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Sun Rei

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Update: September 20, 2012
If you just happened across my page, well then thanks for stopping by and looking! After a long time away from the archive, I have decided to return to post some of my drawings. I will mainly upload TLK fanart and some of my characters here - the rest of my artwork can be found at: <a href=""></a>

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If you would like to read either one of my fanfics, please click the links below.
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 3: A Fallen Kingdom</a>
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 4: The Marking</a>

<b><p align=center><font size=4>*grabs teh fansies and huggles them all* Thank you so much for your support guys!</b></font>

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***My artwork and original characters are NOT for public use. Please respect this and do not upload my artwork on other websites or use it or my characters for roleplaying.***
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2010-05-29 05:37:59.0
Canon Artwork
Gave up entering the contests a long time ago, but this one sounded like a lot of fun! Tried out the style for Madagascar (which is hard when you can't make it 3-D) and also did the entire drawing using a mouse instead of a tablet.

This is the scene at the end of Simba's Pride, when they all stand on Pride Rock and roar. Except that Madagascar lions would stand there in silly poses and hold a dance contest. And the poor lionesses would just shake their heads.

I guess Nala is regretting becoming Simba's mate right about now... XD
718 x 416
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Color JPEG
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2008-12-04 13:59:51.0
Canon Artwork
Canon trade with the criple that is whole. I chose to do Sarabi -- she just doesn't get enough love.

Epic fail on that waterfall there... D:
644 x 466
148.4423828125 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-09-19 19:09:13.0
Canon Artwork
Little Taka, before he became villain. Before he became a murderer. Before he even knew his brother was destined to be king, instead of him.

Oh Taka, if only you could have stayed an innocent little cub, dreaming of when you would be named King.
675 x 600
213.6337890625 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-11-18 04:20:10.0
Canon Artwork
Nala: Look, Kiara. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. One day, this will all be yours.
Kiara: But Mom, its too...big... D8

I like to think that Simba would have had his father/son moment with Kopa when he first showed him the Pride Lands, so he decided to give Nala the opportunity to show their daughter the Pride Lands for the first time. Kiara, however, doesn't seem quite up to the ruling standard.
778 x 583
173.3994140625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-03-17 21:11:02.0
Canon Artwork
Edit: Submitting this to the current contest since it fits the theme. Also, hi guys - its been quite a while. *waves*


Caaaaamels feeel the loooove toniiiighttt! \o/

If TLK was placed in Saudi Arabia (or a nearby country *wink*) then Simba and Nala would be camels! How regal!! lol

Nala would be named Hadiyyah, which is Arabic for 'gift' and Simba would be named Jamal, which is Arabic for 'camel'. I figured those were best since Nala and Simba mean Gift and Lion (as far as I've read anyways).

This is a really silly picture..
967 x 553
277.1845703125 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-09-19 17:20:57.0
Canon Artwork
Last year I left the archive for various reasons, including friends leaving, wanting to draw other things and server problems, to name a few. However, since I have been slowly getting back into TLK fanart again, I thought it would be nice to share those pictures here. I will continue to post all my art to my deviantart account though - only TLK fanart (and perhaps a few fursona pictures) will be posted here.

This is actually from January of this year, but I wanted to post it anyways. As an alternate theory, I like to think that Kopa was somehow smuggled away when things became too dangerous in the Pride Lands and returned later, once the war between the two prides was over.
740 x 521
297.5556640625 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-10-15 17:50:49.0
Canon Artwork
Late that night, after the tragedy in the gorge and Scar’s ascension, Sarabi stood watching the sky. As the suffocating feeling of despair whelmed up inside her, she felt a gentle touch. Zazu placed his wing on her shoulder, in an attempt to provide her with a tiny bit of comfort, and with his gesture, Sarabi spoke aloud the question she had been repeating in her mind.

“Mufasa once told me that the great kings of the past watch over us from the stars. My little Simba will never be king now – is that why there is only one new star?”

Zazu, the one who had spent the most time with her mate and son, didn’t have an answer.


Fairly depressing picture... Life gets rough sometimes. Also, I hate drawing Zazu.
801 x 629
254.765625 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-11-22 06:25:19.0
Canon Artwork
Edit: Thank you to everyone who voted!

Yes, I know this looks completely ridiculous. But in my defense, the last time I used clay was 14 years ago in Elementary school. This is for the contest, which is to do something in traditional art. So, have a Pride Rock, complete with mini Mufasa (or Simba)!

I used a wooden base for the bottom, air dry modeling clay, acrylic paints and fake grass/trees. It was taking too long to dry, so I used a hairdryer, which caused parts of it to crack. It is about 15 inches by 8 inches, including the base. I did use Photoshop to combine the pictures into one, but I didn't change any colors or use it for anything else.

