Are you sure?

Sukala A.P.

Hey everyone, welcome to my gallery where my art will focuse only on fan art of Disney's ''The Lion King''. I hope you enjoy. :)

Updated: 2017-01-08 14:03:12.0
2017-07-18 13:01:35.0
The Lion King - Sukalaverse
King Simba's oldest son before Kion and Kiara. The prince that went to heaven, that joined the kings of the past earlier than we all expected.

You don't know who Kopa is? Read this:

This piece is just a theory/headcanon about him.
1419 x 977
713.1474609375 KB
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2017-07-08 15:35:51.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Redesigned Niko, a Lion King fan character of mine! <3
1283 x 908
959.9287109375 KB
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2017-06-30 11:19:38.0
6. Coloring Cave
Lineart of a cub teasing mice.

1. Credit me, please.
2. Do not erase my signature please.
3. Do not post this on your gallery please, post it on the Coloring Cave. Thank you.
4. Have fun! ^^
1241 x 493
24.7138671875 KB
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2017-06-20 16:51:05.0
The Lion Guard
This is my sight for each Lion Guard member's mom (Excluding Kion, of course. We all know who his mom is).

Also, have the Lion Guard members as cute babies! <3

1. Bunga's mom.
Something must have happened to her to have Bunga being adopted by Timon and Pumbaa. That is up to your imagination.

2. Beshte's mom.
Who does not love climbing on your mom's back? ....Don't give me that weird look.

3. Fuli's mom.
A KING cheetah who really does not like lions due to the events of Scar's reign. Not the kind of mother that will let you fundle her heart, more like the kind of mother that follows her instincts and make sure you'll do the same. Why do you think Fuli is alone?

4. Ono's mom.
Tweet. That's all I can say.

Hope you like my headcanon! ^^
2594 x 753
1076.919921875 KB
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2017-06-08 09:02:47.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Unfinished sculpture portrait of Msanii. Don't know if I'll ever finish it. :P
760 x 1006
334.931640625 KB
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2017-06-02 20:05:10.0
2. The Lion King
You can already imagine what is Scar thinking right now, while having two rambunctious cubs playing behind him. xD

Redrawn version of this early concept drawing, with the character's official design instead (And my design for Mheetu).

In case some of you don't know, Mheetu is a deleted character that was supposed to be Nala's younger brother. ^^

Hope you like it!
1763 x 1597
1555.734375 KB
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2017-05-27 09:59:58.0
6. Coloring Cave
Lion cub linearts (That I originally made for myself when I create adoptables).

1. Credit me, please.
2. Do not erase my signature please.
3. Do not post this on your gallery please, post it on the Coloring Cave. Thank you.
4. Have fun! ^^
2571 x 691
70.2685546875 KB
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2017-05-23 19:18:05.0
2. The Lion King
Praticing realism even more. :3 Have a Simba and Nala (with their early concept designs).

Model was used.

This is a bit blurry, my apologies. Also, wow! No watermarks this time! I guess I have to tone down my copyright claims, sometimes. :P
1280 x 1129
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2017-05-23 16:45:02.0
5. For Others
Here is all the icons some special tacos requested on the Trading Tree! :3
2442 x 1272
229.388671875 KB
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2017-05-21 20:19:28.0
2. The Lion King
Probably one of the best things I've made for a while.
If Simba was real, this is what he would look like. :3
1039 x 997
1328.8408203125 KB
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2017-05-20 17:23:19.0
5. For Others
Art trade with HighNebraska.

Her um... interesting character Bronx. xD

HighNebraska have drawn this lovely picture of Sukala chilling with Msanii. <3

Hope you like it!
630 x 669
292.51953125 KB
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2017-05-02 18:11:54.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Apparently, my main problem isn't definitely art block, but distractions and difficulties to imagine the image.

