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Alright everyone I have been uploading so much lately! It feels great to be back. I would love to do some more art trades and canon works. Also, exciting news, I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! I worked so hard for my degree and it feels so nice to know my hard work paid off. I also got a great job at a big company so things are going really well. My boyfriend is coming from Korea to see me for my graduation party and I am so excited to see him again, I missed him. Anyway, I haven't yet seen the Lion Guard and I feel like I should watch it because everyone else is going crazy over it so it may inspire more art from me. Anyway, please message if you are interested in a trade! Let's bring TLKFAA back to its former glory ♡


Guess its time for me to begin anew. Ive improved loads since I left TLKFAA and I want to start a new profile. I will be changing my profile, persona and cleaning out my current gallery so please don't be upset. I have gotten so much better!!

I wanted to come back for a long time now. My skills as an artist have multipled and I cannot wait to show everyone my new work. I will be back, I promise!

I have a deviantart account for those of you who want to see my artwork outside of the TLK world. I do a lot of anime, chibi, etc.Here's the link:
PLEASE visit me and drop a message, it would mean a lot to me ^^ thanks guys


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Hey everyone and thanks for visiting my gallery. My name is Ren/ 윤아. I'm a 22 year old self-trained artist who has been in love with the Lion King and big cats since I can remember. I graduated with a BA in English and I am going to begin pursuing my Masters Degree in Business this Fall. I've been to South Korea twice and intend to move there after graduating with my Masters. I will be incorperating a lot of Korean tradition, language, art and symbolism into my upcoming pieces. Thank you! Enjoy the Gallery. I'm sprucing it up~

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