Larger picture here:
493 x 669
245.7978515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-02-17 04:42:22.0
Canon Artwork
I've been really busy and dealing with a lot of stuff irl. I'm more active on dA since I don't draw a lot of canon art (and other reasons). Thought I'd share this one though. =3

Back when The Lion Guard was just news and hadn't been released yet, I thought that it would be sort of a continuation of Simba's Pride - Kion would be Kiara's little brother and it would follow their adventures together with Kiara as a teenager and Kion as a cub. I would have really enjoyed seeing the dynamics of them in two different age groupings and how they related to one another. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that they were supposed to be the same age and that Kiara's personality had changed so completely from the movie. Oh well.
856 x 613
217.234375 KB
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2012-09-19 18:45:36.0
I suppose since I am planning on uploading my TLK fanart here from now on, I should also update my picture in the artist listing. For those who don't know me, or who haven't seen me for years, I'm Sun Rei / Sunny - the lioness bursting with sunshine, laughter and silliness!

Well, if that hasn't been enough to send you running...XD
681 x 681
243.3818359375 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-05-17 10:00:02.0
Canon Artwork
'But what if I don't wanna be Queen?'
'That's like saying you don't want to be a lion. It's in your blood... as I am. We are part of each other.'
'...You don't get it, Dad. I'm not brave or smart like you. I can't be Queen.'

I have mixed feelings about Kiara. Sometimes I hate her, sometimes I feel sorry for her. One of the reasons I feel sorry for her is because of how sheltered and restricted she was growing up. True, she did run off a lot, but I doubt she was able to have the same experiences normal cubs her age would have. I think that in turn had an effect on her confidence. I'm sure sometimes she didn't want to be Queen when she grew up, because she was thinking about how hard it looked, and how she didn't know enough to do it.
863 x 556
268.9658203125 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-12-09 04:21:57.0
Canon Artwork
"A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king."

Used a couple screen shots as references to get the pose right. Didn't like his front left leg, so put it in closer to his body, behind the other one.

Poor Mufasa.
771 x 447
152.83203125 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-09-28 16:58:30.0
Gifts and Trades
Trade with Shila Its her characters Fleurt (the grey one) and Tishwa (the orange one). The background isn't very interesting, but I'm really proud of Fleurt's pose and the shading! Sorry Shila, but I wasn't sure what Fleurt's tail tuft color was, so I just guessed. And I'm so sorry that it took me so long to finish this!

Thanks again for the trade!
811 x 564
189.3955078125 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-10-26 09:54:20.0
My Characters
I've been neglecting Sun Rei! D:

Cookies to Toraz, because she inspired me to do the hair this way. Your picture will be up next. *cling*
475 x 703
274.1259765625 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-04-17 14:47:39.0
My Characters
And so begins summer...

Was scuba diving today, and I got really sunburnt. I am extremely fair skinned and apparently, can even burn through SPF 90.

I am talented. XD
461 x 614
161.6904296875 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-10-10 13:55:11.0
Canon Artwork
Trade with TamberElla -- she asked for Sarafina and Nala. Changed my colors for Sarafina, so they look more like the movie colors. And I worked really hard to try and achieve the "mothering look". Yay.

Hope you like this and thanks for the trade, Tamber! *hug*
562 x 625
233.169921875 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-03-08 05:01:23.0
There are a number of people I watch who I have seen are going through some really tough times. They live in different parts of the world and all are dealing with various hardships. Although I can't say I understand exactly how each of them feel, I have been down that dark road many times and understand how it feels to think you are all alone.

I wish I had the time to draw something individually for each of these people. To those I see suffering, if I could, I would protect you from everything that hurts you. If I could, I would reach around the world and hug you right now. If I could, I would be your sunshine during those dark, lonely days. I may not know you very well, but I am always here for you. Please know that.
450 x 522
158.7587890625 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-06-29 04:29:01.0
Canon Artwork
Canon art has never been my strong point -- I can never get the characters to look like themselves. D:

Been sketching and practicing the characters a lot, and I think I'm seeing some improvement. His face looks a bit too Simbaish though. *le sigh*

Discovered how to get rid of the white space that always appears in my drawings, adding hours of extra time spent coloring in the gaps. So this picture went a lot quicker than normal.
591 x 574
121.236328125 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-07-11 05:20:40.0
Gifts and Trades
For Poons
520 x 726
199.796875 KB
Color PNG
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2009-11-18 17:32:12.0
My Characters
Sometimes I feel so lonely. As if I'm not truly a part of the world I live in. I often feel as if I'm living someone else's life, rather than my own. Almost like I am watching a dream.

