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To see my off-topic art, visit my gallery at <a href=></a>;

For my (outdated) stories, visit <a href=></a>;

<B>I accept art trades/requests. Just ask!</B>

Newest Pictures:

17:15 Fri 6/3/2011
18:12 Tue 6/30/2009
22:05 Mon 6/29/2009
18:45 Sun 6/28/2009
00:25 Mon 1/19/2009
01:39 Thu 1/8/2009
00:14 Fri 12/26/2008
17:43 Tue 9/2/2008
16:35 Thu 8/21/2008

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June 13, 2008, 11:59 p.m.
Pictures 112
Characters 12
Joined Nov 4, 2006
First Upload Nov 4, 2006
Latest Upload Jun 6, 2011
Age/Birthday Mar 9, 1989 (age 29)
Gender Female
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Website http://aerocat3989.devianta...
Accepting Requests or Commissions No

19:33 Mon 8/24/2009
Awesome art you are and amazing artist can't wait to see more from you

00:40 Tue 7/8/2008
Hey, Aero! Thank you so much for being one of my fans! It means a lot to me! Your art is fabulous and being on Kovu's game with you is really fun! I hope to see you there more! Keep up the amazing work in this gallery!

&#9829; ~Kitten~

12:55 Fri 7/4/2008

Just out of curiosity, are you still willing to do an art trade with me? I've gotten to your comment on the Christmas coupon, so if you're still willing, I'm willing. :)

-Lucky, da blue wolf

21:56 Mon 12/31/2007
Yo! Aero! Nice Gallery!

Got some advice for ye! =3

Dont give up! Keep it rockin' and rollin! *adds* ^_^

Have fun for the New Year!

04:24 Mon 9/3/2007
Hey thank you for faving me ^^

03:10 Thu 7/12/2007
Hey! I'm on a mission to do an art trade with everyone on TLKFAA. So if you can do an art trade with me, even if you don't do art trades, that would be really cool. Tell every one you know, & let me know if you accept.

04:39 Mon 7/9/2007
Nice pics you got here!
Keep it up ^.^

01:37 Mon 7/9/2007
Hey, thank you very much for the DA fave and faving me here I really appreciate it! *faves*

11:41 Sun 7/8/2007
You have a really good style. Very simple but very nice.

12:19 Sat 6/30/2007
You have a lot of very cute pics! :P Mine are just hyper and happy! Hope to ttys!


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