I promise I will draw actual completed Lion King Fan Art when I have the energy.
901 x 1919
407.193359375 KB
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2017-04-26 16:22:15.0
Pre-Lion King
I like to imagine that the reason Taka ''turned into Scar'' is because of an hyena matriach who manipulated him and try to make him feel like the hyenas are his only family as a plan to invade the Pride Lands without preventions from The Lion Guard.
1424 x 966
1539.587890625 KB
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2017-04-23 18:17:06.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
The Lion King (Or Guard) in the unoriginal style of the Simpsons. Don't ''butthurt'' me for the absence of Kion's shoulder mark.
1600 x 1034
458.6865234375 KB
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2017-04-17 10:30:01.0
1. Animations
Watch this masterpiece! :D >
700 x 446
178.525390625 KB
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2017-04-14 17:42:09.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Where are these suspicious animals running to? Who knows?
1690 x 816
274.4697265625 KB
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2017-04-09 19:31:13.0
1. Animations
Lip sync pratice with Mufasa. The one who manages to find out what he's saying gets a cookie. :3
475 x 414
930.4111328125 KB
Animated GIF
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2017-04-08 10:33:35.0
5. For Others
I've meant to do fan art of one artist in particular.
One of my biggest inspirations on the archive, the one who infected me with all this humor and cartoon-like artwork.

Yes, I talk about a special and very talented birdie. ;)

I included some of her characters in this doodle dump, some interacting with mine.
(Dragunstar interacting with Tanashati, and Msanii interacting with Birdie.)

Go check out Tima's gallery, she is really awesome! (Her gallery is only available to those who are logged at TLKFAA.)

NOTE: She has not been updating since her last upload back in 9/6/2011, so don't expect anything new from her. But feast your eyes on the awesomness of her creativity!
1500 x 1475
676.6552734375 KB
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2017-04-06 08:19:49.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Simba and Bambi. Why? You mean, why NOT. ;)
1008 x 690
413.58203125 KB
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2017-03-25 12:34:42.0
4. The Cub Trio
Cute drawing of lil' Tau. He is actually my favourite of the Cub Trio. <3
991 x 686
720.68359375 KB
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2017-03-17 20:23:21.0
3. Sukala and Friends
School stress and issues... yep.

Pleasant, isn't it?
985 x 691
163.833984375 KB
2017-03-13 11:52:02.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
I believe that though Kiara isn't that smart and isn't the best at hunting, as she became older, she becomes more serious and inherited her grand-father's strength and bravery. She would make a fair ruler, a brave queen.

Everyone believes that Mufasa's spirit lives in Kiara.... That she is guided by him and a few other great kings and queens.

For the Archive-Wide Contest ''The Great Kings''.

960 x 745
338.625 KB
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2017-03-13 10:27:21.0
6. Coloring Cave
Remastered version of this older lineart:

So much improvement, right? ;)

1. Credit me, please.
2. Do not erase my signature please.
3. Do not post this on your gallery please, post it on the Coloring Cave. Thank you.
4. Have fun! ^^
536 x 436
14.9541015625 KB
2017-03-08 10:51:23.0
2. The Lion King
The queen stands proudly on the rock, looking aroung the savannah as the sun rises. Simba has returned and the Pride Lands is recovering from the disaster caused by a tyrannical reign. Nala felt something she haven't felt for a long time; Liberty.

Just a piece I did for fun, also to celebrate the March 8 Women's Day.

Hope you like it! :)

1029 x 835
444.4794921875 KB
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2017-02-28 14:57:42.0
1. Animations
An animation! It's been a while! 8O

This animation is an idea for a music video that I will see if I'll work on it or not.

Before you ask, yes, it's Nala. c:
396 x 255
432.640625 KB
Animated GIF
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2017-02-28 08:43:50.0
5. For Others
These are some icons I opened in Trading Tree, where you can ask for one. Then, the lineart will be uploaded to the Trading Tree and I will post a picture of all the icons I made for you guys. :)
1648 x 1040
130.025390625 KB
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2017-02-26 18:03:17.0
5. For Others
Half of an Art Trade with GracelessAngel.

