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I would love to do some requests and trades, (or commissions).
There's always room for improvement, and the only way to improve is to practice. And practice right, so constructive criticism would be fantastic!

NOTE: School has hit me like the running of the bulls inevitably hits the random tourists in the streets of Spain. I'm going to be uploading mostly sketches until I get my feet under me here. Trying to graduate early is turning out to be quite the chore.

What I owe:

Icefire0194 - prize! (Manami and chubby unicorns)

Also- my previous artist name was StrawberryFields. I don't get out much though, so I doubt many people have even heard of that s/n.

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I guess you're here because you accidentally clicked on that little link, huh? That's how I usually end up on these. Or I want to see how old someone is.
Anyway, if you're here on purpose, read on. Otherwise click that little "X" and go back to perusing my gallery.

I have loved the Lion King since it came out (saw it 5 times in theatres, bought it immediately after it came out on video, again as soon as it came out on DVD). I also really enjoy drawing and painting. Therefore I was overjoyed when I accidentally stumbled across this site when looking for a picture of Robin Hood.
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