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<i>"Hi I’m AUBZ! If you roll a graphic designer, Illustrator, and college student all into on, well get me. "</i>

If Not Hakuna Matata. 8D


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Joined Aug 14, 2008
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Age/Birthday Aug 29, 1994 (age 24)
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Occupation Digital Illustrator
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Ever since I was little I loved getting stacks of paper and doodling characters with their own personal backgrounds and stories particularly animals. As I reached 5th grade I planned on writing a book trilogy. Over time I found I could express my thoughts better not by writing but drawing.
Like any other kid who has dreamt of being a good artist I started with the basic colored pencils and sharpie markers. The Disney style is a huge inspiration to me. So I scanned many referenced pictures into the computer and posted my work on the various Disney fan-art sites.
After discovering Photoshop and intensely researching the program, I moved to digital work as soon as I could.

I am very excited to start on a clean slate. My art is far from the level I want it to be and I still have a lot to learn but why not start up now?  Critique and Suggestions are very welcome here. It really helps me to become an artist with art that anyone can enjoy! :)
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