I feel lost. Everything I've worked towards for years and for the past semester fell through at the last moment. I need to grasp on to any thread of hope I have left, in order to keep pushing myself forwards.

I guess in this moment, it feels better to watch the world from a distance. I just wish I could go back to better days.
854 x 583
229.3466796875 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-04-22 10:50:28.0
Canon Artwork
In my opinion, she is one of the Pride Land's most beautiful and gentle queens.

I love Sarabi. =3
610 x 478
88.28515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-04-20 16:40:19.0
My Characters
Astra running through some melty snow. This was mostly just background and aposethatisntsittingorstandingforonce practice.

I really love Astra, she's such a pretty character and she's so much fun to draw. =3
931 x 610
277.314453125 KB
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2008-10-30 16:18:59.0
Canon Artwork
And then there was that day Kovu woke up with a weird thing on his head -- and a strange red thing kept screaming and running away from him...

Hey guys, there's something crazy going on with my internet, where its not letting me see my picture comments. So if I don't reply to your comments for a couple days, don't worry -- I will as soon as it starts working again! *shakes paw at internet*
639 x 627
235.5771484375 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-09-19 17:45:23.0
Canon Artwork
Last year I left the archive for various reasons, including friends leaving, wanting to draw other things and server problems, to name a few. However, since I have been slowly getting back into TLK fanart again, I thought it would be nice to share those pictures here. I will continue to post all my art to my deviantart account though - only TLK fanart (and perhaps a few fursona pictures) will be posted here.

This is actually from August of this year. Kovu is one of my favorite characters and he makes one handsome king! However, I prefer not to draw him with his scar, since I like to think it faded with time and healed, just like the Pride Lands healed after Scar's terrible reign.
600 x 800
174.234375 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-10-29 15:25:50.0
Canon Artwork
Pumbaa: You know Timon, I'm worried about Simba.
Timon: What for?
Pumbaa: I think he's lonely...
Timon: Pfft! He's fine, he's got us! Why would he be lonely?

Poor Simba, probably feeling guilty about Mufasa's death and missing his mother and Nala. Still getting used to 'Hakuna Matata' and trying to deal with the dramatic changes in his little broken apart life.
720 x 540
218.0078125 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-03-16 07:15:14.0
Canon Artwork
I was looking for ideas of who to draw and Koraden said I should draw Tojo, so I did!

There's only one bird because I couldn't come up with enough bird poses that looked good for his whole little flock. I am not a bird artist. I also don't draw enough canon art. lol
694 x 520
164.859375 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-07-15 15:30:24.0
My Characters
I never thought this would be me. I love TLKFAA. I've made dear friends here and have had an amazing time throughout the years, developing my art and watching as the artists around me improved as well. But I've also watched the site change. It makes me sad to see how different it is from when I joined.

I will still lurk here, as I have a few friends here that I stalk for their lovely artwork, but I don't think I will upload here very often anymore. It has just changed too much for me to continue on.

I feel how I think Nala felt leaving the Pridelands. She had watched the place she loved so dearly fall into ruin, and yet, I'm sure, part of her didn't want to go and leave it all behind.

I'll be here:
575 x 569
223.6240234375 KB
Color JPEG
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2014-12-11 05:35:12.0
My Characters
Still alive...just been really busy and having to deal with a lot of crap. But oh well, life goes on.

BUUUUUT NEWS!! hsakjfhldasjkfhdsa my super amazing friend Toraz gave me a tablet for Christmas *cries* It was the sweetest thing and totally made my whole year! Definitely brightened things up when I was feeling pretty down. <3333

So this is just a little doodle - the first drawing with my tablet! I haven't used one since sometime in 2008 when my cheap little one broke, so it was pretty challenging and weird to get used to. But it was so much fun and totally sped up my drawing process! So awesome!

Anyways, have Sunny all ready to go diving! 8D
496 x 532
150.677734375 KB
Color PNG
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2010-05-04 09:55:23.0
My Characters

Things have just been really hard lately. A lot of crap has happened to my family and I've had to watch some of the people I love most be really hurt by it all. Its so stupid and frustrating. I just wish I could take all their pain away. *sigh*

Don't worry, you guys know me -- I'm your Sunny, so I'll be ok. I'm just going through a bit of a rough patch right now, and the only way I can express anything is through my art.

That, and I just really wanted to draw rain.
508 x 626
164.4140625 KB
Color JPEG
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2014-08-02 12:43:49.0
Canon Artwork
This was way cooler in my head.. 8(

KimiKubby drew the cutest Simba and Nala turtles and it made me want to change some TLK characters into another animal as well. I chose one of my favorite things to see while scuba diving - Nudibranchs! (sea slugs)

And so, I present to you a pair of brothers - the Great (and not so great) Kings of the Pridelands!

