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The Black Cat

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<CENTER><font size=2>Hi, everyone-

I know it’s been over a year since I posted and disappeared without a word. I’m sorry about that, but within the time I have been gone, I have rediscovered myself.

I had been ill for some time and didn’t even know it until I ended up in the hospital last year. I was told later if my family had got me there an hour late, I most likely wouldn’t have made it. I learned I am a diabetic.

Once the doctors told me, I knew I was going to make big changes in my life, things I should have done before all this happened, but foolishly let go out of control. Now I am in control in both my diet and of my diabetes.

Within the year, I discovered something that really shocked me and it’s wasn’t how close I came to losing my life, which is important, but all the things I came close to losing in this life.

The things I cared so much about, I didn’t realize I had pushed away. The very thing that makes me who I am, I chase away the artist in me. I couldn’t draw the way I use to and had no interest in writing anymore. I didn’t care what my family or friends thought of me. I just wanted to be left alone and sleep. And I slept a lot! I was shocked at the things I had done and what I didn’t do any more that once meant so much to me.

Last summer, I started writing again and I haven’t stopped. My artwork has improved immensely. I can draw people again! And I rediscovered an old love that I can’t stop drawing, reading or writing about.

So despite what had happened to me, I just want to let you all know, those who knew me here and those who have discover my artwork within the last year, I thank you, and most of all to Brian. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Lion King and for the characters I created from their inspiration, but it’s now time for me to move on.

If Brian doesn’t mind, I will be leaving my artwork here and the new things I’m drawing can be found at deviantart web site at:

Surprise! I managed to get my name!

Take care everyone! You never know… the Black Cat might come back.</CENTER>

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Ever since I joined the Lion King Fan Art Archive, I have had some artists ask for my advice or tips to help them out. I finally sat myself down and wrote out some of my ideas that have governed me through the years. I hope they will be of help to you.

Study objects with more than your eyes.

What do I mean by that? Well, take an apple for example; hold it in front of you, and you just see an apple. But take it close to you, examine it from every angle, top from bottom, side to side, close to far, you will have understanding of the apple's shape and perspective. Yet creating art is more than just simply seeing. The feelings you have while holding the apple can give more clues to you when it is time to transfer your ideas to paper.

What I'm trying to say is get to know the apple, feel the size and texture in your hands and don't be afraid to smell it. That's right smell it! And since it's an apple: Eat it! Open your mind not only to what you see, but what you are feeling with the objects you are studying. You don't necessary need to become 'One' with the apple but know that understanding can come from many different angles not only from what is in front of you.

Use all kinds of references

Unfortunately not everything I like to draw, I can touch or smell. I have only been close to one lion in my life and he was drugged up so he couldn't do anything to any one (Poor thing). Still there is a world of references to be used, whether it comes from movies, television, magazines or the greatest source of all, the Internet. As much as I have put them to use, my best education came from learning from other artists, especially comic book artists and animation work.

I love comic book art. I would (and still do) flip through the pages to see the drawings before I would read it. And if the artist is really good, you can tell what the story is all about without the words. I admire that the most, being able to tell a story with pictures. Yes, words are important, but to be able to show it with a few strokes of your pen on the character's face is a rich treat to see.

To this day, when I need it, I still use reference for the things I draw. It does not matter what level you are at, it never hurts to use some help.

One of my advice to you and I have no problem with it, go ahead and draw another artist's picture. Do it by hand or put a piece of paper and trace over it, use any method you feel comfortable with.

Is it art theft? No. Art theft is when you take the actual artwork and do some minor changes to it and then claim it as yours.

Everyone needs something to learn by example, whether it is a photograph, another artist's work or the object right in front of you. It is a learning process that will help guide you to be the artist you wish to be. You don't have to agree with everything I am saying but there might be some things that you can take with you to help you on your journey.

Good Luck!

Jo Ann Medrano


I changed my email, but you can still contact me at:

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