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Once again i'm taking trades! My computer is back up finally!

HUGE goal acomplished! (For me anyways) I made a ref for ALL my characters using my own lineart!!!

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June 16, 2014
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June 18, 2013
June 18, 2013

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Hi I'm Rachael, whatsup? If your reading this you be at my profile, so you must want to know more about me right? Well....I'm a senior in highschool, I hopefully will be going to college for art...what area? No clue. Ive taken photography, cermaics, painting, jewelry, glass and computer art classes. I'm usually pretty good about keeping up on my art but during the school year I tend to fall behind. My favorite color is all of them! My favorite books are the Vampire Academy series, Cirque Du Freak series, Warriors and Memoirs of a Geisha. My favorite band is Of Mice & Men. I also like Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. I live with my mother, brother and adorable cat Bear. Anything else you want to know or just to talk or anything just email me. :)

June 18, 2013
Hey Aarkwing! I was wondering if you were open for requests =)

Edit: Ok, thanks! Can you please draw Darren running in the savannah? Thanks so much.

June 12, 2013
Congrats on managing to make a ref of all your characters! I am still working on getting all of mine done! :)

Nov. 24, 2011
Hi Aarkwing, I saw your Bulletin, and I would be more than happy to help you finish your Species. Now I don't have a charter that could fit in but I could make some guide lines and rules if you ever release them to the public. I have some great ideas for the Species and I would love to help with it! Thanks

PS: If you want me to help I want to be a co-owner . . .

Edit: Ok so what do you want me to do first boss

Aug. 28, 2011
I like your art, your very talented. I hope to see more from you. I see you faved me, thanks. I hope we can be friends C:

Dec. 8, 2010
Ok, I'll draw him. ;)

Nov. 2, 2010
hi Aarkwing :) welcome to TLKFAA!

you're art is really great! I can't wait to see how you progress here on the site!

I saw your bulletin and just wanted to try and help.
Fursona: your own created character that represents you.
Canon: any characters or places actually in the official published story. Any fan-based published material is semi-canon or sub-canon (such as Kopa, Simba's "son" or Ahadi, Mufasa and Scar's "father").
here's a good beginner reference for somewhat unknown characters (if you already know these, just ignore this lol)

hope this has helped :) again, welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

Oct. 31, 2010
hi ya and welcome to LKFAA =)
first I love your work and how developed all your characters are it's really great =)
and I also saw your bulletin so to answer your questions...
a furson is basically the animal character that is you. it's your animal counterpart or self. like mine is kit (she is a mutt) it can be and is different for every person.
and if something is canon it is "official".
like simba, kiara, nala, ect. they are all canon characters from the lion king.

hope that helps you =)

Oct. 29, 2010
i use paint tool SAI and a bamboo tablet :]
the drawing program does not make the artist though.

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