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Come find me on Tumblr! I post a lot of what I make there. Also I have a DeviantArt:

Requests will start 20/07/14!- To those of you who have been on hold for that ridiculous amount of time know that I have not forgotten to draw your characters! Leaving uni left me for the first time in a while quite busy, I now have a part-time job and I'm looking for another on the side, also I'm now an auntie!
So, please take my apologies and I should have contacted you each individually, I will bring the art soon x
1. Teetor
3. Twaie
4.Blazing Black Mage
5. Suka
Thank you for your responses guys! :D

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Hello out there to everyone and anyone!~
I'm here to celebrate The Lion King and African culture, the opening of the lion King (circle of life) is still dear to me to this day I have fond memories of my grandad watching the opening with me, it was a powerful, beautiful. I have been inactive here for some time and have decided to upload African related art, as regarding style, semi-realism, and different ways of representing characters.
I'm at university right now studying Illustration, I have hopes to become an artist who can tackle many subjects, animals just being one of them :>
Never limit yourself to one thing, try draw with inspiration, creativity and with most importantly emotion! Of every kind :)
I have interests in other cultures mostly Asian, myths and legends, old folk tales (since I live in Great Britain we have a few), conceptual art and sequential art, I love antiques too! You may have guessed already, but I can work fast :)

Please visit my sketchbook on if you would like to see my work beyond the lion king and Africa :D ->!!!?p=3800847#post3800847

Thanks for being so kind to read this,
-much love! x

Oct. 22, 2014
Oh my gosh there's no way I could pass up a request!
Would you be able to draw my Kaila?
I hope he isn't too much of a struggle though. ><

Edit: Hey Akora! I got his reference updated finally. XD
I hope you're still okay to do the request?

July 25, 2014
EDIT: Hey. I noticed something on your gallery info... It said "requests will start on 20/07/14." I think you got your months a little mixed up... :) Did you mean 07/20/14? :) Just wondering. :)

July 18, 2014
Hi Akora! If I could possibly snag the last slot I'd love to! uvu If possible could you draw either Suka or Saba for me?



Thank you! <3

July 18, 2014
Blazing Black Mage
Hey Akora! I'd love to ask for a request if that'd be alright. :> I'd like either Cody or Furaha, whoever you're more comfortable drawing. uvu

Cody -

Furaha -

July 17, 2014
Hiya! Great art you have here...wondering if you could draw my character Tori X) would be awesome!! BTW, you just gained a follower, awesome style. lovin it
edit: thanks so much!! xoxo

Feb. 10, 2014
Forgive me Akora! I thought you'd left ;o;
-hugs- -stalks again-

Aug. 9, 2013
Dropping by to say I love the flowing, almost smokey style of your work (especially the watercolors ^_^)
(Also, thank you!)

July 1, 2013
Lol.. look at my old comment x] Anyways, I was wondering if perhaps a sketch trade would be to your liking? Im simply drooling at the idea of trading with you!

July 1, 2013
I absolutely adore your art, by the way. You have a refreshingly unique and "illustrative" style <3

June 26, 2013
You have a really unique style.
It's amazing I haven't noticed you before!
Keep up the wonderful work!

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