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2017-05-16 18:17:24.0
King Ahadi - husband to Uru, father of Mufasa and Scar.

Whew, this was a ton of work, but I love how this turned out.

I have written a huge description about him, his personality and appearance, so If you are interested click here to read more about him, ALSO MUCH LARGER.
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2017-05-09 07:04:55.0
...Oh dear xD Uru... you had 1 job

Surprise! This weird old looking lion is no one else but Ahadi himself! I bet you have NEVER seen a version of him like this, and ALL will be explained.
-Related to this-

More info here!
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2017-05-04 19:38:47.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Follow up to - this comic page -

Oh snap! What the hell could have happened to suddenly anger miss Uru?

New comic page is almost done, should get posted real soon if I keep up this pace ^^ Maybe even tomorrow??
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2017-05-03 21:49:01.0
1. << The Lion King >>
This is a panel from the next page ^^ (of a mini-comic i'm doing) just missing the dialog. I really hate the male's eyes but holy hell I spent too much time already trying to fix it. It's gonna be smaller in the page so hopefully not distracting too much >.< This is just practice anyway (my dumb excuses again), but I will work on expressions that's for sure.
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