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Holy!! It has been a long time since i have uploaded!!!! Sry guys. :( i have been working on wolves, and horses included anthro forms of both. i have also been trying to perfect drawing Tigress (KFP) which I am having serious problems with. I will try to upload some stuff here soon. I am going on a retreat this weekend with my YG am they want me to draw anthro forms of them. So I will be uploading I believe soon here in the near future. :)

Hey Everybody who is either a fan or just finds me somehow! Welcome to my gallery. Drop a comment, fan a pic and enjoy my pictures. These are all for download, but if you put these anywhere tell me first and reference me. Also I am a guy and if anybody comes and sees my gallery that is a guy; by all means TELL ME!!! I have only seen a couple of guys here at the Archive.


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