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<b>June 19, 2015</b><br>
Man, I haven't updated this note in years....for those of you interested, I am much more active on Deviantart and tumblr, you'd have better luck following me there if you want to know what is going on with me. Currently, I have quit my teaching job and am preparing to (hopefully) move to Colorado in the fall to pursue illustration. We'll see how that goes! But for the time being, I'm working at the zoo leading day camp groups this summer. The future is a mystery to me! But I'll just enjoy the moment.

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<font color="purple" size="1.5">Note: I no longer take requests, I'm sorry--I'm just too busy. So unless you're a friend of mine please don't ask because I feel <i>awful</i> saying no to people. >< However, if you are interested in commissioning me, please e-mail me and we'll talk. :) </font>

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I'm terrible at these profile things--I always just sit here with my hands on the keyboard and stare blankly at the screen wondering what to write and who would bother to read it.

So uh, there ya go. A profile entry! Ta-da! :D

...okay fine. I'm just your average girl, really. I taught elementary school art for 5 years until I saved up enough to resign and move to Colorado to pursue my dream of being an illustrator. I'm basically taking a year to improve my portfolio so I can apply to publishers/animation studios/whomever.

It's been busybusybusy staying on top of everything and frankly I have not had much fan art time...which I do miss dearly. It's one of those simple joys. A go-to form of expression that really helps me unwind and I hope that my life will calm down soon so that I can rejoin you all out here in the wonderful world of the archive a little more frequently. <3

If you'd like to get in touch with me Deviant art is a good place to do so.

Note: I no longer take requests, I'm sorry--I'm just too busy. However, if you are interested in commissioning me, please e-mail me and we'll talk. :)

Thanks so much Black Cat! I'm honored! x3

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