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<center><b>Last Updated:</b> 12th April 2010

<b>Because I seem to be the problem with everyone, and I just can not seem to do anything right, I'm taking a temporary leave. May upload occasionally, I dunno. I'm just not allowed to do anything lately.</b>

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Welcome to my Gallery! n___n My name is Callie and I am 18 years old. I've been a member here for a good few years now, but lost interest just under a year ago. Now I'm trying to be more active around here!

I'm very Asian obsessed. I'm teaching myself both Japanese and Chinese - which I'm taking a long time to do so, purely because of lack of time and they are just hard languages! Lol. I'm hoping to go over to Taiwan next summer, and me and my friend shall be trying to see Show Luo in concert should he be doing a tour nex year, along with trying to get on his show! I love anything Arashi or NEWS related, and KAT-TUN of course. Oh and Jolin Tsai's songs are good too bahaha. Yes, I'm hyper, deal with it. =p<p></center>

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