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Sukala A.P.

Hey everyone, welcome to my gallery where my art will focuse only on fan art of Disney's ''The Lion King''. I hope you enjoy. :)

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2017-02-25 11:58:11.0
Here it is, everyone... The Archive Wide Canon Collaboration!

Bow down to this magnificent masterpiece! :D After almost a year, it is here!

Thank you so much everybody who participated!


Night (Who have drawn Zazu), FluffyBunny (Who have drawn Pumbaa), Impano (Who have drawn Timon), charry (Who have drawn Simba), Shinda (Who have drawn Sarabi), ~Suka~ (Who have drawn Bunga), Pandoras-Jinx (Who have drawn Zuri), Goldenheart (Who have drawn Tiifu), JustAmadi (Who have drawn Kiara), KanuTGL (Who have drawn Kovu), AnnieHyena (Who have drawn Vitani), KimiKubby (Who have drawn Kion), Nukasclaw (Who have drawn Nuka), Kossu (Who have drawn Rafiki) and BlazingBlackMage (Who have drawn Mufasa)!

I did Nala. c:
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2015-05-06 07:20:30.0
1. Animations
The work. The pain. Ouch.

Finished animation request for ZeyphrTiger480.

Here's his character, the evil, powerful and great Lord Zeyphr doing some black magic. ;3

I hope you LOVE it! Don't worry, people that did an animation request, i will do it soon, you know how much hard and long it is to do, ya know. :/

(NO, i am not open for more animation requests, all slots are taken. Please don't ask)
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2015-02-13 17:07:31.0
1. Animations
New Animation! (Should do these more often, but it takes a loooong time! :P )

As you can see, here's the Simba we all know trying to climb a tree aaaaand you see what happens next. Poor chap. X3

I seriously really worked hard on it! 3 days and 40 frames to draw! *dies* Remember little ones, being an animator isn't an easy job. ;) Hope you enjoy it! :D

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop CC and

UPDATE: Wow, this animation really appeared in the top 10 recently popular pictures? I am sincerly honored. :'D
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2017-03-13 11:52:02.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
I believe that though Kiara isn't that smart and isn't the best at hunting, as she became older, she becomes more serious and inherited her grand-father's strength and bravery. She would make a fair ruler, a brave queen.

Everyone believes that Mufasa's spirit lives in Kiara.... That she is guided by him and a few other great kings and queens.

For the Archive-Wide Contest ''The Great Kings''.

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2016-04-03 20:11:33.0
7. Comics
Did this comic because everyone expected Kiara to be an adult during The Lion Guard, including me.

Aaaah, Disney logic.
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2017-02-17 08:07:18.0
3. Sukala and Friends
You read the comic.

No, it isn't a joke at all. It seems I am truly the Artist of the Month for February 2017.

Proof that I got that legendary mail: (You even see it in the

A simple mail sent to Brian to ask when the AOTM section updates, then he responds that he needs to get going with it. A few hours later....

I got a mail announcing me that I am next...

I am speechless. I just want to say... Thank you. <333
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2016-05-07 16:06:50.0
5. For Others
For very special artists that has been supporting me during my time at the Archive! You peeps are as lovely, cuddly and adorable as these plushies!

Sukie loves you all! Thank you all! (especially Brian Tiemann!) <3
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2016-11-07 16:24:18.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
For the Archive-wide contest ''Redesign Time!'', where we have to redesign The Lion King characters!

I think that Kovu and Kiara's design is pretty okay (Plus, they were my favourite couple as a kid)

Since Kovu lives in the Outlands, where food and water is sarce, he would pretty much be starving and look less handsome than he looks too. Also have Scar's caracteristics, but still not related to him.

As for Kiara, she's a spoiled and well fed future queen, so, she would be kind of chubby. (Holy crap she looks like a freaking Care Bear! xD )

Her weight would be the cause of her difficulty in hunting.

Their designs would be a tad different.

Buuut, I like the way they are in the actual TLK universe! :3
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2015-12-20 10:06:29.0
2. The Lion King
For the Archive-wide contest that is foccused on early drafts of the movie.

I decided to draw a scene from ''King of the Jungle'' (May 1990 version).

''Simba is playing with his friends, Lemuta, a zebra colt, and Daabi, an aardvark, running down a slope with his friends chasing after him. Simba slips into a pool of water, with his friends laughing at him knowing his dislike of water.''

Poor Simba. x3

I actually really like Daabi, she's an adorable little aardvark. <3

Hope you like it! ^^
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2015-03-18 19:04:10.0
5. For Others
A VERY LONG overdue half of an art trade with ZephyrTiger480!

It's his evil, great and powerful LORD Zephyr! :D

Hope ya like it! ^^
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2014-10-20 18:04:39.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
Kovu and Kiara walked in the savannah during the night, with their pumpkin bag, almost full of candies. Kovu was dressed as an demon and Kiara, as an angel. They then found a mysterious house. They knocked at the door. No answers. They then entered inside. They called for someone. They then heard a scary noise. They saw a huge dark shape. Teeths and glowy eyes... The two cubs screamed. The candy bag slipped of their paws. The cubs where cuddling eachother, scared, staring at the monster. The monster strangly seemed familiar...

The scary familiar monster said:

''Kovu.... My heir.... Your soul is mine....''


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2016-02-09 18:50:22.0
5. For Others
Gift art for dear AmberJF, who lost her mother.

*hugs her tightly*

All my sympathy and prayers.

We may not see our loved ones anymore,
but we all know they are still here, watching us, from the stars, the clouds and our heart.
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2016-11-18 20:05:00.0
2. The Lion King
For the Archive-Wide contest ''Role Swap''.

Imagine Simba and Nala having their roles reversed! Nala would be the heir to the throne instead of Simba, but still would be bethrothed to him! And in the graveyard, she would stand up to the hyenas trying to do a mighty roar!

As you can see, in this piece, she's like: ''Don't touch my man!'' >:D
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2017-03-08 10:51:23.0
2. The Lion King
The queen stands proudly on the rock, looking aroung the savannah as the sun rises. Simba has returned and the Pride Lands is recovering from the disaster caused by a tyrannical reign. Nala felt something she haven't felt for a long time; Liberty.

Just a piece I did for fun, also to celebrate the March 8 Women's Day.

Hope you like it! :)

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