(These are modeled after two very real types of nudibranchs, however, the colors have been changed, and the background is a filtered photo I took of the sea floor.) Anyways, sorry for the silliness, but I didn't want to miss out on Canon Week for a change (since I tend to miss it every single time it comes around). *shame*
530 x 387
182.7890625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-04-26 09:49:34.0
Canon Artwork
It was peaceful as the King stepped softly out onto the peak of Pride Rock. His eyes shone both with excitement and yet a slight sadness as they searched the glittering sky. Finally, his gaze coming to rest on a single bright star, Mufasa took a deep breath.

“Father, Sarabi and I are expecting a cub!” Mufasa’s heart seemed to flutter as he recalled the moment earlier that day, when his gentle Queen’s surprising words had changed his life forever. Then, swallowing, the King looked down at his paws.

“I wish you were here…” he whispered.
816 x 547
151.13671875 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2013-04-19 15:53:17.0
Canon Artwork
Some Ahadi art! A great king watching over his kingdom.

I used DJ Coulz's version of him, I've always really loved her design. I referenced this drawing of hers to get the face shape right.

Enjoy! :)
864 x 583
279.28125 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-02-13 10:31:11.0
Canon Artwork
Poor Simba, I always make him my guinea pig. XD

I hate drawing paws and toes and all that. I always have. I think I’m improving though – I like the way they look on my more recent drawings a lot more than what I have uploaded in the past. I guess practice does help after all?

In any case, in my numerous frustrated attempts at drawing paws, I have always shouted “why can’t they just have stumps?”. And so, stumpy-pawed Simba came to be.

I don’t think he’s too enthused about them...
387 x 628
102.076171875 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-12-19 15:57:15.0
Canon Artwork
Zira: "Hey Scar, how are you...I caught a mouse today, do you want it?...You know, Mufasa says the elephant graveyard is a bad place, but I like it...will you take me there Scar, pleeeeease? We could go there and then go hunting...I bet everyone would be worried and search for us...Wouldn't it be fun, Scar? Scar? Why are you so quiet?...Hey Scar, do you think I'm pretty? Sarabi is so pretty...I wish I could be just like her...Hey Scar, when you're king, will you make me your queen? Pleeeease? It would be so fun! We could do whatever we want and make all the lionesses hunt for us! Okay Scar?...Scar?"

Scar: "I'm not going to be king, my brother is. Why don't you go irritate him."

Canon request for Charlie -- he wanted Zira annoying Scar
643 x 571
261.07421875 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-12-09 08:07:39.0
Canon Artwork
Oooooh, canon! Please excuse the yucky background -- I wanted to do one without brushes for once.

I've heard the theory that Zira killed Kopa, but what if Kopa just wasn't strong enough to stand the feud between his father and Zira? Maybe he was in love with Vitani, even at a young age, but knew that he had no hope of it ever working out. So rather than risk having to fight her, he ran away.

Just wanted to try out a different theory -- and a couple characters I've never drawn. I wanted to give Kopa a mane style similar to Kovu's, so that I could hint at what they have in common. I definitely need to draw Vitani more often though -- she looks like a nightmare!
600 x 589
170.822265625 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-09-05 18:57:33.0
Canon Artwork
Trade with KayC -- she requested Sarafina and Nala together. I know lions probably don't stick their cubs in nests, but I figured it would make a comfy place for Nala. XD

I'm so sorry you had to wait so long, KayC! I just started college this week, so I haven't had much spare all...
710 x 402
150.484375 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2009-07-10 16:29:16.0
Canon Artwork
Finished drawing from my Lining and Coloring Tutorial. It is in two parts -- they can be found here:

Part 1

Part 2

Trying really hard to improve my canon art. I think its slowly starting to look a bit better.
461 x 594
81.3251953125 KB
Color JPEG
3 faves
2017-02-19 15:10:44.0
Canon Artwork
Trying to push myself to work more on my backgrounds. However, painting trees didn't work out, so those vines in the corner are hanging from a very tall tree. Just go with it, haha.

Woo, Simba and Nala!

