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Hey TLK Fans!

Long time no see. Since I'm out of school for the summer I just might have time to upload some more artwork. Hopefully I'll get a scanner so I can scan my drawings other than that I might redo some of my old drawings color some of them etc.

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<img src=""; border="0" alt="HASH(0x899819c)"><br>You're Silver the timberwolf!
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<img src=""; border="0" alt="bell"><br>Your christmas element is a Bell! Your protective<br>anf fun loving person. Your a chatterbox and<br>sometimes your to harsh on people. But thats<br>ok! Your a great friend! Make sure you and your<br>friends have a happy christmas!
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<img src=""; border="0" alt="monopoly"><br>Your Monolopy! Your complicated but heaps of fun.<br>It may seem like you have been around for ever<br>but you never seem to get boring.
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You're Silver the timberwolf!

[size="-1""]Which of my characters are you?[/size]
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19:57 Sun 10/22/2006
Awesome Work! I huge Balto fan too! Lol

10:07 Tue 3/14/2006
Hi, you got some good art there!! =3

02:57 Fri 12/17/2004
[size="1 face=verdana color=orange"]
Nice work, I love your pictures of Balto! =3 Keep it up.

<3 Nova[/size]

23:03 Wed 5/28/2003
M. F. Rae
Hey, you were the first person ever to leave a comment for me, and that was two years ago. Took me long enough to say thanks ^.^; Anyways, wanted to do a thank you pic for the comment, but wasn't sure what to do. What would you like a drawing of? Let me know and I'll get to work. Nice art, by the way. Keep at it. Always keep at it. ^_~

22:11 Wed 4/2/2003
hey man this is a TLK place put some more lions. btw yur baltos are really good

08:40 Sun 2/9/2003
Hey Thnaks for your comment and telling me about copyrighting Disney poses. I donĀ“t feel bad, because my first two pictures are very old and I only forgot the copyrighting. But now I will try to draw my own pictures^^

11:29 Sun 1/19/2003
Hi BandSpirit! You're art is really neat! I especially like your drawings of Simba. Keep up the good work!

22:37 Thu 12/19/2002
*aim bricks at head* oy...

Hellu! I see you've accumulated more art since last I lurked your art, indeed. Very nice, you've improved! A TON! And you were a GREAT artist to begin with too. ^^,

~T. Tundra

09:29 Tue 11/12/2002
Any Pure and White
hay great art, keep it up:) Come and have a look at my art and if you could leave a comment:) Thanks alot and take care ace:) My file is Peace does have a heart! Under the P's:)

15:40 Fri 8/2/2002
Hi! I was passing here and I crashed with some amazing, really amazing art!
You're good!!!!
Great art!!! Great talent!!


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