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Welcome to my gallery!!! Glad to see ya! but remember-My gallery is not your coloring book!!!!~please DON'T use This images anyway!!!please be respectful to the artist. also, you CAN'T use this images for basing,copying,altering, personal character pictures, commercial use, re-uploading, and so on and etc

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Welcome to my gallery!!! Glad to see ya! but remember-My gallery is not your coloring book!!!!please DON'T use my images anyway!!!I repeat DON'T use my images anyway!!! So, another few things you need to know-I love you ALL, so, you can comunicate with me peacefully, but PLEASE!!! Don't ask me such things as "how you draw it','where you get this programm' and so on and etc, okay? I just hate such questions

18:23 Fri 8/9/2013
Your characters and style are wonderful!

13:06 Mon 3/11/2013
Sun Rei
Hey buddy! I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the times in sketcher you've chatted with me, made me smile, and drawn my fursona so beautifully! You have such talent, and I always feel so special when you draw something for me!

I see you're having a rough time with some things. I just wanted to let you know that if you need a friend or someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I've dealt with some pretty hard things in my life and I'm a good listener. In any case, just know I'm keeping you in my thoughts and I'm sending you sunshine and hugs from across the world! =3

17:04 Thu 12/13/2012
Hey dude-

I don't mean any aggressiveness by my comment. I think it's interesting how similar your character looks like a cross of me and DJ88's. It's a bit closer to DJ's but if she doesn't mind I don't see a problem. Keep rocking.


Edit: Yeeep. Only Ratha on this site since 2002.

10:10 Wed 11/7/2012
Hi AhadiLight,

Just tryin ti spread my name round the archive by handin free requests. Would u like one? :)


10:29 Mon 10/29/2012
well then.
after an abrupt meeting in sketcher, i figured i should come over here and drop a comment :] your sketch was quite amazing.. i do wish you would upload more! Anyways, if you ever have the notion you would like to do an art trade, let me know. i DO love art trades :)


11:59 Sun 10/28/2012
Hey there!! Nice first picture!!

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