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waddup i draw and love tlk too much bye
Updated: 2016-07-25 06:41:31.0
2017-04-14 11:34:37.0
tweaked the designs on my characters shani and chaka a little bit! i was gonna add nama but i got lazy
686 x 488
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2017-04-10 13:03:55.0
'nother weird experiment thing
449 x 515
35.9638671875 KB
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2017-04-10 10:31:48.0
playin around with some stuff bc of art block
800 x 600
317.6533203125 KB
2017-04-10 10:31:05.0
happy nae!
352 x 481
219.564453125 KB
2017-03-18 16:04:48.0
contest things
for the contest;
i feel like mufasa was one of the greatest kings the pridelands ever had. a noble beast who let down his own life for his son, a fallen hero. every thing has always led back to him, be it simba trying to follow in his footsteps, kiara acting as his messenger to simba to remind him of his true self, and even as a spiritual guide to kion. as a character, he's the foundations of how the events unfold and that sticks with everything. he truly does live in you.

...didnt mean to go that deep into it but it is what it is
522 x 620
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2017-03-11 15:07:34.0
time flies, huh.
800 x 940
705.3623046875 KB
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2017-02-27 15:52:26.0
vitani! i drew her mostly in sketcher and added the effects and lighting and stuff in sai c:
392 x 295
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2017-02-19 08:11:40.0
new banner!
600 x 120
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2017-02-15 11:18:33.0
a smug scar i whipped up on sketcher
442 x 342
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2017-01-28 15:53:11.0
sai broke so i couldnt finish but here is k.u
550 x 568
61.1591796875 KB
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2017-01-28 12:50:21.0
i was trying to do something for an overdue improvment pic but one part of it got too challenging so heres a character doodle
517 x 600
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2017-01-15 10:45:46.0
do u ever just...not know what the hell you're doing or where you are and u just feel like...what???
441 x 530
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2016-12-11 03:54:15.0
another attempt at digital painting (ft.lazy background)
it's just a lioness. i think i'm doing better than before.
630 x 507
57.267578125 KB
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2016-11-12 12:11:59.0
lions over all!

that new episode was the thing i needed to keep me going with tlg

i'm in LOVE with zira's song and it looks like it's the only thing i'm gonna be singing for the next week or so
562 x 535
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2016-10-29 09:23:02.0
tiny nae pixel
50 x 50
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2016-10-28 11:26:20.0
because he's such an old character and part of my own personal story of tlk, i'd thought i'd bring him back and dumb down the colours on agdres to make them a little less eye-hurting and clashing.
i really need to draw him, lakita and zïki together at some point (even though they're a dysfuntional family and lakita dies...w/e)
723 x 600
193.4150390625 KB
2016-10-27 12:49:27.0
thought i'd try and draw mufasa
462 x 597
165.2744140625 KB
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2016-10-24 17:00:23.0
(to the tune of s club 7) dont stop drawing feel the rhythym to it artists got us going around, round
600 x 375
305.58203125 KB
2016-10-22 16:44:05.0
i have a reason for drawing this
when simba bows in the final scene of the musical, it looks like he's dabbing


this is the worse thing ive ever drawn with my own two hands
525 x 877
257.8486328125 KB
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2016-09-17 16:39:57.0
i did this watercolour painting of mufasa the other day!!! he now resides Blu tacked on the ceiling above my bed :D

((btw i literally HATE using watercolour, i really only like oil or acrylic but watercolour is the only option available rn BUT I HATE PAINTING WITH IT GRRR))
1471 x 1886
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2016-09-17 13:45:41.0
i think the new model sheet references are really helpful- they're a life saver tbh...
but i did notice that there weren't any offical nuka references, and the only ones i could find on the web were early concepts and deleted scenes.
so, i made the most trying to reference from what i could find :0

im really hopeless at anatomy anyway oh well

here's nuka
606 x 433
202.01953125 KB
2016-07-30 14:34:28.0
"you know, you're beginning to sound like my father..."
"good! at least one of us does..."
"remember who you are."
"you will NEVER be mufasa!"
1593 x 1423
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2016-07-29 07:12:19.0
shamless self advertisement but i really need some money right now to cover travel and food

if you could check out my redbubble shop it would be most appreciated!!! even if you cant buy something, please spread it to ur friends to let them know!!!

many thanks from ur friendly neighbourhood goof charry
344 x 297
49.5048828125 KB
2016-07-26 15:34:21.0
new and updated ref for charry!
1580 x 1224
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2016-07-25 10:23:50.0
lion painting that took about...idk a bit more than 1 hour 30 mins???
here is the speedpaint if you want to see that:
413 x 488
159.0986328125 KB
2016-07-20 14:43:57.0
just some amature sketches
400 x 254
115.5185546875 KB
2016-07-20 14:01:19.0
my chaka!! done on sketcher which im glad to be back on since forever
489 x 413
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2016-07-07 16:03:23.0
this is a little overdue, but i've been sooo busy with so many things it's unbeliveable. d of e, birthdays, conventions, travel, bussiness, schoolwork, exams-
and improvment of course. one hand i feel very happy that i'm growing up and being more indepentent, but on the other... i feel very overhwhelmed. and a bit scared. but that's normal i guess. growing up is good.
and growing up can sometimes mean getting money, so while we're on that subject, you should take a little peak at my new redbubble account! i try and upload all sorts of weird designs there when i can, and even if you can't buy anything bc you're broke(likemelol), think about spreading it to your friends? :0
832 x 497
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2016-06-20 13:22:05.0
sorry, bit of a personal type of post. it can be a bit overwhelming having everyone rush in at once to try and put a label on my behaviour, even myself. my family has known that i am somewhat neurodiverse as autism/autistic traits run in my mum's side of the famiily. my cousins have aspergers and my sister has hfa. the thing is with me, i had never had a full diagnosis of anything until now (dyspraxia, it isn't ASD but it's a developmental disorder) because i don't have a full set of symptoms. i have many autistic traits but not enough or i have some qualities that don't place me on the spectrum. and many people are so keen to, other's aren't. but what i want is to just be ME, autistic or not.
all i know is that my brain is different.
441 x 457
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Color PNG
2016-06-20 12:51:24.0
for sukala's archive wide collab !
427 x 307
88.5576171875 KB
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