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21:27 Wed 7/22/2009
00:23 Wed 7/22/2009

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23:38 Tue 8/25/2009
You are really good you are really starting to get the TLK style down! You are a lot better than I was starting out hope to see more from you really soon!

01:59 Wed 8/5/2009
Your first two pics are very cute, I hope you'll upload more. <3

13:07 Sun 7/26/2009
Welcome to the Archive! Your first pics are fantastic!! you should see mine they're pretty dreadful XD anyways i hope you have fun while your here and remember to make every pic a masterpiece!

10:00 Thu 7/23/2009
Punda Milia
Welcome fellow newbie! I read your story and mine is quite similar. I only joined a few weeks ago. And you've only been here a few days, and so far, you appear to be a great artist. I am faving you so I can see more!!!! :)

Edit: Thanks so much for drawing the pic! I'd be glad to see it uploaded! And don't worry, beause I'll be sure to return the favor ;)

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