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<H1>Welcome to my gallery!</H1><br><br>

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*SQUEE!* Thank you to The Black Cat!<br><br>

Trades: Temporarily closed unless I initiate<br><br>
<b>Commission Prices:</b><br>
Sketch: $2-4 depending upon complexity (generally digital)<br>
Lineart: $5-7 depending upon complexity (digital only)<br>
Flat colors: $8-10 depending upon complexity<br>
Colored and shaded, plain background: $10-12, depending upon complexity<br>
Colored and shaded, full background: $20-25, depending upon complexity<br><br>

Headshot icons are $5<br>
Additional characters are $4 each<br><br>

I'm also taking ebay items as payments, email me if that's better for you, (it is sometimes cheaper!)<br>
Email me for shipping and/or payment information.<br><br>

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About me... Well, I'm a 25 year old overworked cashier. I've got a degree in Computer Animation, we'll see where that goes someday.

My favorite movie is The Lion King, and I enjoy drawing fanart, I especially like expanding on ideas and character backgrounds. Semi-canon characters like Kopa have a lot of potential C:

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