Question. Can anyone tell me how to see the comments I've made on other artists's drawings, and if they've replied to my comment or not? It was really easy to look back on comments and replies on the old site but I can't find how to do that here. D8
1019 x 685
320.4814453125 KB
3 faves
2017-03-21 07:08:29.0
My Characters
Here's the cub version of Moon and his kitten Stardust! Stardust is a plush cat but comes alive with Moon's imagination. He is only able to do so when they are alone though, since others do not have Moon’s imagination, so Stardust cannot be portrayed as a cat/kitten if they are somewhere public/with anyone else. Also, they age together, so they are always similar ages (cubs at the same time, adults at the same time).
605 x 565
224.5439453125 KB
3 faves
2017-03-21 07:15:18.0
My Characters
My boy Treydan. Trying to draw my characters more often, and thought it'd be fun to upload them here too.
838 x 623
208.263671875 KB
2 faves
2017-03-21 07:16:06.0
My Characters
Moon and Stardust out enjoying a lovely day. These two are definitely some of my favourite characters!

Stardust is a plush cat but comes alive with Moon's imagination. He is only able to do so when they are alone, since others do not have Moon’s imagination, so Stardust cannot be portrayed as a cat/kitten if they are somewhere public/with anyone else.
600 x 649
202.4111328125 KB
2 faves
2013-04-10 15:49:01.0
Canon Artwork
"Simba, I'm very disappointed in you. You could have been killed! You deliberately disobeyed me! And what's worse, you put Nala in danger!"

Angry Mufasa is angry. He also looks stupid and like he's saluting someone. This did not turn out at all how I wanted it to. *sadness* It is also very eye-hurty. I do apologize.

For the contest! Styles used/inspiration drawn from - Dreamworks Madagascar lion, Dr. Seuss 'Lorax' background, and Andy Warhol's pop art.
670 x 497
232.1611328125 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2010-01-21 03:45:34.0
Gifts and Trades
Sunny has always adored DJ Coulz...but she just never really knew quite HOW MUCH there was to adore until now! XD

Coulzie's fursona is the size of an American lion, so she's quite a lot bigger than regular-sized lioness Sun Rei. So I thought it would be fun to draw them together and show just how different sized they are! This was really fun for expression practice too.
789 x 494
226.75 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2009-04-20 07:49:26.0
Gifts and Trades
Surprise gift for Aqua/Sequoia Lioness because she's my awesome twin.

Her and Matt make the most lovely couple and I am so happy for them! And every time I see fan art of her charries, it makes me smile. So here they are, MJ and Matt, on their rock together. =3

Sorry if I made mistakes on them, Aqua, but I currently can't go to your page on tlkfaa, and I could only find one ref of them on DA.

*Larger file on my DA page.
665 x 473
184.484375 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2009-09-07 12:17:57.0
Gifts and Trades
Very overdue trade with Jogu -- its her character Jack! He was a lot of fun to draw! Sorry for the wait, Jogu, and I hope you're feeling a lot better. <3

Oh, and yes, I'm back. I went through a bit of depression when I got back from being on vacation with my family, so I wasn't able to draw for a while. But I'm doing a lot better now, so there should be more uploads again.
507 x 645
188.9365234375 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-04-25 04:26:16.0
Canon Artwork
No, Simba is not my favorite character. I just seem to have the best handle on drawing him. Or maybe its just that I have too much fun torturing him. So sorry if you're sick of bizarre Simba pictures from me, but I just can't help it. XD

Uhh, I dunno what he's doing. Contest maybe? Best idea of what his reaction is caused by gets a request. Knock yourselves out!
541 x 639
225.7548828125 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-03-08 04:56:55.0
My Characters
Tina, a tiger created for me by Edward_Elric many years ago.
389 x 518
114.546875 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2013-03-08 05:09:44.0
I figured since I wear my hair in a braid a lot of the time, it would be fun to try it out on Sunny. My hair is layered, so whenever I braid it, some bits at the front don't stay in, so I did that on her as well. Also played around with textures!
408 x 544
256.7705078125 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2009-03-09 10:25:40.0
Gifts and Trades
Fursona for Akhenaton

I wanted to thank Akhen for always commenting on my pictures and being such an awesome friend. I got permission to create this fursona, after asking what he should look like and about his character traits.

He's a Celtic lion (panthera leo gallica), a species Akhen created for him, which explains the pale appearance, and the Celtic writing thar. XD

And btw, he loves chewing on twigs. And he loves the heat. I hope you love him as much as I do, Akhen! <3
781 x 547
161.8837890625 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2010-01-14 04:18:08.0
My Characters
Bah ha ha ha, couldn't help myself after I saw DJ88 and DJCoulz do this with their lovely fursonas. XD

On the right, we have normal Sun Rei and on the left, is Sun Rei modeling colors pulled from a couple recent photos of me. And the reason the flower and sun tattoo are on the other side of the left Sun Rei is because normal Sun Rei is supposed to be looking at a reflection of herself.

