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11-30-2011: Hi all! This is my first time back on here since April 2008, however my last upload was allll the way back in 2005. I was previously known as Alir. I will likely be deleting all of my old artwork and trades soon before the end of the year, so if you like anything, please save it to your computer.

<br><br>I recently purchased a Bamboo Fun tablet and so you'll just have to bear with me as I learn the tricks of working with a digital canvas!<br><br>I'm a friendly person and I don't bite! :) I am accepting requests at this time to help me practice. I would prefer requests for certain species of African wildlife, so if you say: "Akgeb, please draw some cheetahs!" I'll try my best! I will gladly do Art Trades for species or for characters.

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Hi everyone! I'm back from a many-year hiatus. I've really missed the community here and hope to be submitting new art soon. :)

I was previously known as Alir.


I've recently graduated from college and am now working a position in the guest services department at the local zoo. I'm hoping to continue my studies and complete an internship and eventually work in areas like human-wildlife conflict, sustainable development and ecotourism.

I speak Spanish, German and English. The best way to contact me is my e-mail.

I'm very fond of whitetail deer and leopards.

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