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Okay I was kidding.
Lol I'm starting to get into this site again :D

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Hello! I'm LadyOfTheValley. Aw isn't Yoshi cute? <3

I'm 19. My computer sadly is no longer compatible with my games. So i'm slightly desperate for fun D:
A few Tips
I am a Simmer(Mortimer and Bella forev <3)
I LUV Paul Williams(aka Doug Davidson. Leave me alone. I can dream :3) so keep ur paws off him.
I LUV Deacon Claybourne and u cannot have him :3
I <3 Stephen Colbert(what is with me and comedy or tv guys? He's taken. DAMMIT WHY IS IT ALL THE CUTIES HAVE TO BE TAKEN T_T)
I TRIPLE HEART Ryan Stiles(srsly funniest guy EVER.)
and well basically I'm a weird girl lol.
Also I have Asperger's syndrome so no judging or you don't get a candy bar :3

Your charming mweefullness,
Kova(not my real name but it's my fursona)
P.S.: Find your inner mwee and let it all out :3

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