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Commissions: Always open
Art Trades: n/a
Canon Requests: always taking suggestions

I am... A blunt person, understand this. I also have a lot of controversial work. Don't get offended and self righteously feel the need to tell me off... It won't get you anywhere. If your rude to me, and eye for an eye, I'll be rude back. I don't sugar coat things. If you can look past how immoral I am and blah blah blah you'll come to find that I actually am a pretty good person :)

Want to ask me questions? Go here ask me anything you want anonymously or not. :)

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Alrighty, what can I say about meeeeee.....

Despite my outwardly cynical and occasionally melancholy nature, I am quite a happy person in real life. I have a good family, great friends, awesome pets. So, don't really have that much to complain about ;)

Time for some common questions!!!!

How did did you come up with your screen name?

-Just to get this out of the way, my screen name is an old screen name. Once upon a time in 8th grade, I was all gothy and athiesty. There was also a very popular website called I thought the contradiction was cool, so I made Albino Raven, because I liked Ravens for multiple reasons. One, loved the teen titans, two, how could I not like a bird that eats death things and symbolized death back then? So albino raven came to be. I was athiest, and proud of it back then so I added the number of satan on the back of it 666, or 777, the holy number. Well, I grew up, though I'm still an athiest I'm not a goth kid anymore. But I'm attached to my screen name, so it wont be changing any time soon.

How did you come up with your "fursona?"

- Let's seeeee... Why is my fursona a albino lion and not a albino raven? Simple, I like lion king fan art. And I'm not really a furry, so I'm not too attached to the idea of needing to be an albino raven. I chose a lion because then I could always draw her on TLKFAA. She actually started of purple, if you didn't know that, as a homage to Raven from the Teen Titans. But I pitched that idea pretty quickly.

Are you open for trades?

- Probably not. I have found that I work really hard, then either get crap in return, or nothing at all. People are dishonest. So I started waiting for people to do their half first, but they would never come.

Are you open for requests?

- I am always accepting canon requests or suggestions, but I will not draw your stuff for free.

Are you open for commissions?

- yes, always! Go to my DA for points commissions. my sn over there is albinoraven666fanart. or if you want to really pay me, I use paypal ;)

Can I make one of your species?

- nope. not unless I give expressed permission.

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