This is her unique character Dorian. :)

GracelessAngel have drawn this adorable picture of lil' Sukie with bananas:

Hope you like it!

Art Trades are still open! Gogogo! :D
1107 x 1030
548.919921875 KB
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2017-02-25 13:11:34.0
5. For Others
My half of an Art Trade with Yumacub.

This is her very gorgeous character Panda. Yes, it is a funny name for a lion, simply go ask her creator. xD

Since I proposed the art trade slot to Yuma first, she didn't make anything for me yet.

Well, I hope you like it! :)
1231 x 1160
558.7509765625 KB
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2017-02-25 11:58:11.0
Here it is, everyone... The Archive Wide Canon Collaboration!

Bow down to this magnificent masterpiece! :D After almost a year, it is here!

Thank you so much everybody who participated!


Night (Who have drawn Zazu), FluffyBunny (Who have drawn Pumbaa), Impano (Who have drawn Timon), charry (Who have drawn Simba), Shinda (Who have drawn Sarabi), ~Suka~ (Who have drawn Bunga), Pandoras-Jinx (Who have drawn Zuri), Goldenheart (Who have drawn Tiifu), JustAmadi (Who have drawn Kiara), KanuTGL (Who have drawn Kovu), AnnieHyena (Who have drawn Vitani), KimiKubby (Who have drawn Kion), Nukasclaw (Who have drawn Nuka), Kossu (Who have drawn Rafiki) and BlazingBlackMage (Who have drawn Mufasa)!

I did Nala. c:
1280 x 970
1070.58984375 KB
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2017-02-20 18:02:35.0
5. For Others
My half of an Art Trade with Ty1997!

This is her two characters Ti and Ty.

Ti is the black and white lion, and Ty, the orange one. Just to be clear. :3

Ty1997 have drawn this adorable ink sketch of Sukala:

There are still 4 Trade slots yet! Go! :D

Hope you like it! ^w^
1254 x 1090
715.583984375 KB
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2017-02-17 08:07:18.0
3. Sukala and Friends
You read the comic.

No, it isn't a joke at all. It seems I am truly the Artist of the Month for February 2017.

Proof that I got that legendary mail: (You even see it in the

A simple mail sent to Brian to ask when the AOTM section updates, then he responds that he needs to get going with it. A few hours later....

I got a mail announcing me that I am next...

I am speechless. I just want to say... Thank you. <333
2907 x 459
888.6806640625 KB
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2017-02-14 18:27:10.0
The Lion Guard
Have guys ever noticed how much of a ladie's man Kion is? I included all the females that he got shipped with (except for Fuli).

Poor Msanii, too.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! <3
940 x 568
429.4765625 KB
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2017-02-01 19:38:45.0
3. Sukala and Friends
We all have bad days. We are never safe from them. Not all days have lively colors, especially not colorful birds.
511 x 325
137.6962890625 KB
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2017-01-30 16:40:12.0
5. For Others
This (sketchy and colorless) comic is a sequel of a comic Alan the leopard did for me:

Fun Fact: My totem besides the puma (cougar, mountain lion or whatever... BAH!) would be the spider. Because it is the representation to weave an artistic path that would lead you to a bright future.

So, being a spider would be pretty cool despite it's apparence. c:

The watermarks are annoying? Ignore them.
1868 x 475
419.5751953125 KB
1 fave
2017-01-29 15:50:57.0
5. For Others
Half of an art trade with GalacticVegetable!
Drew his blue transgender lion Galaxy. How did he get in space? I don't know. :P

GalacticVegetable have done this extremely awesome pixel animation of Msanii:

NOTE: At first I also planned to do a pixel animation for the art trade, but drew something lifeless instead. :P

Hope you like it!

Art Trades are still open! 5 slots left! Gogogo! 8D
1187 x 913
425.4453125 KB
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2017-01-28 16:32:01.0
5. For Others
My half of an art trade with Alan the leopard.

