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i'm not exactly leaving i just wont be as active on here, will upload some on topic stuff here if i get chance :)if you want to see my new art then you can visit my deviant art account :)

Hi i'm Abbi ^^

i am 15 years old and i use the touch pad on a laptop to draw, i was born and still live in britain ^^ i use photoshop cs5

My sister is Roxxi

you can use my characters for comics, stories etc as long as you inform me first :)

Art Trades: closed :) waiting for my half from khlo

i do have a few of my own species, here's telling you if you can design one or not

tiwolves - closed
liocopters - open (ask first)

my friends on the archeive are:
roxxi, 1jade2, izah, kichai, x-tigra, karr, amberjf, wolfess, --nala--, aleisha, *ripley*, daiwa, kitchiki, onyxia.

to do list:
- make a character profile pic for all my characters
- 100 picture challenge

get 10 fans - done
get 20 fans - done
get 30 fans - done
get 40 fans - done
get 50 fans
get auto approval - done :) thanx brian <3
become artist of the month - 0.o

please dont steal art or use my species without permission thankyou ^^

i have 43 fans, thankyou to all of those, i love all of you <3 ^^

i now have 192 pictures :D xxx

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