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Latest News (August 10th, 2016): Complete website overhaul...holy cheese. Thus begins the long and tedious code reformatting procedure.

Since a number of people didn't read my previous blurb about reading my profile, please email me if you want to request a drawing or do an art trade.

Feel free to check out the links below (move your mouse over them for more info). The site's new code doesn't seem to support alt text, so this feature is unavailable for the time being.

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Okay, I've been an artist here since early 2000, I don't submit drawings here as much as I used to, but I still haven't left...

Got a request for me? Want to do an art trade? Don't be shy, just drop me a line (to be more to the point, email me if you want a trade/request. I don't make a habit of answering requests on my Comments page. Sorry). But be sure to say "please" (Note: not "plz" -- "please". Is it really that much trouble to type in three more letters?). I'll be much more accommodating if you do. Also be sure to describe your character(s) in depth if you can't supply me with a reference picture. Use this as a guide.

But keep this in mind: I only take requests that are REASONABLE. Meaning, don't send me more than 10 requests at a time or give me a request for a picture of 25 characters.

In short: Please moderate your requests, try to limit them to one at a time, and don't demand more than two pictures per month. Sorry to be so strict, but I have a life outside the TLK archive, and I don't want it to be controlled by art requests. Thank you.


Thanks to everyone who voted for me.


PLEASE keep it on topic, strangers. Thank you.


Simba’s Pride: The Road Less Traveled (my latest and best story yet)
Author’s Notes (a must-read for newcomers and the just plain curious)
Confused about Tanabi? Just repeat to yourself: "It's only fan's only fan work..."

...And take a look at this old (but informative) picture by me and this far more recent (and even more informative) picture by Timali (another wonderful TLK artist).


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Many thanks to Brian Tiemann for creating this wonderful archive.

15:38 Fri 12/19/2014
Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm really glad to see that you and your art is still around on here. I used to be an old memember, and have just re-joined to draw again. You were always one of my favourite artists. =)


17:33 Fri 4/25/2014
hey I just want to apologize for my somewhat bad behavior. I was young then but now i'm older. We started off on the wrong foot. I didn't know what theory meant back then. Forgive me?
This is Kovufan28 btw. I just changed my name

23:38 Sun 6/23/2013
Hi Akril! :) are you open for art trades?
Edit: would you like to do one? :) if you say yes, could you make my fursona for your half? here she is:

Edit2: oh, yes that is a dorsal fin on her back and those red things are horns :) I'm sorry, Tylu's reference isnt too clear...and ok, I will choose between your characters :D

14:09 Fri 6/21/2013
Sukala A.P.
I love your art! You're one of my favorite artists! ^^ EDIT: Do you accept art trades/requests? EDIT2: Can you do a pic of my character Sukala the wolf tailed-lioness as a cub and as an adult (without the hair as an adult) Here's the picture of her:
EDIT3: It's a request. :) EDIT4: I changed idea, can you do a pic of Maisha, Sarafina's mother telling stories to her granddaughter Nala instead? (Nala must be a baby in your pic). The pic:'s%20grandma.png EDIT5: I'm really sure. I changed idea because i changed my sona's design. And don't forgot Maisha and Sarafina's bright nose rims. EDIT6: Thank you so much for the pic! I annonce you that i changed my artist name. You're my idol. ^^

08:54 Sat 4/6/2013
what are the name of the program of animation.
EDIT:all animations
EDIT 2:ok

22:07 Mon 1/14/2013
hello Akril, i am just looking through your gallery today :) you are a great artist, keep up the great work!

17:56 Mon 1/14/2013
Hey got your picture finally drawn. *feels so blegh for getting it to you late* I'm sorry! :C

EDIT: Sorry for the late response!! D: Just looking back at some memories of this place. . . I might get into it again. :3 And I don't really know what age Khan is xD I tried making him a teen or something.

17:25 Thu 11/1/2012
Have you ever drawn Kopa simba's official son and mate of Vitani?


08:27 Fri 8/10/2012
Akril! Look at this:

Amazing? :D

I also, along with LionessGwen found these:(Yes I was copying you)

Ain't those odd?

Sorry, but I really disagree with you about Dotty. I think she always the same Lioness. Why would a different lioness have a lazy eye and a nose "V"? Just remember, LOTS of people animated the film. I'm sure the same person didn't animate her all the time.

22:34 Mon 5/14/2012
your awsome your alternat canaon, make fun of tlk theriors and , what if...
Are my faves!

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