I've drawn yet again his handsome muscled leopard Alan resting on a tree. <3

Alan the leopard have drawn this piece for me in return:

That part of the trade is also a remaster of this very old piece from 2013 I did for Alan.

So much improvement, am I right? ;)
699 x 482
239.2333984375 KB
2 faves
2017-01-27 19:00:04.0
5. For Others
My part of an Art Trade with DoodleDayDream! I've drawn her really pretty snow leopard Jingle. <3

DoodleDayDream have drawn a beautiful picture of The Cub Trio in return:

Art Trades are still open, 8 slots left! Go quick! 8D

1345 x 936
775.220703125 KB
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2017-01-22 16:36:34.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Those who have been watching me and my art since 2013 would regonize this yellow wolf/lion hybrid cub, who was who Sukala used to be. ;) It was before I deleted all these old pieces featuring her (and some others).

I regret doing that, actually.

Though I gave her design to someone for her to make it her character, I still love her, and represents me as a child.
488 x 400
116.69140625 KB
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2017-01-19 18:55:24.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Well, you already noticed, yep, human versions of dearest lovebirds Simba and Nala, but it's more than that.

I've been playing Sims 4 and became obsseded with it. And I created a Simba and a Nala. xD

And for sure, they lived as happy couples who were crazily in love in the game. They had 3 kids, and both died old. <333 Simba was painter and Nala, a secret agent.
1550 x 1225
1576.3203125 KB
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2017-01-09 18:16:16.0
3. Sukala and Friends
So recently, I've been sending notes to artists on deviantART to invite them to join the archive in order to put alot of activity in the site. I made sure to mention their names in the messages and reply back so they won't think it's spam. I even made a journal on deviantART, a sort of advertissement. It worked pretty much.

But I worry that it won't help at all and that the new artists will register then leave as if it was nothing.

But the future will get bright for TLKFAA, I hope. :)
645 x 568
123.6455078125 KB
2017-01-06 18:19:14.0
5. For Others
Arcanine: Eww! These watermarks tastes so gross!
Aslana: LOL I know right?

My part of an art trade with Aslana. I've drawn her two lovebirds including a scruffy yellow lion and a blue lioness. ;)

Aslana got the first slot for an art trade! Those who are interested for another slot, go, go, go! There's 9 left! :D

Aslana have drawn DragunStar in return!
2000 x 1348
1208.3974609375 KB
1 fave
2017-01-05 14:33:01.0
100 Pictures Challenge
6. Break Away

''Run... Run away and never return.''

These words stayed in the cub's mind as he fled from the place where his father's lifeless body lays. Away from all the events. Away from the guilt. Away from his old life.

But these events turned into nightmares that would always haunt the lost prince as he tried to forget them.
922 x 569
450.826171875 KB
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2017-01-03 10:37:44.0
3. Sukala and Friends
That colored little birdy who's going to hug every lion he sees.
983 x 810
162.1904296875 KB
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2017-01-02 16:05:23.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Don't worry guys, Sukala will still be around, but you'll also mostely see this little bird in my gallery.
2000 x 433
333.7353515625 KB
2017-01-01 18:01:18.0
2016 was a pretty nice year. That's all I can tell about it. :3
1862 x 1173
1892.8544921875 KB
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2016-12-25 09:53:22.0
5. For Others
Secret Santa picture for Leorgathar! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
709 x 508
310.400390625 KB
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2016-12-14 21:07:35.0
1. Animations
Sukala have a Christmas present for you all...

Mistletoe kisses! :D
547 x 835
1191.4150390625 KB
Animated GIF
3 faves
2016-12-13 18:14:27.0
1. Animations
An animation that I never finished. It was done in Toon Boom. This is hard.
350 x 338
1205.2509765625 KB
1 fave
2016-12-10 11:36:54.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Sukala is the member of the lion guard as the bravest! :D

Brave young maneless canadian lion cub (Actually a cougar cub, not a lion. :P ) who takes the time to think before acting (unlike Bunga. xD ). She also makes sure to think with her heart too, and only fights for defense and protection, no matter if she wins a battle.

