721">ZOMG! <b><font size="4">373</font></b> fans!!!... YAY! I can't believe it! I still remember when I only had 1 fan! :DDD Thank You ALL!</FONT>


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~~~<b><u>ART TRADES AND REQUESTS:</b></u>~~~
(I am always late: ^^; SORRY! Always let me do my part first!)
*<a href=""; target="_blank">DoodleDayDream</a>: <a href=""; target="_blank">Penda</a> & <a href=""; target="_blank">Tiamii</a>

*<a href=""; target="_blank">Storm</a>: <a href=""; target="_blank">The</a><a href=""; target="_blank"> Tyl</a><a href=""; target="_blank">ers :)</a>

*<a href=""; tareget="_blank">Spotzy</a>: <a href=""; tareget="_blank">Flight</a>



<center><FONT COLOR="purple"><b><u>Friends:</u></b> C:
*<"; target="_blank">Awesomesauce</a>

*<a href=""; target="_blank">*Ari* <3</a>

*<a href=""; tareget="_blank">Spotzy</a>

*<a href=""; target="_blank">Willow Fengs</a></Center> </font>


<FONT COLOR="green"><u> Who is Amber?:</u>
I am a child at heart. I have no romantic interest in people at all. I am very shy and unsure of myself with anything but art and animals. I ADORE and breed mice! <3 I live on the praise and joy of others. I've been poor 90% of my life and have been homeless 45% of it, but life won't get me down. I am spoiled with love from Mom so I always see the good in situations and people. I am eager to learn about things I don't know of or understand well. I strive to be honest, responsible and helpful to everyone possible. I am happy to carry any and all burdens. Despite all this I am actually a very logical person who can be very strict when I want to be. My temper never lasts long with my siblings and I can be unfair to them though. ^^; I admit it. But I try my best to be fair.

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Location Well right now I'm taking a 20-100 year trip on earth, someday I'll return to heaven. Remember me when I'm gone. ^^ I LOVE you! <3
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Ultra wonderful happy joy! <33

"Being an artist to me means being able do more than draw on paper or computer, but to put together and create something no one would think could be made from even the most odd or ridiculous of materials. As artists we should be able to mold everything in the world around us into art." ~~AmberJF

I'm always for looking for new and unique material. Leaf scratch sketches, custom chocolates and even toilet paper plushies. If you have any idea what new thing i could try I'd love to give it a shot!!! BTW, I LOVE character designs! if someone designs great and unique characters I'm all over their art. XD My own personal art never has a set in stone style, but i love designing my charries.

BASIC: I'm 22, I used to be EXTREMELY shy but I'm a bit more outgoing now. I work as a night housekeeper at Barnes Jewish Hospital. I never hate or dislike ANYONE no matter What they do to me and want to help as many people as possible. TLKFAA was my first site and the one i cherish more than anything online anywhere. I came here when i was 13 and being sooo shy as i was this place was the only life i had. This place made me realize their are others like me out there and i wasn't alone. So thank you everyone. :)

I LOVE being helpful so if you have a question ask! I will do trades and even requests but as my life is quite busy now I may have to tell you no. I iz sorry! but I barely have time to spend with my Mom, Nana, Siblings and BFF. I can't push them all aside for art...though some days i REALLY wish i could. lol Oh! and if i ever accept a trade: NEVER do your part first! I have dropped out on 3 people before and feel AWEFUL! Hiding away from TLKFAA for many months. I'd rather do my part and get nothing in return than you do yours and i get artists block for months. <:(

(hey, at least u know i'm honest, a quality i pride myself on.)


~ I thank Jesus for coming to this earth and dying and rising for me so I could be forgiven of all my sins. Jesus Christ is the Only Lord that exists and the Only way to Heaven (John 14:6)! My life is nothing without Jesus – praise be to His holy name! Jesus died and rose for you too!
~ My Lord lives! All other 'saviors’ are buried and in their graves but where is Jesus? He’s not in his grave! He lives in heaven waiting for me and you!
~ Some people say that Christianity should be polythiesm because theirs GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (The Holy Trinity) But, how to explain it?.. It’s like water. Comming in three different forms, water, ice, and steam, but all one in the same.
~ You may have met a Christian before who gave you a nasty look and judged you or a pastor who only promises forgiveness to those who pay money. These People Are Not True Representatives Of GOD! They are confused and still have much to learn about GOD’s ways themselves!!!
~ GOD loves EVERYONE! No matter what you’ve done! We are ALL sinners from murderers to people who get jealous (yes jealousy is a sin. Commandment 10 “You shall not covet…”) Their is NO such thing as “If I do good things I’ll go to heaven and if I do too many bad things I’ll go to …” As long as you accept Jesus Christ as your savior you are promised a place in heaven! We strive to do good things because we Love God, not because it is our ticket to heaven.
~ If you are worried you won't go to heaven and have done too much wrong, don't go to church enough, don't read the bible, or aren't Christian then don't fear. No one is perfect. Sins control our body and God knows this. Church is not a Place it is the people, you are not required to go. The Bible is something you should want to try to follow to understand what God's Guidelines of life are so that life is more enjoyable for you and everyone around you.
~ Christianity is a religion. DON'T follow a religion! Try to follow GOD! What would God want you to do? Read MARK so you can understand who God is and what he likes and dislikes or try opening a random page in the Bible and point to a random verse. Sometimes the result will shock you! (Or make you laugh your butt off depending on your question). XD I mostly consider myself Christian but have been to other very good churches to understand GOD better.

IF YOU WILL ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, PLEASE PRAY THIS PRAYER WITH ALL YOUR HEART!: “Dear GOD, I believe that you sent Jesus Christ to die in my place, so that I can be forgiven. And I know that he has rose again. Please take control of my life and help me live for You everyday. I’m sorry for all the sins I’ve done and thank you for your forgiveness. I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

For those of you who do not believe in GOD, i won't force my belief and love for my Father on you. Nor will i blab how your confused and haven't seen the light. If i was told that I'd be mad. I've done my job in telling you, but it is and always will be your desiscion. All I know is that God has helped me through so much and even if you don't believe in him i pray he helps you with your hardships too. :)

Thanks for reading - see ya soon! ;3
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