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2017-09-21 18:15:56.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
A veeeery old drawing of Zira and Ramsay hanging out together, but I thought that it might be a good idea to upload it here c: In the picture Zira is happy because she cought the zebra, but in the actual story her hunt gone horribly XD (It was one of her first). And Ramsay is not known to be supportive brother in these situations...

It was my first digital drawing in Ibis Paint X. The grass is awful, the shading is awful, the characters looks awful, but I like it anyway ;D I think it's because the nostalgia thing, I don't know ;P
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2017-09-20 15:17:22.0
Another portrait of main character of TLK: Forgotten Story - Karaha.
Karaha was a bully once, but just when he started to realise his mistakes and decided to abandon this path, king Hatari hired him as his own assassin and forced to murder the innocents. If Karaha refused to these orders, he would be killed.

At the beginning he murdered, feeling great sadness.
After some time he murdered, feeling resignation.
After years he had no feelings at all.
1843 x 2000
453.4130859375 KB
2017-09-19 15:03:47.0
Anashi - the lost prince. This is a portrait drawn for "Main Characters" page on my blog ;3
I am seriously thinking about changing his name to "Asani" which means "rebelious" in Suahili. I don't know... should I do that?
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2017-09-10 14:23:09.0
A little portrait of my character Luka ;3 It's a redraw of a picture I drew two months ago, but I actually can see a progress through that short amount of time. It's also fun for me to make redraws od old, crappy drawings I made a couple od years ago with Luka too! :D I suggest you guys to try redraw one of your old art, cause it's nice to to see an improvement, it also gives a great motivation to draw even more!
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2017-09-03 10:39:35.0
Once Luka saw it, it's not safe anymore XD
1130 x 1010
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2017-09-02 15:43:27.0
"I am Bunga The Brave" :D
He is a little older here than in the actual show ;3
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2017-09-01 19:16:18.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
"Faster, Nuka! You're almost there!"
"I'm coming, I'm comming. Why are we in such a hurry?"
"Couse the amazing adventures wait for us! We can't dissapoint them, can we?"
"Fair enough, my friend. Fair enough".

These clouds turned out to look like cotton candy XD
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2017-08-31 15:59:23.0
Requested OC art for TLK-MarshallxEverest from Deviantart c; She isn't mine character, but was fun to draw.
1280 x 1415
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2017-08-30 17:52:09.0
The Lion King: Forgotten Story
Characters from the left:
Anashi - The lost prince
Luka - the princess of "Kingdom of Seven Lords"
Karaha - an White Assassin

This picture took me actually eight hours to draw! :o But I am glad how it turned out :D
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2017-08-30 15:11:31.0
The Lion King 2
"I am not gonna stop till I'll be number one in >Deutschland< Outland!"

A small art of my favourite TLK character (near Scar) c: I was drawing this picture while listening Number One in Deutschland from Hanzel und Gretyl band (the line at the description's beginning is actually slighty edited text from that song). I love their songs, some of them perfectly capture Nuka's personality traits from my story, and I just love imagine how he makes a total mess when I hear this type of music :D

Ps. And what is your favourite TLK character? ;3
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2017-08-30 06:18:30.0
Let me introduce you Luka - my first Lion King original character crated maaany years ago, I thinik it's gonna be eight years by now c: Despite the fact that by now I've got like dozens of TLK OCs , I still feel attached to her the most. The is joyful, happy and nice to everyone, but also tends to be naive and clumsy ;3
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2017-08-29 18:04:32.0
TLK: The Ramsay's Reign
This is a picture showing teenage Zira the day before she found out, that her brother Ramsay is a murder. She no longer wanted to stay in home, so she run away. Unfortunately, Ramsay is going to do everything to become a powerful king of Kijani Kingdom, and some still believe that Zira could take his place.
After that day, she won't be safe untill she meets Scar...
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2017-08-29 16:58:54.0
"Afraid of hyenas? Why would I ever be afraid of hyenas? I fight hyenas for breakfast!"

Meet Lilith - a member of the West Lion Guard, whose duty (together with the rest of the group) is to keep safety on the only path through the mountains between The Outlands and Lazurite Valley. Maybe I'll draw the rest of the group soon! :D
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2017-08-29 13:38:52.0
The Lion King
My version of teenage Kovu c: A little old one, I think that now i would make an different type of shading. What do you think? :D
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