And hates palm oil.

525 x 457
216.1796875 KB
1 fave
2016-11-18 20:05:00.0
2. The Lion King
For the Archive-Wide contest ''Role Swap''.

Imagine Simba and Nala having their roles reversed! Nala would be the heir to the throne instead of Simba, but still would be bethrothed to him! And in the graveyard, she would stand up to the hyenas trying to do a mighty roar!

As you can see, in this piece, she's like: ''Don't touch my man!'' >:D
845 x 796
364.267578125 KB
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2016-11-10 20:54:13.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
''I can't believe he prefers that ugly witch over us!''

Looks like Kion has the hots for a pretty special lioness. ;)

That ship makes more sense than the Kopa and Vitani shipping. (For those who don't know who Kopa is, I suggest you to read this: )

And Kion is Tau's daddy now! :D (Tau is a fan made character of mine.)
997 x 845
602.7353515625 KB
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2016-11-07 16:24:18.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
For the Archive-wide contest ''Redesign Time!'', where we have to redesign The Lion King characters!

I think that Kovu and Kiara's design is pretty okay (Plus, they were my favourite couple as a kid)

Since Kovu lives in the Outlands, where food and water is sarce, he would pretty much be starving and look less handsome than he looks too. Also have Scar's caracteristics, but still not related to him.

As for Kiara, she's a spoiled and well fed future queen, so, she would be kind of chubby. (Holy crap she looks like a freaking Care Bear! xD )

Her weight would be the cause of her difficulty in hunting.

Their designs would be a tad different.

Buuut, I like the way they are in the actual TLK universe! :3
990 x 598
431.103515625 KB
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2016-11-06 17:01:52.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
Apparently, Zira and the other outsiders are going to appear in an episode of The Lion Guard, which I am very excited about. :3

The only default is the absence of Zira's dorsal stripe, but the rest, very good!

Can't wait to see it, aaaaaaah! 8D

Drew these four naughty fellas to celebrate it.
592 x 630
163.7919921875 KB
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2016-10-29 16:26:18.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
Simba, would you quit it already? Kovu and Kiara nearly died the first time. Kiara's tired of your crap. >:c

Do you remember guys?

Final sequel for Simba's halloween pranks.

By the way, Kovu's dressed as a vampire. And this is fake blood on his fake fangs.
927 x 778
372.7626953125 KB
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2016-10-15 21:21:31.0
100 Pictures Challenge
5. Seeking Solace

Kiara and Kovu played togheter when they noticed that the cloudy sky started growling. As the rain drops started to fall, the two cubs hid quickly on a small unhabited den of rocks.
735 x 507
401.9287109375 KB
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2016-10-03 20:45:06.0
7. Comics
This comic says pretty much everything about my thoughts on the upcoming reboot of The Lion King. :)

The hype is on!

By the way, the three cubs on the 4th panel are The Cub Trio, Simba's young descendants. There will be more about them.
723 x 1770
873.4990234375 KB
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2016-08-04 10:36:03.0
100 Pictures Challenge
4. Dark

A scared Nala in the dark. Probably after the events of Simba's death.
573 x 438
69.0263671875 KB
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2016-08-03 11:20:33.0
100 Pictures Challenge
3. Light

Simba and Nala went on the top of the Pride Rock to admire their land.

''Woah, so all of this will be yours, one day?'' Nala asked her companion.
''Yeah! That's what Dad told me! Everything the light touches is our kingdom!'' The golden prince replied.
''Cool!'' Nala exclaimed.
948 x 502
296.751953125 KB
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2016-08-01 14:52:17.0
100 Pictures Challenge
2. Love

Here we have Simba, with Daabi the aardvark and a jealous Nala.

Who is Daabi?

Daabi was an aardvark that appeared on the early drafts of the movie The Lion King, the one named ''King of the Jungle''.

