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Update: 07th Feb, 2011

<B>As You may know its not often that i post here anymore....but i do still watch others AND when im free form the day to day Work schedule i may draw the odd TLK fan art or some of my TLK inspired characters. :)

I'v been here for a many a year now...the Spirit Of the lion king still keeps me going, I'm much older that i was when i came here in 2005...and so feel out of place, but this will always be my 1st home, as it was here i posted my very 1st picture on the Internet.
IF you Wish to contact me, leave a note in my user comments or note me on DA.
Thanks for reading</B>

Gifts and Commissions i'v receved:

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Ethon By crocdragon89

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SKyler & Omega (commission) by atsaki

Im more Active on DA and FA accounts:
FA:(anthro art)
DA:(mixed art)

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Wowzers..its been a long long time since i was here... i don't really hang out here now. Check out my DA...

I might wonder this waterhole for a bit .. but like a blue moon its rare to catch me. Im a vagabond and always will be.

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