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2017-11-11 09:53:12.0
I am so happy I've finally started this comic for real :D You probably guys already know who showed up in Nuka's, haha ^^
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2017-09-25 14:29:08.0
I'd rather be shiny!
Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck
Scrub the deck and make it look
I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck
Just a sec!

I think I just found an art style that suits me best <3 This is the first picture I made with this technique and I am sure one thing - not last. I fell in love with this shiny, anime-like design :D

Ps. Who else can't stop listening Moana's songs? :D
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2017-09-03 10:39:35.0
Once Luka saw it, it's not safe anymore XD
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2017-09-02 15:43:27.0
"I am Bunga The Brave" :D
He is a little older here than in the actual show ;3
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2017-08-31 15:59:23.0
Requested OC art for TLK-MarshallxEverest from Deviantart c; She isn't mine character, but was fun to draw.
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