On the May 1990 version called ''King of Beasts'', Daabi was Simba's best friend and had a kind of crush for him. And Nala disliked her, until later Daabi warned her about the hyena's plan.

Yep. I feel like I should have found another idea for this one. :T
733 x 362
224.65625 KB
3 faves
2016-07-31 18:32:24.0
4. The Cub Trio
Updated the ref sheet of these three little fellas. :3

Hope you like it! ^^

EDIT: Tau is officially only the son of Vitani and Kiongozi, instead of Kopa as he dies as a cub in my headcanon.
793 x 839
271.5595703125 KB
1 fave
2016-07-31 10:30:30.0
100 Pictures Challenge
1. Introduction

Simba and Nala were taking a stroll like usual around the savannah, to then find a strange object in the grass.
704 x 410
271.8603515625 KB
3 faves
2016-07-27 15:25:58.0
2. The Lion King
I found a sketch that I've forgot about. A simple sketch of a sleeping lion cub. I didn't know who this cub was going to be....

So, I decided to make Nala.

A very small picture, I know. :T

Hope you still like it! ^^
294 x 201
63.203125 KB
3 faves
2016-07-26 14:29:32.0
7. Comics
NOTE: Recoloring and editing pictures does not make you an original artist. Especially not when it comes to other artists's artwork. This is as bad as art theives.

Anyway, the ''mary-sue'' over there is DragonStar, my ''most original'' character. Also an enemy to Sukala, sort of. :P

Hope you enjoy the comic. :)
648 x 3575
1017.03515625 KB
4 faves
2016-07-25 13:55:46.0
4. The Cub Trio
Here's the cub trio from the next generation!
Here we have them teasing a mouse. :3

Hope you like! I was too lazy to do a full backgound and shade it like a usually do. :P

Reference has been used for this:
457 x 283
132.734375 KB
1 fave
2016-07-23 12:36:47.0
3. Sukala and Friends
I just noticed that I reached 50 fans.

*squeeing in excitement* <333

Thank you so much everybody for supporting me and my art!

I am starting an 100 Pictures Challenge with canon characters. I've seen that nobody on the archive completed it, so I'll complete the challenge myself, baby. ;3

Onward for 100 fans! *rides ostrich*
337 x 179
69.482421875 KB
1 fave
2016-07-18 18:16:23.0
1. Animations
I did this animation a while ago, lost the file then found it. Funny, eh? x3

Here's a run cycle of a lioness. Yep.
1000 x 727
34.6171875 KB
1 fave
2016-07-17 11:52:47.0
3. Sukala and Friends
New character! Introducing to you a cool hippie hyena named Amani!

Hope you like him!
1142 x 592
241.7587890625 KB
2016-07-16 13:15:02.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Yes, I did another crossover with that goddamn game!
This is the last time, I swear!

I actually lied. >:3

Well, I still hope you enjoy this little doodle.
1207 x 561
197.82421875 KB
Color PNG
2 faves
2016-07-15 16:45:32.0
2. The Lion King
Scar was alone, in the dark cave. He did it. He finally took the throne. He was now king. But it seemed like it wasn't enough for him. Something still bothered him. It didn't seemed to have eased his pain and hatred.

Uru was watching Scar, sadness in her eyes. ''My sweet son... Why doing this? Have you forgotten how much we love you?''

But the dark lion didn't hear the voice.

''I just wish you could know that I am here, with you. And I'll always be... My dear Taka.''

The white lionesses's spirit then vanished.

I found an old sketch that I drawn back in 2014 and decided to finish it.
536 x 568
108.169921875 KB
Color PNG
2 faves
2016-07-13 16:42:38.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
Here's a little TLK related piece. The original sketch was from last year! It looks already old to me. x3

Here's Kiara in her cubhood teasing Zazu. (Before she grews to be more mature and ''snob-ish'' to finally be a playful young adult... Disney twists everything. :P )

This is why Zazu retires from cub-sitting.
485 x 329
136.833984375 KB
Color PNG
1 fave
2016-07-13 12:06:14.0
Hey guys!

