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Holy!! It has been a long time since i have uploaded!!!! Sry guys. :( i have been working on wolves, and horses included anthro forms of both. i have also been trying to perfect drawing Tigress (KFP) which I am having serious problems with. I will try to upload some stuff here soon. I am going on a retreat this weekend with my YG am they want me to draw anthro forms of them. So I will be uploading I believe soon here in the near future. :)

Hey Everybody who is either a fan or just finds me somehow! Welcome to my gallery. Drop a comment, fan a pic and enjoy my pictures. These are all for download, but if you put these anywhere tell me first and reference me. Also I am a guy and if anybody comes and sees my gallery that is a guy; by all means TELL ME!!! I have only seen a couple of guys here at the Archive.


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19:57 Sat 7/21/2012
Hey! Hey you! Hey you over there! HEEEEEYYY!!!!!!! YEAH YOU!!!! You need to start uploading more!!! >:D I'm gonna start getting on you!!! Oh, and dude, you are NOT the only guy! They like the sketcher for some reason... Just keep looking, I know a ton.

EDIT: Now that I'm getting my tablet, were gonna do colabs here, Okay? (When I'm here alone or with my cuz of course!) <3

15:35 Tue 10/11/2011
Hey just saw your bulletin! Thank you for posting that, i've been looking for a new free programme to paint in :D also you have some awesome art here, especially your anthro picture pf cheyanne.a.'s fursona. ^^

18:25 Thu 8/4/2011
Hey, I saw your anthro version of cheyanne.a.'s fursona, and I just wanted to say I loved it. You have a very unique style, and it is very fitting to you and just gorgeous.
I was going to ask if you could draw my fursona, Keyoria, as an anthro? (: Her ref will be put up soon. (;

23:01 Fri 7/1/2011
Pamuya (the kind of mood I was thinkging of for the pic, don't have to though)

:3 can't wait (ignore that it's on repeat and if you don't like it, then you don't have to listen to it at all)

07:16 Thu 6/9/2011
Hi! Algorithm is an awesome charrie! Your art is pretty cool, I esspecially like your bgs!

PS- today's your b-day? Happy B-day!! :D

Edit: its ok, and Your welcome! ^-^

14:56 Sat 4/2/2011
I have Applied 4 ur adoptable On the TT I would love to have him!!! His role would be Nala's dad!!! :3 pls let me get em!!!!!!! XD edit: I will adopt her too! Only if I could find her on the TT D: I'll be figureing out their bio :3

12:01 Sat 3/26/2011
hey there would you like to arttrade?

12:35 Fri 3/25/2011
Crazy Wolf
Hi! :)
You said on a bulletin you wanted to do some art trades. I'm up for one! :D

20:42 Wed 3/23/2011
What up dude? Can we do a trade? I need something to do. And your art's really cool! Hope we can be friends.

17:51 Wed 3/23/2011
'ello! I want to do a trade! :3

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