This was so much fun!
978 x 437
264.29296875 KB
Color JPEG
2 faves
2015-03-21 06:02:00.0
Sometimes life is just...

Redraw of an old picture.
638 x 441
196.0380859375 KB
Grayscale JPEG
2 faves
2009-02-21 14:43:45.0
My Characters
Just a little psychotic and pissed off at the world...

I'm so tired of things breaking in my new apartment and I'm sick of not having internet. Ahhhh! The result of this?

The side of Sunny you don't want to meet in a dark alley way. XD
683 x 590
218.8037109375 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-12-07 15:30:26.0
Canon Artwork
Time for some under-appreciated character art. =3

We always see the pictures of Simba racing through the desert to go save his pride and his kingdom, but what about Nala? I mean, come on! She left in the morning, long after him, and still ended up arriving in the Pride Lands about the same time! She's such a great character. So here she is, hurrying to go help her best friend -- her love -- reclaim his kingdom.
797 x 525
137.8857421875 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-09-25 13:15:26.0
My Characters
Don't get me wrong -- I really like being in school again. Now that I know what I want to do with my life, and am working really hard at it, things are great! I'm getting awesome marks and having a lot of fun learning.

I do, however, have the next week off school. So I am hanging off the ceiling with glee. XD
455 x 680
130.9013671875 KB
Color JPEG
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2008-11-07 14:52:03.0
My Characters
I haven't drawn Sol in forever! He's Sun Rei's older brother, although he was still quite young when she was born. They're both very close and love each other dearly.

I don't actually have an older sibling -- I'm the oldest, but I've always wished for an older brother. I've had a few people who were just like one to me, but unfortunately, none of them are a part of my life now. So if anyone wants to be my adopted brother...ha ha ha.

By the way, I love their awesome, poofy hairtufts! They weren't supposed to turn out quite like that!
654 x 431
188.17578125 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-12-24 09:15:37.0
My Characters
I'm sorry I didn't end up having enough time to draw personalized gifts for my friends this year like I wanted to, but I would still like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don't feel bad if you don't accept this -- I don't mind in the least! I mostly just wanted to let you guys know I'm thinking of you!

Have a wonderful holiday season! <3
687 x 614
218.9130859375 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-03-07 07:04:09.0
Character Sheets
Edit: updated 2017 reference sheet for my fursona Sun Rei.
1022 x 752
373.3681640625 KB
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2017-03-21 07:05:53.0
My Characters
Sun Rei and her big brother Sol!

I'm the oldest in my family, but I always wanted an older brother. I have had close friends throughout the years that have filled that place, so Sol is a representation of them, in a way. It was Sol who presented Sunny with her signature blue flower when she was very young.
763 x 569
198.099609375 KB
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2017-03-21 07:12:24.0
My Characters
Vent art. Been dealing with a lot of stressful things lately, (most of which are out of my control), and it leaves me feeling exhausted some days. Was doodling a while back and this sketch came out, so I thought finishing it would be a good way to vent and let out some of my frustrations. I'm fine though, just a bit worn out.
889 x 513
215.77734375 KB
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2013-05-24 09:09:32.0
My Characters
Now here is someone I haven't drawn in forever! (and need to draw more often *shame*) Its my very much loved character Moon and his plush cat Stardust. They were created for me as a surprise back in 2007? by DJ88 and DJCoulz and have been some very special characters for me ever since.

I turned his lovely hairstyle into a full mane, mostly cuz I just couldn't draw it the way they did. I hope that's alright! Although you can't see it in this picture, Moon has a moon shaped marking on both his sides, and little star markings that go up both front legs. He's very handsome (and was the best surprise ever!)
756 x 513
208.978515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-03-21 07:02:08.0
Character Sheets
2017 reference sheet for Sol, Sun Rei's older brother.
1022 x 752
309.677734375 KB
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2010-05-25 16:20:30.0
Gifts and Trades
Trade with sparkymiko over at DA. Life has been a little crazy lately, but I have a bunch of things I'm finished up, so for people waiting on trade pictures -- they should be up soon! =3
733 x 607
175.2802734375 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-03-21 07:10:23.0
My Characters
Andraya loves stargazing, so she's out enjoying a cold evening under the stars. (guess you don't mind the cold much when your butt is on fire!)

Her earring is supposed to be silver and her bracelet is on the wrong leg, but oh well.
797 x 678
377.3486328125 KB
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2014-12-25 08:18:14.0
Gifts and Trades
A little something for Timitu to say thanks for running the Secret Santa again this year!
423 x 519
128.400390625 KB
Color PNG
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2009-04-21 08:26:16.0
Canon Artwork
Lol, I love making fun of Simba. I was eating pink cotton candy and thought that Simba would look quite adorable as a pink rabbit. He's not too impressed about it though. XD
503 x 587
110.484375 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-04-22 12:05:31.0
My Characters
Grumpy Sun is not a morning person.