I finally have Internet access after 13 long days (which was supposed to be tomorrow), so here we are again for another ride! :D

I've recently drew alot of pics during the Internet's absence, so I'll post alot of them (Not all of them as most of them are off-topic. :P )

And hooray, an update from the good ol' Brian! <3
Seems like there's going to be a renovation for our well beloved site. *squeeing in excitement*

I hope to see how it turns out! It surprises me how an administrator like him can rule a site for so long!

So yeah, alot of art will be posted soon!

The comic was drawn before Brian's update.

493 x 1808
144.123046875 KB
Grayscale PNG
1 fave
2016-06-29 13:32:27.0
The Lion Guard
I just watched one of The Lion Guard episodes today (Never Judge An Hyena By It's Spots), and then I drew this. :3

I can see the friendship going on between Jasiri and Fuli. I founded it funny that they hated eachother at first sight and then Fuli goes like ''I like her she's amazing!''. x3

I'm too lazy to do a full picture instead of doodles drawn without effort. :P
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2016-06-16 07:56:21.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Another TF2 crossover.

This is the last time I make a joke about Zuri's claw.
1007 x 511
154.736328125 KB
Color PNG
2016-06-14 16:41:32.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
A meme! :D

The blank is here in case anyone want to use it!:
600 x 4382
1418.462890625 KB
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2016-06-06 15:36:14.0
The Lion King - Sukalaverse
Introducing you to Winda, Tojo's mate and Zuri mother.
And Timira, Malka's grand-daughter and Chaka's former betrothed. (Oops, spoilers!)

Yes the art is from last year but it's worth it. Hope you like it.
984 x 626
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2016-06-05 16:53:12.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Just some vent art. I didn't feel bad when I drew this, I just wanted to draw for no reason. *shrugs*
450 x 378
53.1240234375 KB
Grayscale PNG
2016-05-29 14:31:03.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Yet another crossover. And you probably already know what it is. ;)

Characters from left to right:
Janja as the Pyro (Sorry, Janja, but I couldn't find another TLG character to be fit as the Pyro. Also, this is a punishement for breaking the circle of life multiple times.), Bunga as the Engineer, Zuri as the Spy, Besthe as the Heavy, Ono as the Sniper, Fuli as the Scout, Kion as the Soldier, Jasiri as the Demoman and then Tiifu as the Medic. :3

Hope you like it! :)

The Lion Guard (c) Disney
Team Fortress 2 (c) Valve
1734 x 856
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2016-05-27 15:45:16.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Fan Art of Simba and Kimba, the white lion cub, playfighting togheter. <3

I've seen art of them togheter as rivals, fighting eachother and hating eachother because The Lion King might be a rip off of the Kimba series.

But I mostly see them as friends, playfully teasing eachother. :3
911 x 965
485.65234375 KB
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2016-05-16 20:14:09.0
9. Crossovers and Jokes
Entry for the contest ''Put Yourself in the Frame''.

Dragonstar joins Simba's pride... to get banished a second later. *cues the song ''Not One of Us''*

Hope you like it, fellas! ^^
1241 x 556
248.7685546875 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-16 16:39:01.0
The Lion Guard
Here's a cute drawing of Tiifu! ^^

I feel like i've been drawing the drama-queen Zuri too much lately, so I thought Tiifu needed more attention, here.

Hope you like it! ^^
532 x 577
132.7783203125 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-09 18:54:25.0
3. Sukala and Friends
This is the history of Sukala's design. ;3
1100 x 1695
650.4501953125 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-08 12:35:49.0
Pre-Lion King
Here's my version of Ahadi and Uru! :D
(Simba's grandparents.)

And yes, Uru is white, as her name means ''diamonds'' in swahili, and diamonds are likely white. :3
404 x 403
71.5556640625 KB
Color PNG
2016-05-07 16:06:50.0
5. For Others
For very special artists that has been supporting me during my time at the Archive! You peeps are as lovely, cuddly and adorable as these plushies!

