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Welcome, dear visitor who happend to enter here!

My username is Krävariss or Kräva, but you can call me Caroline as well c: It's very nice to see you there! I am still trying to find and develop my own style, so I often experiment with characters, backgrounds and shading. For this reason some of my works might look a little bit inconsistent. I am grateful for every single advise or activity, so don't be afraid to comment and criticize!
I am hugly inspired by the amazing artworks of OmegaLioness, TC-96, Kaiser Tiger and Vivziepop c:

A lot of my pictures are associated with The Lion King: Forgotten Story (orginally named Król Lew: Historia Nieznana). Who those that don't know, this is my TLK fanfiction written in Polish that almost every of my OCs come from. I hope that one day I will be good enough to make an TLK webcomic!

Feel free to see my gallery and have an AWESOME day!

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