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21:58 Fri 5/10/2013
Happy B-Day~

16:52 Mon 12/24/2012
heeyy aliwa take care of my kezziepoos :P

17:09 Sun 1/15/2012
Your sketches on sketcher were fab !!
So i had to check you out:D
Loving your stuff hope to see more
New fan~Wio

13:27 Tue 12/6/2011
Hey Aliwa! Your are is so adorable! ^^ Keep up the awesome work! I was wondering if you'd be up for an art trade?

21:16 Wed 8/24/2011
ayayayayay aliwa. rucc, the artist formerly known as sixth cadet / exiles here. ahaaa i just applied for your two characters (only did both cause it was impulse and i didnt have time to decide on just one... and both are pretty damn gorgeous teehee) but i was really hoping tehre was time before you chose so i could properly draw and shiiiizzz?? lol gah! cant.. run out.. of time.. againnn....

ps. i meant to fave you before cause you seriously have an amazingly awesome style, so dont think its just trying to butter you up xD

22:02 Sun 8/21/2011
yeah, PJ. The one with the pic of him as a cub and an adult. I think they would be perfect mates.

13:41 Mon 8/15/2011
Woah! Stumbled across your gallery, your artwork is amazing! :) I love how you draw their facial expressions, so inspiring! :) -add to favs-

12:23 Wed 5/11/2011
hey aliwa.. i just want to say i love your art so much. i even dreamed it lol your style is my fav here. and i know u drew one of my babys on here ^^ kez if u remember. i just want u to know.. if i ever get rid of him. he will be yours stright away x as u said u liked him x i just love your everything!

18:59 Sun 4/17/2011
Wow, your art is beautiful! I love the smooth lines and subtle colours you use. Also your eye for anatomy is pretty perfect and you have some gorgeous characters too. All in all I feel pretty slow for only just having found your gallery XD Please accept my apologies! Keep up the beautiful work :)

17:57 Sat 4/2/2011
Please tell me you leaving is a April Fools Prank. :'(

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