Sukie loves you all! Thank you all! (especially Brian Tiemann!) <3
818 x 654
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2016-04-30 13:07:27.0
1. Animations
Another animation! :D

Here's your probably most interesting shipping in The Lion Guard. ;3
1000 x 727
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2016-04-26 19:22:36.0
Pre-Lion King
Here's Uru, Ahadi's queen and Mufasa and Scar's mother.

Her design is based off FluffyBunny's, and I loved the idea of her being white instead of brown or golden. c: And her color fits well with her name meaning ''diamonds'', as diamonds are white. ;3

Here is Uru's former design:
643 x 555
91.505859375 KB
Color PNG
2016-04-26 18:27:54.0
Pre-Lion King
Mohatu and Asali. (Ahadi's royal parents, also known has Simba's great-grandparents. ;) )
872 x 594
159.552734375 KB
Color PNG
2016-04-25 08:10:49.0
2. The Lion King
My interpretation of Mheetu, Nala's little brother. :)

Hope ya like it! ^^
510 x 482
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2016-04-24 19:06:37.0
To everyone on the Archive:

This place has been my home. And it is still my home.
3 years. 3 wonderful years of fun. 3 years of uploading artwork. 3 years of people supporting me and commenting my art.

And it's far from being the end.

Everyone on the archive lighted up, ever since I posted that bulletin. There's hope. There's hope to bring back those wonderful memories, to keep this place alive. I feel it.

Thank you everyone who supports me and my wondeful work. This place is always ready for new faces and new work (especially canon art).

New pictures coming soon.
580 x 512
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2016-04-18 17:08:07.0
1. Animations
Fooling with Flash. Expect some animations to come here soon. ;)

Here's an upset Timon (I don't know why) being poked by Pumbaa's nose. :3
1000 x 727
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2016-04-03 20:11:33.0
7. Comics
Did this comic because everyone expected Kiara to be an adult during The Lion Guard, including me.

Aaaah, Disney logic.
726 x 1934
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2016-03-31 08:19:08.0
5. For Others
Gift art for the amazing Alan the leopard! :D

This picture is after Nenda found out that Sukie is single. He flirts with her, but an unexpected arrival happened.

Oh, also, I have to introduce you guys to Vyrassa, a white she-wolf that turns black when she's angry.
:3 (Character belongs to a best friend of mine)
More about her on deviantART.

And she is not pleased to see someone staring at her bum. :O

Yep, this really isn't going to end well...

Hope you like it!
1084 x 766
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2016-03-30 18:30:45.0
3. Sukala and Friends
The artistic cougar we all know and love. ;)
987 x 572
134.6943359375 KB
Color PNG
2016-03-28 19:25:17.0
3. Sukala and Friends
Another picture of that original lady.


My eyes burned while I drew this thing.
607 x 616
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2016-03-26 15:09:26.0
The Lion Guard
For the Archive-Wide contest ''A Mother's Wing''.

I decided to draw Nala with Kion and Kiara. c:

Hope you like it! ^^

UPDATE: Yay! It won! Thank you to all voted! <333
743 x 591
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2016-03-24 20:51:24.0
The Lion Guard
Pencil drawn drawing of Zuri. :3
880 x 1054
131.076171875 KB
Color JPEG
2016-03-24 20:35:55.0
A compilation of sketches.

1. Tiifu and Zuri taking a stroll
2. Baby Pumbaa <3
3. Sketch for Aslana
4. Realistic cheetah
5. Soldier Zazu
6. The most original character
744 x 955
144.04296875 KB
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2016-03-24 20:32:27.0
The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride
Something I made last year, but I couldn't get to my scanner. Now I can. :3

The characters in the picture are Nala, Vitani and Kiara. The other lionesses are random.

Poor zebra! D:
833 x 1009
255.125 KB
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2016-03-12 15:05:52.0
1. Animations
Based off this comic:

Moral of the story: Zuri should keep her claws in so this won't happen... again.
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