I have a love/hate relationship with scuba diving. I love scuba diving but I absolutely HATE waking up early. Where I live, you have to get up super early to beat the heat (35C to 50C or higher, depending on the time of year). So when I go scuba diving, I am super grumpy until I actually get in the water. XD

A doodle from a mostly off-topic sketch dump.
614 x 413
114.1103515625 KB
Grayscale JPEG
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2010-01-12 05:07:27.0
Gifts and Trades
Trade with Angellioness. Its her pretty fursona Angel!

Sorry about the epic wing fail. Can't draw wings to save my life. XD

Thanks for the trade!
614 x 712
232.373046875 KB
Color JPEG
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2017-03-21 06:59:39.0
Character Sheets
Edit: updated 2017 reference sheet for Treydan, Sun Rei's mate.
1022 x 752
298.1484375 KB
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2013-08-19 19:46:51.0
Gifts and Trades
A little gift for my awesome twin AquaSequoiaLioness. Thanks for always being there for me! <3

I've had a really rough last month and a half, but don't worry - I'm still around. Miss you guys.
392 x 478
203.568359375 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-12-25 09:28:50.0
Gifts and Trades
My Secret Santa picture for Kamakari. Thanks Timitu, for arranging this fantastic Christmas event again! I look forward to it every year. <3
768 x 635
286.0322265625 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-06-17 16:26:57.0
Gifts and Trades
Picture for someone who has been having a rough week.

I've had such a busy week. I wanna have time to draw...D:
875 x 600
259.2451171875 KB
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2008-10-03 16:04:31.0
Canon Artwork
"Oh Mufasa, if only you could see your kingdom now..."

I think that although Sarabi stood strong for the lionesses of her pride, the destruction of her lands broke her heart. That only added to the painful longing she held for her mate and son.
707 x 575
94.607421875 KB
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2013-03-08 04:55:45.0
My Characters
Decided to upload my big cat characters here as well, since some people aren't members of deviantart.

Sunny and Treydan plushies! :D
640 x 480
142.912109375 KB
Color PNG
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2013-03-08 05:02:54.0
My Characters
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :D
571 x 450
197.28515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-07-07 03:48:08.0
The last few days have been hell. I always try to find the best in every situation, but right now, it feels next to impossible.

Its like I can't even breathe. I keep thinking about all the happy moments we had together to try to forget the emptiness I feel now that you're gone. One of my most favorite things was how we'd stay up so late together - cuddling, watching movies or looking out the window.

You were my best friend. My heart aches for you, little brudder. :(
603 x 419
156.84765625 KB
Grayscale JPEG
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2013-03-08 05:03:42.0
My Characters
Sunny and Treydan.
558 x 504
163.595703125 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-03-08 14:25:29.0
Canon Artwork
"Simbaaaaa oofff the laaaaamp!"

Simba has been caught and trapped inside a magic lamp! Only you have the power to free him! Will you use one of your 3 precious wishes to release him, or will you use them all to satisfy your own desires?
450 x 625
113.38671875 KB
Color PNG
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2013-04-08 13:15:05.0
Back in 2011, I fulfilled a bunch of childhood dreams while on a visit to Orlando, Florida. I think back on that trip quite often. It was truly amazing! Of course, I visited Disney World and Hogwarts while I was there!

So here's Sunny with a Gryffindor scarf and curly hair! Decided to tackle curly hair for a change. (Besides, its cute!)

The picture is one I took of Hogwarts.
624 x 468
164.640625 KB
Color JPEG
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2012-11-06 15:31:30.0
Gifts and Trades
'Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven'
- Heaven, Bryan Adams

Trade with my dear friend Timitu of her lovely characters Nora and Levar. I really love their designs - hope I managed to get everything right! I kept on thinking of this song when I looked at different pictures of them together at this point in their lives. Rocks and me are not friends, but I'm really trying to improve my backgrounds, so the rocks just had to be there anyways.
688 x 410
258.7353515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2014-02-23 11:16:50.0
Gifts and Trades
Last night, the almighty Jedi master Tor taught me how to use the pen tool. 8D So today, I thought I'd give it some practice, so that I can start lining my art digitally (which will hopefully also help me finish stuff a bit quicker). By the end of this, I was doing pretty well but there's definitely a lot I still need to work on.

