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This is my little world, right here >D

Comissions:Never, i don't want my art to be for money.

I'm new here so there aren't many picures, YET!

I'm also a slow worker, sorry guys, but when trades and stuff are open i'll be happy to do one.


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05:51 Thu 2/18/2010

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*Takes stand*


*Eye floater gets in the way -flicks-*

Welcome to my...

*eye floater comes back -beats it and shoots- -fails-*

So where do i begin...

Well your guessing i was a fan of the hyenas in this film. Yes, i was, well am :3

They never apilled to me, but after a while the grew on me. There for a great deal of uploads will consist of hyenas even though i find them hard to draw.

Please don't steal my work.

I eat art thives for breakfest >D
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