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Alekii Lion

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18:19 Fri 2/22/2013

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Hey I'm 17 , I love Lion king
I hate smokers , so look out on me
I like drawing , you will see my work ;)
I hope we will like me ;)

I'm oficjal admin of Alekii Lion

Alekii Lion story :

my dad was king , and mom wosn't lionesses she was cheetah
I haved sister she was week younger of me , but she had another mom ...
when I was 3 weeks , pride get attck by hyenas , everybody dead , I take sister and we was running away all day and night ... but we was to small and they catches us ... then I put my sis on small tree in water and she swim ..and I was run in jungle and then I fulls down on clif to river , hyenas thaught I' dead , but when I wake up I was in prideland ... kiara save me from water and take me to priderock , I was help and live there for some time , but when war get I was with lions on patrol , and we sees a cub outsland .. they said she need to die ... but I jump to water her and save that cub ,,, when I take her to her parents they was soo happy ... but King and queen say I can't back to priderock , but I can stay in prideland .. and now I live in waterfall , I help others and I like to make them fell better , I don't have any family or mate , only my sister but I don't know where she is now.
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