Anyways, I've been meaning to draw something for KimiKubby for quite some time. I love her fursona's pretty design and Kimi's art always manages to put a smile on my face, so I wanted to do a little something for her. I was trying to draw up a nice background but it wasn't getting anywhere, so I just slapped a texture on there instead.

Sorry its not anything fancy, but I hope it still makes you smile, Kimi! <
517 x 487
263.6806640625 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2007-01-20 14:18:03.0
My Characters
I did a picture a looooooong time ago of me and Pink Bunny. Pink Bunny is my most treasured stuffed animal, and she's probably the one thing I'd grab if my house was on fire. My Grandma made her for me when I was very small and even now I sleep with her at night! =3

So this is an updated picture for my Grandma, because I was washing Pink Bunny today and thought I should let her know that she is the most awesome Grandma in the whole entire world!!!
495 x 566
20.7841796875 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2013-11-12 08:05:08.0
My Characters
Edit: Decided to name her Astra. =3

Been having a rough time lately. Just a lot of crap to deal with...I have been lurking though, even if I haven't had much time to draw and upload, or comment on people's art.

Anyways, I recently adopted this character. I made a few tweaks to her - took away her leg markings and gave her hair and eye patches. I enjoyed working on this, even though its taken me almost a month to finish. *shame*

Buuuuut, I don't have a name for her! If you guys have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I dunno, I just haven't found a name that suits her yet, and I can't leave her nameless forever.
567 x 727
116.4580078125 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2013-03-12 14:56:39.0
Gifts and Trades
Trade with -Lotus-! Its the cute Arough! Was trying to do a different pose than I usually do, my poses are always so lame. -_-

This only took me 4 hours! That is serious record time in Sunny world. My drawings usually take me...well...a lot longer.
720 x 450
232.5087890625 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2010-03-27 16:32:53.0
Gifts and Trades
Gift for Jogu -- she's been going through a horrible time, so I thought it'd be fun to send her a little cheer. This is her character Izzie, who is experiencing the wonder of fire. Don't worry, she's not about to get hurt -- it'll just burn out once she's had her fill of fun. =3

Jogu, I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing person. You are so strong to have the courage to keep going and smile at the world. Keep your chin up and know how many people are praying for you. Take care of yourself and stay strong. I'm here for you. <3
612 x 608
248.033203125 KB
Color JPEG
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2013-05-16 09:26:13.0
My Characters
Yesterday was one of those days. Sunny got too much sun! And this is why I love overcast, rainy skies. XD

Silly little pencil doodle, took a picture of it with my phone (hence the graininess, sorry!) and colored over with multiply.
456 x 545
201.427734375 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2008-12-02 13:58:59.0
My Characters
So apparently, all this time I have been using a coloring technique that the cavemen used...

Just to let you guys know that I'm still alive! I have my last final exam tomorrow, so you should see more drawings from me again soon. As for this pic -- Shock did a thing a few days back, where he switched two colors on his fursona. I thought I'd try the same thing, so there go the blue and pink! Not a permanent change though, so don't worry.

Cookies and love to DJ Coulz, who walked me through her most amazing tutorial, and muffins to her and DJ88 for the stunning character they made for me.

Today was a good day. =3
435 x 560
137.6953125 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2008-10-11 14:58:40.0
Canon Artwork
That day when Simba met a really strange...thing in the Pridelands.

I never realized how hard it is to draw a candlestick with a face! Yay Disney!
703 x 558
267.9697265625 KB
Color JPEG
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2009-03-01 23:18:18.0
My Characters
One of my most favorite places in the world...random sea turtle, just cuz they're cute. XD
630 x 434
196.18359375 KB
Color JPEG
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2010-04-23 05:04:09.0
Gifts and Trades
Birthday pressie for Amaya. Happy Birthday, hon! Sorry it's not that great and there's hardly anyone there to celebrate it with you, but know I'm thinking of you and miss you tons.

And yes...fear the limb-eating Savannah grass. I spent over an hour trying to fit their other three legs in there, and it just didn't work. D:
579 x 478
237.9873046875 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2009-03-11 11:05:15.0
My Characters
Ever hurt so much that you feel like you don't care about anything any more?

I love the rain, but I was going for the universal symbol of gloom this time. Things have been piling up, so much so, that I feel lost and full of pain. I'm failing college, even though I've been going for extra help. I miss my family so much, and not being able to talk to all you guys is awful too. I got a letter from my college today saying that if I miss any more classes, I'll get kicked out. I have no friends here, so I never go out anymore. I feel so alone and like bursting into tears. I try so hard to look for the sunshine, but today, it's not working.

And it doesn't really matter. I feel too numb to care anymore.
762 x 524
234.455078125 KB
Color JPEG
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